Karen de la Carriere video series: The Church of Scientology killed my son

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Post by Karen on Youtube

  2. hAI kAREN,
    yOUR sHIT hERE
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  3. ˙qWSƎ puɐ ʎʇɹɐW uǝǝʍʇǝq ʇuᴉod uossᴉɐl ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉǝq ǝnuᴉʇuoɔ puɐ ʞɔɐq oƃ ʍou ˙ǝnlɔ ƃuᴉʞɔnɟ ou ǝʌɐɥ noʎ Sʞʞ
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    @1:00 in Izzy Chait pops out this colossal gem of towering brilliance:

    "You know what they always say: you never know who the devil is unless you really know who the devil is."

    How did I live without this man??
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  5. More lulz at 4:05 when he calls the black people of Inglewood as schvartzes. I see the racism within the cult hasn't changed. I wonder what they really think about the NOI being a big part of the cult now.
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  6. Jefferson Hawkins reminisces and reflects on Life at "INT Base". This is the headquarters of the Church where David Miscavige and all the senior executives live.
    It is place of punishment and sadism. When I chat with Jeff and we talk about past events it is utterly *SURREAL*. We lived through it and lasted decades. How can that be ?
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  8. [IMG]

    Office of Special Affairs Legal International briefing a trusted Lawyer. The idea is NOT to try a case on its MERIT. The *Church* will stall and file endless motions for years to STOP and BLOCK the progress of the law suit. Motion to disqualify ther Judge ! Motion to disqualify the Lawyers ! Motion to disqualify Venue (geographical location)
    Motion to disqualify Consultants to the Lawyers ! Motions to disqualify because of time frame ! Motions to disqualify turning over Confessional folders ! Motions all the way to Supreme Court (mostly not looked at and kicked back). Summary judgement motions.
    $1000 an hour lawyers.

  9. Anonymous Member

    Waddya expect ya silly bint - Blubbard wrote the manual on using wog justice

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  10. [IMG]
    Jefferson Hawkins and Cathy (she still at INT Base.
    The Sea Organization the "clergy" of Scientology Inc have, for years sent out posses like Federal Marshalls to capture back departing Sea Org Members. Even *asking* to leave could mean an RPF's RPF assignment (The more punitive GULAG of the GULAG). The "Sea org" is not about to lose a *SLAVE* who works 80 to 100 hour weeks for peanuts.
    This video depicts case histories.
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  12. Why is it that when scilons leave the cult, presumably because they want their freedom back, they can’t stop to obsessively talk about the very cult they have left?
  13. Rinder left the cult and now is making money by being a cult expert and screwing up major litigations. He has created his own cult following.
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  14. And what about Karen de la Carriere? She jams the intertubes with her idiotic videos repeating the same mantra about co$ crimes. This wacko disinherited her son and forbade him to speak to her ever again. But when he kicked the bucket she got her fake teary eyes in front of camera playing the role of the devastated mother. Karen knew her son was out of the sea org for quite sometime, giving her a chance to turn him, but instead she disconnected from him.
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  15. Rod Keller Member

    What did she do to piss them off this week? I thought Jeff's video was great. Every time she posts a video, a sock gets its wings.
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  16. Tory Magoo’s videos are so embarrassing that one would only watch them just to make fun of her. Karen and Tory are competing for the attention whore award of the year.
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  17. Rod Keller Member

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  18. IMO, most exs are never responsible for the decision they made to join the cult. They don’t have any balls and stand up for their fucked up decision to join and stay in the cult. My favorite part is when they claim CO$ is shrinking, yet they keep opening new buildings, and we waste bandwidth discussing how many cars are in their parking lot to prove ourselves that their buildings are empty. If the cult was shrinking and broke they won’t be opening new buildings or have thousands of their kool-aid drinkers attending their events.
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  21. Let's the fun begin. Karen and Jeff are promoting their Kinkade puke to their clients and friends on FB.
    I say boycot them.


