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    I want to put my retarded speculations someplace.

    The conversation below on Beth Maloney's Facebook wall about a whistleblower is what made me think of Fair Game, because it reminds me of the "deep sleep" story in Australia in the 1980s, where an employee stole medical records from a psychiatric hospital and partnered up with Jan Eastgate and her bff Carole Fife Yeomans to get the place closed. Then Hollywood made a movie about the whole thing starring Linda Blair. And I think at least one psychiatrist committed suicide. So pretty much a win.

    Like I said, speculation on my part. Maybe the Aussie psychs deserved what they got. But "deep sleep" is still used for certain things, even though the Scientologists made it sound like it had zero justification and is frequently deadly.



    BRB, getting more stuff...
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    I typed out the capture of the alleged BCH whistleblower's note. Clunky writing is clunky and unreal:

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Oops I forgot the top bit of the whistleblower post, which I copied from the CCHR web site:

    So Katie Higgins RN claims to have worked on a unit at BCH from October 2005 to June 2010. I wonder if that is true or if she's an e-personality like Luanne.

    Here is a Katie Higgins RN commenting on a psychiatrist's blog who pretty much bashes psychiatry like Dr. Szasz:

  5. Anonymous Member

    This is what I heard about the Harvard thing, admittedly unverified: the three academics got speaking fees from various drug company sponsors. Those fees were paid to the dept of psychiatry which likely took its cut for administrative costs then paid the funds out to the doctors. The doctors were required to notify some administrative person at Harvard and they didn't do that for like seven years. They did pay taxes on the money so it wasn't like they were hiding the income.

    I am not going to throw stones because I need a minder to help with paperwork duties, especially ones I'm supposed to do annually cuz I forget.

    I haven't seen anything in the Harvard story that would lead me to believe that these three people lied about their research results. There are so many people involved in large randomized controlled trials of medications that cheating really would be difficult.

    There is gossip that Beiderman is kind of a dick. I've met Tim Wilens and he seems like a pretty cool dude.

    Personally I would rather see Senator Grassley going after bigger healthcare frauds like Narconon. Oh wait, Iowa, land of Palmer College of Chiropractic, so that is not going to happen.
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    I don't want corruption and bribes but I do want money, lots of it, spent on research and education. Sadly the governments of the world are in the red. So I say we take pharma money with a smile, provided that we take a lot of it from a lot of companies at the same time. That way if one company gets pushy, a researcher will just tell them to fuck off because he will have other sources of funding.

    The anti-pharma campaign was supposed to make research more trustworthy. But I just see a lot more moonbats as a result. Herbalife money seems worse than BigPharma money. At least BigPharma had been tamed over decades by the requirement to produce studies that other teams can replicate.
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    All I know is if I personally didnt seek help for my anger management, anxiety and mild depression, I would be in jail and would have lost my family. I have a low seratonin lvl and without my SSRI my life would have been thrown out the window.

    Also, prior to finding out that that was why i had the issues I had my whole life I was against all these pharma drugs. They are used and abused and I always felt the majority of people could handle these problems on their own. I didnt find out I had low seratonin levels till my late 20s (having done so cause I was acting off the wall and was very difficult to deal with) and I am much happier and healthier and now have the relationship with my friends and family I have always wanted.
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    I am twelve and what is this?
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    The protest in front of Boston Children's Hospital is meant to frighten the doctors who have openly criticized DAN doctors.

    The PANDAS mommy tribe is one of several closely related anti-vaccine groups running black PR campaigns against pediatricians and child psychiatrists treating children with various developmental problems. As with the CCHR, these groups collect anxious and unhappy people and grooms them to participate in propaganda campaigns notable for their over-the-top paranoid and hate filled content. They are able to find a few compromised physicians to provide a patina of legitimacy to their complaints. But they do not fairly represent the scientific consensus.

    Here's one of my favorite black PR examples from this tribe:


  10. moarxenu Member

    Frighten the doctors? Hardly, it was one or more doctors who insisted Child Protective Services seize custody from Elizabeth Wrays' parents, who do not want her to be there.

