Katie....pregnant again?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by SOJOA, May 10, 2011.

  1. SOJOA Member

    I dont know....but....she might be.

    Check the interwebz. Sad case if its true.
  2. SOJOA Member

  3. COREarg Member

    If it's true: I bet my anal integrity that it's not from Tom Cruise. He's really busy being buttbuddy with David Gnome.
    If not true: She is getting fat then... She will need Orgasmic Librarian ROFL
  4. COREarg Member

  5. Mark Cabian Member

    The contract she has with Tom allows a huge bonus for child-bearing. Her father his her attorney and they update the contract every year. It's in February, as I recall.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Looks more like standard "time of the month" belly bloat to me.
    Happens to even the twiggiest chicks.
  7. COREarg Member

    You has a point there...
    But that's way too big for being the awesome menstruation teim... dunno.
  8. Anonymous Member

    She's also slouching and wearing low-rise pants - that don't help.
  9. SOJOA Member

    Oh hell I dont know. She could of had a french fry for all I know. To me it looks like distention after a meal.

    I just hope to god she doesnt have another CoS zombie.
  10. Anonymous Member

    It's going to be an epic battle when Katie divorces Tom. At the time, Nicole did not put up a fight and let Tom have custody over their two kids. I doubt Katie would ever agree to that.
  11. Smurf Member

    Doubtful. Bella is 18 now and custody is not an issue with her anymore. Legally, she can choose who she wants to leave with or be on her own. Tom still has custody of Connor who is 16.
  12. Anonymous Member

    No, I mean there will be a giant battle between Katie and Tom over who gets Suri. Katie won't give up custody of Suri as easily as Nicole Kidman gave up custody over Bella and Connor.
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    This disgusts me. WTH?
  15. Anonymous Member

    This sweet love is business. She has a very nice contract. She and daddy bumped it quite a bit in the past couple of years.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I used to think that 18 meant something- then again- I used to hate that Nicole Kidman for non-parenting. Given sec checks, auditing and disconnection...I finally get "why" and how fucking scary it is.
    Good luck Bella, Connor too.
    Suri- I feel bad that your mom is so brainwashed.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    This is marriage- scilon style. Vomit.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. dint you know everything is huge with OT's, even their menstrual bloating!
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  21. Kilia Member

    I think it's just a little gas.
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  22. COREarg Member

    And that's why I will never be a scilon.
    I don't need to look more chubby than I'm already are. A CORGI IS PUDGY BUT NEVER OVER WEIGHT (???)
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  23. Smurf Member

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  24. COREarg Member

    I think we should stop deraili...
    Oh dear, it's using a corgi-sized life-jacket...! <3
    This is so fucking cute...!
  25. RightOn Member

    what father would agree to this?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Legally, they both have custody. According to Nicole, the children chose to live Tom.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Actually it is up in November.
  28. Anonymous Member

    She isn't brainwashed; she's in it for the money and career advancement.

    She also is not pregnant. She has had the same stomach in many pictures over the years, it may have to do with bad posture, slouching and bloating or a combination of all of the above. She is always being reported as pregnant and never is. She can't be pregnant if she isn't doing the sexy with a guy. That is the way these things work. And Tom is or was sterile. So she would need another donor like last time.
  29. uh oh...
    i think my fever for giving corgis to you on FB is spilling over to WWP!!!
  30. Zak McKracken Member

    You guys need to check into rehab, to get this crap out of your system.

    Corgis Anonymous

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  31. Anonymous Member

    If she is then she must have had a weekend fling with Chris Klein. How else is gonna get one that matches Suri and vaguely looks like Tiny Tom!
  32. Anonymous Member

    But we all know that the kids didn't "chose". Or rather we know how this choise came about and why Nicole didn't fight this choice. Scientology probably has tons of stuff on her. Not to mention that there was always talk that she and Tom had a 10 year long marriage contract [and indeed they divorced at the 10 year mark].
  33. COREarg Member

    Don't worry, caramelo. I'm a corgiholic... rofl.

    U mAd BrO0?
  34. RightOn Member

    so I guess if Katie bought a Corg,i people's heads would asplode ITT?
  35. Zak McKracken Member

    No, but you guys take this way to far.

    Admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward recovery.

  36. its okay, to be afraid of things you dont understand.
  37. no just coreargs and maybe mine
  38. RightOn Member

  39. you should see our fb's.... well maybe just hers, my vice is to post anything corgi i find on her wall. rawr!
  40. Prometheus1 Member

    If you know your story very well, you will realise that Kidman had primary custody of the kids until 2005. Once the divorce ended, she and the kids moved to NY and lived there until she moved to Nashville in late 2005 and that was when the kids moved to LA. It will be good for people not to re-write history where Kidman and those kids are concerned. She did not hand them over in 2001, she kept them with her and away from scientology for 4 years before they went to LA and became entrenched in it.

    What does the cult have on Kidman? by all accounts, she lost interest in the cult in the mid 90s and was not particularly committed in it to begin with so I doubt she told them things about herself that would embarrass her if revealed in public. Isn't her lack of commitment one of the reasons David M hated her?

    Marriage is a contract for a few years or for life, that is the promise made, if she agreed to marry Cruise for only 10 years then good for her, at least, she knew her limit.

    As for Kidman's life now, if I were her, I would keep those kids well away from my two youngest ones if they continue to be in the cult. Bella and Conor are young adults now, whatever is happening now is their choice.

    Katie Holmes can't fight for her own sanity right now, she can't even fight for her daughter to have some routine, she looks out of her depth more than half the time so I won't believe it yet that she is going to be fighting for anything. Her father may be a lawyer but he is hardly beating a path to the Cruise mansion for timely visits with his granddaughter.

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