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  24. Anonymous Member

    ThIs ThReAdS ReEkS oF aRmPiTs AnD AsShOlEs! JuSt SaYiN.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I wonder why this actually useful video recently uploaded by herself has not been added here? Would make one think that perhaps this video was too damning to be uploaded by those seeking only to defame Karen?
    This one is relevant to our interests.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Old news is old.
  27. 115

    The Prince of Peace - Thomas Kinkade International Proof signed Limited edition lithograph with oil highlighting in a Antique Gold frame --- "In 1980, as an art student, I came to have a personal relationship with Christ. Just a few weeks later, awash in my new found faith, I found myself sitting in an art class, my mind wandering. As I went through the motions, my eyes on the disinterested model posing for the class, I was suddenly struck with a powerful vision. The vision that was laid on my heart that day is the painting you see before you, The Prince of Peace." ~~Thomas Kinkade
    Thomas Kinkade reminds me of LRH. I can see why Karen was attracted to his art sales scam to make money for herself.
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    Not all of them. Some of us actually want to forget.
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    Post subject: Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside
    [IMG]Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:17 pm

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    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Mark Bunker is a television journalist. He won an Emmy Award in 2006 from the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards division of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He opened a video channel called several years ago.
    He shares some interesting views here and talks about his forth coming movie "Knowledge Report" which is nearing completion.
    ****New Video ****

    Karen de la Carriere

    This is my YouTube Channel ~~ click here

    Please follow me on Twitter @karendlacariere
  30. Kilia Member

    It's basically to warn others about the cult. ;-)
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  31. Kilia Member

    Well, I certainly couldn't find it on Amazon.
  32. Don't give up, she has the best deals on the most beautiful art.
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  33. If you want to waist $44.95 purchase the book, What Caused the Big Bang? Consciousness and Enlightenment in the Internet Age and Beyond by Jeffrey Augustine.

    According to his own biography, Augustine was raised Christian but lost his faith, along with his marbles at age 21, when he was at the university studying to become a minister. One day on a drive into the mountains, surprisingly he didn’t crash into them, he was hit with a bolt out of the blue, he had a staggering insight about the event that caused the Big Bang and its implications for human Consciousness. Augustine never realized that something else Big Banged his head.

    Augustine had what he describes as a "massive download from Infinity" wherein he saw everything – he doesn’t reveal in the book what he had smoked that day. It took a long time to unfold this “download” and put it into book form. Along the way, Augustine became a Master Mason and a Knight Templar, and he went on a quest for the Holy Grail.

    Augustine lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen de la Carriere, a woman who disinherited her son and is responsible for his death. She is also a Scientology kool-aid drinker. Augustine writes online using multiple sockpuppets including J. Swift and otviiiisgrrr8.

    Augustine is available to answer the following questions:
    1. Why our Universe came into existence?
    2. What caused the Big Bang?
    3. Why Consciousness is an intrinsic part of our Universe?
    4. Why there are so many different versions of God?
    5. Why there are so many different and competing religions?
    6. Why Good and Evil exist?
    7. Who you fundamentally are after all of your false identities are stripped away?
    8. What happens after you die?
    9. The Purpose of Life.
    10. How to find meaning in your own life?

    Augustine claims that your knowledge and understanding of life and the universe will expand and you will have the power to understand and master spiritual life in astonishing new ways if you read his book.

    Thus a new cult leader has been born, and the fraud goes on.
  34. [IMG]
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  35. It bears mentioning that Karen de la Carriere is a “great businesswoman” because she sells those god awful Thomas Kinkade kitsch painting on eBay. In fact she is the largest private dealer in the country – and that’s because no else has the guts to sell that crap. I read an article on Kinkade where it mentions that Karen’s house is just full of Kinkade shit. It seems that Karen doesn’t only have bad taste in religion, but it also extends to art and most definitely plastic surgery. She looks to be about two steps away from entering the Angelyne zone of plastic surgery.
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