    The Children's doctors who are involved in this have all the power of the State at their disposal, and the parents have none.

    You write that the protest, a very small one and the first ever on behalf of PANDAS parents, was intended to frighten these presumbly easily intimidated doctors.

    There is nothing to support that contention.

    The protest was held to inform the public and protest the abuse of the power of a medical establishment in violation of parental rights and to ask Children's to undo the damage it has caused.

    Here is the text of the flier that was distributed:

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    Moarxenu, doctors cannot treat a seriously ill child in a hospital without parental consent. If the parents will not agree to a treatment plan the doctors feel is needed, they are required to contact protective services. Sometimes the case worker can mediate a resolution. Or sometimes the caseworker has to take the matter to a judge. The parents get to tell their side of the story to the judge also. This is a good way to check potential abuses of power.

    The doctors at BCH likely reported the referring physicians for those five or so PANDAS cases presenting there to their respective boards of medicine. Consider that these children were diagnosed not just with PANDAS, which is pretty fucking rare, but also with chonic Lyme disease (a highly controversial diagnosis), celiac disease (rare), and some allergic reaction to casein (rare).

    The DAN doctors have their own well funded private investigators and dirty tricks operatives who will do what they can to neutralize the threat to their licenses. They follow the "always attack; never defend" routine just like OSA.

    Have you followed the antivaccine community much? Are you aware that the PANDAS network is closely linked to the "Thinking Mom's Revolution" aka "Generation Rescue" led by many of the same people who lead Age of Autism, Autism One, and Safe Minds? Safe Minds was founded by Scientologists, btw.

    I think you must have a bad impression of doctors, moarxenu, to think that they are so cruel to this poor girl and her family for their own selfish reasons.
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    Moarxenu, I can't tell you how heartbreaking it is to share a patient with one of these DAN doctors. There's no power in it at all. Only profound helplessness.
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    An unmedicated child whose parents also make them avoid all the products of technology - such as printed books, housing, electricity, electronic communications, fire and the wheel - is unlikely to come to very many salient conclusions at all, as they rely on the oral tradition for knowledge while living with their parents in a cave, wearing furs and eating raw meat, nuts and berries.

    Unless they're the next Voltaire and can reason their way from "I think therefore I am" to the existence of income tax unaided.

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    The PANDAS lady, Beth Alison Maloney is also Beth Alison Jelin, who might be this person:
    She keeps company with some very interesting people:
  15. I fucking hate that Scientology is mixed up in the psychiatry debate. It makes opposition to psychiatry look nutty even though there's many aspects of it that deserve protest. If you take psych drugs and they help, good on you, but if your forced by a court to take neuroleptics that basically give you Parkinson's and shave 25years off your life that's not ok. The science on psych meds for the most vulnerable populations (schizophrenics, children, and the elderly) is shaky and worth drawing attention to, despite the ass-hattery of Scientology. Sorry for the rant, that is all.
  16. I stopped here while reading through a google search for updates on references to my name in connection with "whistle blowing @ BCH" and "Justina Pelletier" - I am just passing through, with a few updates for anyone still interested in the topics re: BCH-- and/or still wondering if I really exist.

    Link to the letter I wrote to MA Dept. of Children and Families on behalf of Justina Pelletier - January 8,2014

    and the op ed piece I wrote for "Mad in America"-- after finally meeting Justina on Thanksgiving Day 2014

    Pretty obvious that whistle blowing, reporting violations committed at BCH's pedi psych ward, Bader 5 (Oct. '09), was not a deterrent to even greater human rights violations and abuse of teens--.

    Back to the drawing board-- and a new career--?

  17. Clunky? Well, what i am trying to express is pretty freaking UNREAL...
    Interesting how ANONYMOUS finally made an appearance in support of Justina Pelletier-- though it was rather garish.Seems you didn't realize that Bader 5, the adolescent psych unit at BCH, is licensed by MA Department of Mental Health? You used a sledge hammer to immobilize a flea! Yes, Bader 5 It is a parasite, drawing life sustaining credibility from a prestigious children's hospital. Harvard Child Psychiatry moved into BCH around 1993-- (hint: you missed your target)
  18. anon8109 Member

    Thanks for the update Katie and for doing the right thing.

    Every profession needs to have honest critics, they play a valuable part in changing things for the better.

    Unfortunately where psychiatry is concerned the loudest most belligerent criticisms come from the cult of scientology through its front group "citizen's commission on human rights (CCHR)" whose motivations are self-serving, not based on helping people, and whose arguments are manipulative rhetoric and anti-science. This muddies the waters and diminishes the value of honest critics who can be easily dismissed by just calling them scientologists or sympathizers.
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  19. Pretty clever - the kill the messenger tactic smoked to discredit " Scientology / anti- psychiatry protestors . History there, too - going back to the Time article slamming Scientology not long after their formidable attack on Eli Lilly -

    Ultimately I am most concerned with the truth and already know that those who have been targeted are also those who are the biggest threat to psychiatry & Pharma -- and it is obvious that the money and detention to take down the greatest threat to our youth - psychiatry , U.S. The CCHR. Any true advocate for protecting kids from psychiatric abuse is supportive of CCHR- Dr David Healy comes to mind He, BTW- connected me with the Pelletier's who sought his help after seeing my posts on his blog.
    Maybe take a lesson from Lord of the Rings - the FELLOWSHIP that proved crucial to victory - until we overcome petty biases and stop genuflecting to the media , we will not make much progress protecting kids --
    Katie Tierney Higgins RN
    This message by Katie Tierney Higgins RN has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    I rather doubt that.

    There are people who don't fall for the simplistic fallacy of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".
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  21. Mod Edit - post archived.

    No it does not make sense lol
    I practice Nichiren Buddhism ; chant Nam- Myoho- Renge-Kyo & recite two chapters of the Lotus Sutra everyday , twice a day. Nothing matters more than what I direct my life force toward - moment to moment. Protecting youth and other vulnerable people has been my life 's work. I will continue along this path - not swayed by fear mongering and insults.

  22. Critical thinking / dialectic reasoning and wisdom from lived experience -, means : avoiding the use axioms , slogans or sound bytes - which are all indicators of the place where one has grown tired of thinking .

    I worked with Kevin Hall / CCHR. Cambridge, MA for Justina Pelletier's release from Bader 5. Got to know him well enough to call him my friend . I have also worked to provide and share information that furthers the cause, noting that when people are closely aligned for a common purpose, differences / biases and the like are immediately transcended --

    Don't forget that the signature tactic of the Dark Lord was to create divisions and conflict between those he most feared . ( just finished reading the Harry Potter series to my grand kids - some real
    Gems in that myth fir sure )
  23. anon8109 Member

    Scientologists are nobody's friend dear. They call themselves "homo-novis" or "new human", as in they are a new species of human superior in every way to us regular humans, or as they like to derogatorily call us "homo saps", or wogs, or fresh meat when they are trying to recruit new members into the cult.

    Kevin Hall used you to further the goal of his cult to take down all of psychiatry by any means. You were a means to an end. That is all you ever were to him.
    His only allegiance is to David Miscavige the current cult leader. Should you ever stop being useful to him, David Hall will turn on you in a heartbeat.

    He also doesn't care one bit about Pelletier or her problems. What he does care about is using her as bad PR for psychiatry. In fact Scientology looks down upon anyone who has any sort of illness or weakness, saying it's their own fault. Scientology never actually helps anyone. They are in the business of selling their members "auditing" which means exorcising dead space-alien ghosts from their body for which the Scientology corporation charges $1000 an hour. But they won't tell you this when you join.

    Scientology is worse than you think. Never trust a Scientologist.
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    So many words used for so little purpose.

    The fact is that you do seem willing to transcend differences for your noble cause, without being able to examine those differences to see if that was really such a good idea.
    Ah yes, Kevin Hall. Not unlike the Westboro Baptists of mental health issues:
    If you're going to invoke fantasy examples, why not C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle where the dwarfs were their own side? They fought against the Calormen, only to turn against the Narnians when it suited them.

    It's mistake for serious critics of psychiatry to ally with CCHR or their good friends like "Dr" Ann Tracy. It makes it easy for the establishment to lump everyone in with the Scientologists and dismiss them, and there are people and groups that state flat-out that they want nothing to do with them. It only damages the credibility of people who get too close to them, and then where's your noble cause?
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  25. Quentinanon Member

    Katie, could you explain why scientology has so many axioms then? The Axioms of Dianetics, the Axioms of Scientology, the Logics, and the Pre-logics. And slogans? Have you read The Code of a Scientologist and The Code of Honour? Also, critical thinking rejects fictitious examples.
    I don't know that Hubbard had grown tired of thinking, but he certainly wanted everyone else to think in a way he wanted them to and predictably.
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  26. Malory Member

    If you teamed up with someone like that, without checking them out and then wilfully ignoring the facts when they're presented to you, I'm not only glad you're no longer working in nursing, I'd be delighted if you (and your life force) stayed the fuck away from vulnerable children.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. So -- more assumptions? And bold statements regarding both my ability to judge character and the character / intentions of Kevin Hall of CCHR, who assisted in publicizing the very true and real horrific abuses perpetrated by BCH psychiatry clinicians against a sick teenager and her loving family. I had been in close contact with the Pelletier's about 9 months before I met Kevin Hall. I knew all of the key psych clinicians involved ; knew the culture on Bader 5- and had worked with the family to get the story published - from May 2013 / they October 2013 when it became clear the Globe was stalling - enter local media - Beau Berman if CT FOX NEWS , who broke the story the next month , November - pretty much forcing the Globe to publish Neil Swidey's " story" in December. I met Kevin Hall at a protest in front of the court house in Boston- we both were assisting Beau Berman , who courageously continued to produce compelling segments that were picked up by national and international media. MAYBE I WAS USING KEVIN HALL? He was orchestrating press releases - something I could never do !
    Assume what you will , but the truth is that Kevin Hall was key to achieving a first - exposing in real time , the corrupt partnership between BCH Psychiatry, Juvenile Court Judge and DCF. As I said in my DCF letter - the goal was to take the weapon of secrecy out of the hands of the abusers. We all worked together to inform the public of something that is not new or solely the practice of Harvard child psychiatry-- something that most people would not want to believe no matter how compelling the evidence of how credible the witnesses may be. This was an endeavor that required a team effort.
    I blow past most rules when a child 's life, safety and we'll being are threatened . I had already been discredited and blacklisted as a nurse by BCH for reporting illegal restraints and human rights violations ignored by BADER , the top administrators of BCH and all but 5 other nurses on Bader. I am neither surprised by or intimidated by the inferences made on this thread about me from the comment I posted on CCHR -as recommended by a colleague who hoped , as I did that an organization other than the corrupt MA department of mental health would investigate Bader 5 . I am not a Scientologist, though I am certain I have conducted more in depth research than the critics on this thread have bothered to challenge before making bold pronouncements about anyone associated with CCHR. And then I have my lived experience that makes your warnings about Kevin Hall so laughable. I have met professional , highly respected men and women who display depraved indifference towards the suffering of children. I worked with the bunch who tortured Justina -/ 5 years worth of up close contact -- I have to wonder - again - how you have arrived at the assumption that I am naive or ignorant / or both ?
    In any case , as an insider who did her best to protect kids , families and even colleagues from the " agendas" of Harvard's brightest , I am grateful for the aide of capable people with resources for the battle that Robert Whitaker calls, the most important one of our time, or rather he signed my copy of " Anatomy of an Epidemic" with this reference to the scourge of Harvard child psychiatry - when I first met him 4 years ago . Before you mention it , I am well aware of the policy on his website if NON affiliation with CCHR- though I disagree with cowering to " media " - especially when that agenda is so clearly paid for by Pharma - but I know Bob Whitaker to be a smart guy who respects all people who engage on the front lines to protect kids and educate the public.
    Curious lot -/ human beings who don't value skepticism , " the chastity of the intellect " - and simply surrender to herd mentality reasoning. It is the very root of the major flaw in psychiatry - though they have spun it into gold - a multi billion dollar industry that can turn any of us into the market for psych drugs. I drew the line when children became their target -/

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  29. bAnon Member

    Hi Katie
    We all draw the line when children are made the target. You may, or may not get what you are looking for here at WWP. Which begs the question: What are you looking for?
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  30. Oh dear, more cult sightings. They are all the rage, or so it seems. I actually do not practice with the SGI USA-- as per the *directives* of SGI Boston leadership, who ex-communicated me, -- three times since 1998. I still contend that these leaders have REAL claim to their distasteful displays of superiority. Worse,that their cultish flare is a actually a grave offense - according to the teachings of Nichiren. Authoritarian types do not suffer challenges to their authority - gladly, as you may well know.

    I just celebrated my 26th year chanting to my Gohonzon, enshrined in my own personal Butsadan, which I share with my husband, family and a few friends. Studying the major writings of Nichiren Daishonin (1222-1282) further strengthens my faith in the profound power of this practice, which is always and only about my own efforts. There are no divine, superior beings, or deities -- no omnipotent , omniscient creators to worship. revere or obey in this Buddhism , based on the Lotus Sutra. Life itself is held in reverence according to the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha, all life and phenomena in the Universe are endowed with the Mystic Law. The scroll, the Gohonzon represents this Mystic Law and its manifestations, and is called the *object of worship*. However, strictly speaking, the Mystic Law is our lives and the lives of others-- The practice is chanting it, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo-- . Makes you wonder how anyone could create a cult from a religious teaching this simple and straight forward. No intermediaries required-- no such thing as *superior* vs *inferior* people with respect to attaining benefits from sincere practice. Still---

    I think the answer lies somewhere in the inherent potential we all also share, *fundamental darkness* , Nichiren calls it. Something like a delusion regarding both our own true nature and true potential and the value of others, that leads people to believe in labels, stereo types , and all sorts of divisions that justify oppressing and exploiting others for personal gain. IF a practice, any practice, produces wealth/power as a direct benefit, look out! For another cult--
  31. Sorry? When I am engaged in *checking people out* , I absolutely consider facts-- and their sources. Ultimately I tend to trust my own judgement and gauge my actions with regard for results-- not praise from bystanders, who have no real stake in the matter.

    At the risk of spoiling your potential delight, I feel compelled to share the simple fact that me and my life force are inclined to ignore your sentiments.
  32. Sorry? do you know Kevin Hall? The references and character aspersions flying around this thread are so bizarre-- it is difficult to articulate a meaningful response. I sense that CCHR= Demon to you? OK., but unless you actually know Kevin Hall, which I cannot imagine you do, because if you did you would see how freaking insane your comparing him to Westboro Baptists actually is--.still, REALLY, unless you know Kevin, you are just displaying really poor form insulting and degrading him because he is affiliated with -- oooooNOOO CCHR !

    Did you know that as we banter back and forth here, curriculums are being designed-- out of pure and dire necessity, to TEACH tolerance and mutual respect to kids. Why? Because labeling, judging, stereotyping are all spring boards to hate -- and hate crimes.

    Anyway-- i have not read C.S. Lewis. So can't draw analogies from that series -- but, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are classic myths where the mild mannered, unassuming hero faces horrific, terrifying and agonizing ordeals to accomplish a feat that - only he can accomplish, knowing that failing to fulfill his mission spells death and destruction for everyone who cherishes good. In the process, the hero garners all kinds of critical support from diverse and sometimes unexpected sources-- ALL being drawn to assist him because he , the would be hero, is so good at heart. In the end, the victory belongs to everyone, and there is a wonderful atmosphere of unity and solidarity -- all inspired by the selfless acts of courage the hero has displayed. AND-- all along the action packed journey, the Evil villain employs tactics to disrupt this unity that both sickens and frightens him-- . Classic myths-- both involve *magic* as a symbol of personal, individual power, and a story that demonstrates we all can be heroes. It's the shared catharsis - thing. The popularity of Harry Potter is a contemporary example, or reminder of the appeal of mythology in ancient Greece.

    If I am vilified and discredited (again) for anything BUT the validity of the cause I am supporting-- how does that make the cause less noble or any less attainable? Ultimately, if a cause is truly noble, champions will appear-- I saw this happen on Bader-- at the precise moment the Unit Manager was convincing the DMH investigators that I was just a disgruntled employee, 5 nurses made *anonymous* calls to report the exact same violations I had cited-- and added a few more. Thus the investigation happened-- and the practice of restraining and force feeding patients on the unit was stopped-- . IF it so happened that a patient was medically unstable and required tube feeding , but refused, the patient would be transferred to a medical unit-- and the other patients on the unit were no longer traumatized by scenarios I will not be describing here.
  33. I can't explain Scientology in depth. I am not a Scientologist. But I can tell you that in 20 months I have known Kevin Hall, for example, we had a few brief dialogues about our religious beliefs, teachings. It was hardly an in depth disclosure exchange, but interestingly enough, to me, there are some similarities between Scientology and the Buddhism I practice, as they both are NOT monotheistic religions and automatically viewed with suspicion. I always tense up a bit when someone who seems interested in my being Buddhist and leads off with the :"Oh, so you don't believe in God ? " question that, I must say , is a somewhat loaded question. I wonder if the mere idea that we believe we are beings who can pursue and attain perfection, or enlightenment-- and are not explaining our lives in terms of the will or wrath of a *Divine Being* -, if that in itself evokes something close to fear from those who do believe in a God- or One God. Atheists get the same scrutinizing and challenging responses from *believers* -- though they seem to get off the hook as being on the fence and potentially will *see the light*. Yeah-- I think NOT believing in God is a big problem for some people, who won't even try to imagine the possibility of anything but their own beliefs-- and then immediately attack someone of another faith who really believes in the doctrines of his.her religion. Bill Mahr has made, IMO, some pretty amazing observations about religion-- itself.

    Discussing this thread with my husband earlier today, I learned for the first time that he actually completed two modules at the Church of Scientology in Boston in the 70's. Way before we met. I have known my husband for 19 years-- we have been married almost 17-- and this had never come up-- though he also met Kevin Hall--never was a prompt for this memory. . The thing is-- to my husband it was an *interesting and somewhat valuable* experience - a communication focus, I think. No weirdness-- or crazy conversion attempts--. Raised Catholic, he started chanting around the same time I did-- 1988. I am guessing that IF you get your basic info on line- or via the media, you will be primed with both expectations and judgements that formed in response to what you heard and saw-- BUT, if you visited a Church of Scientology or found yourself working with or enjoying social activities with a Scientologist-- Would you discount all of
    the positive vibes or good experiences you (may have) had and immediately shun the person-- because of what you read or heard about his or her religion?

    Or maybe I need to file for divorce because my husband withheld his very close encounter/ association with the ACTUAL Church of Scientology-- which makes my brush with CCHR pale by comparison-- ??

    Ay yi yi
  34. Anonymous Member

    Don't forget kids, when we wrestle with pigs, we get dirty and the pigs like it.
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  35. What do the pigs like? Wrestling- or getting dirty?
  36. White Tara Global Moderator

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  37. anon8109 Member

    The critics on this website have documented their research into CCHR and scientology. Have you?
    Have you looked at independently gathered information about CCHR, or have you only looked at CCHR propaganda about itself?
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