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  1. Just for the record. I am learning about the culture here on this site via the info I was directed to by the moderator who changed this thread to : Me v. Anonymous:CCHR. -- Believe it or not, my perceptions of Anonymous developed as I encountered links to protests published with on-line news stories related to matters of concern and interest to me. First go was Occupy Wall Street-- You tube was my only source of info-- until recently when I posted on this discussion- formerly under a different title.. ay yi yi.

    I find it very disconcerting that members are so comfortable making assumptions about both my credibility and my true intentions for exposing Harvard Child Psychiatry. I guess I cannot assume anyone here knows how childhood mental illnesses were invented, or that it was here in Boston, that the pitch to *open a new market * for drugs like Risperdal and Zyprexa was made-- to Johnson & Johnson by Joseph Biederman. You wouldn't know how the bogus clinical trials were set up-- or that by the time Biederman got this idea, he was already operating out of a *pediatric psychiatric center* provided by Pharma money. You do know that he was busted along with his partners (in crime) Dr's Wilens and Spencer- around 2008 for accepting 4 million plus a bonus , exceeding the limit set on Pharma
    's ability to influence academic medicine. did you know that Biederman was delivering on the promise to expand sales of two on patent -- *block buster* drugs (at least).; that even though his personal emails to J&J have been publicized - and his unscrupulous exploration of kids is well known - he has never been indicted much less publicly denounced for this. Any idea how many kids have been harmed by these (and other psych drugs? Do you know that Biederman & his partners endorsed bogus research, even books that read like advertisements as opposed to scholarly as in *cited and foot noted* work commonly associated with academic medical professionals? How extensive do you think their marketing scheme has influenced the diagnosing and drugging of kids in the U.S.? It has not escaped the attention of psychiatrists in the UK-- and Australia, who use Biederman's *invention* of childhood bipolar disorder as an illustration of our American made , "Market Based Medicine" driven-- health care system. You, the Anonymous community should not be the last to know about the greatest threat to the health and well being of children--.

    I don't really want to wage a battle against Anonymous--whom I prefer to connect with the posting of the Full documentary of Aaron Swartz's life ; sabotaging the Westboro Church's planned attack on the suffering community and family of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre; protesting at the Judge Rottenberg Center-- and many other noteworthy actions that educate the public. However, I think it is necessary for me to respond here to the misperceptions and misinformation originating from connecting me directly to an organization you have vowed to destroy: CCHR. I am in no position to properly defend this organization against your attacks-- , though i am not going to recant the first hand information I have- that where psychiatry is concerned, the CCHR has been spot on since 1989.
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    That's interesting.

  3. Where is there any evidence that these statements you attribute to Hubbard constitute his desire to emulate Hitler's death camp/genocide atrocities? Where is there any evidence that these statements are the ideological basis of CSI activities?

    What does *delete from the social order* mean? Nazis did not use metaphors and similes to describe their plans-- . The practice of shunning those deemed inferior was the M.O of religious groups who settled right here in New England-- Shunning, ostracizing,etc. is *family politics* extended to any group that is predicated on conformity /adherence to tradition-- obeying company lines.. It is absolutely wrong-- but it is NOT the same thing as slaughtering people and disposing of them -- as depicted in that photo posted above.

    Maybe you can't come to grips with what is really a threat, or what pure evil looks like in the 21st century-- ??
  4. anon8109 Member

    It's in his writings as just quoted above. Hubbard's words are "destroy them utterly" for people he called "suppressive persons", and "dispose of them quietly and without sorrow" for people he called "below 2.0 on the tone scale".

    He wrote that these constituted 2% of the population.
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  5. I should expect you have a frame of reference for making similar threats aimed at CSI/CCHR, but I would not suspect you would be digging mass graves or operating gas chambers.

    I have heard the Anonymous announcement stating your disgust at the litiginous nature you have witnessed CSI/CCHR exhibit. Litigation can achieve the goals of : destroying and disposing of *other organizations, institutions and corporate monsters*-- a means to an end that is perceived as for *the greater good*--

    And what about cyber sabotage? It could be said that anonymous destroyed and disposed of Westboro Church members who were planning to inflict harm on vulnerable, suffering people via their own brand of destruction--. You were viewed as heroes by all of us who felt tremendous compassion for Newtown CT community members conducting funerals -- even the police were grateful. Standing aside as Anonymous openly broke the law, the police seemed grateful because Anonymous spared them the agonizing ordeal of having to stand by and watching hate mongers enjoy the protection of the law.

    In the 21st century-- destroying and disposing of an enemy can be achieved with nonviolent means and sometimes even employing the laws that were written to protect innocent people from brutal dehumanizing, unbridled greed. But this is hardly as easy as it sounds--

    Paula Caplan is a psychologist who wants to see psychiatrists guilty of the crimes I have briefly mentioned, prosecuted to the full extent of the law--.She recently commented on a blog she posted on, that she is unable to achieve her goal- which is not stated as *destroying psychiatry*, though it is a foregone conclusion that criminal indictments would certainly be a step in that direction; she says she cannot find lawyers who have the resources and the capability to hold psychiatrists and pharmaceutical company CEO's accountable to our laws- who are not affiliated with CCHR. So, her bottom line is : the children who will be snatched up into the expanded market, created by Biederman and co., harmed- even destroyed , like those who are already suffering and those who have not recovered - these children aren't worth whatever it would take for Dr. Caplan to accept assistance from and work with CCHR attorneys. Her hatred is that deep--. Maybe cyber attacks would be as effective as litigation? But then, Anonymous does not want to participate in *destroying psychiatry*--

    What if everyone with a talent and a penchant for nonviolent destruction and disposal of evil institutions and their corporate sponsors were to form a fellowship to achieve one goal : saving ALL children-- . The debate over who is the real enemy to be destroyed and disposed of would ensue. My suggestion would be to start by looking very closely at the institution that has the most power and the greatest wealth. You would not be able to deny-- for long, that psychiatry and their unholy alliance with Pharma match that description perfectly. What could possibly interfere with alliance building? -- besides emotionally driven confirmation bias ??
    Katie Tierney Higgins RN
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  6. DeathHamster Member


    Do you really understand any of the word-soup that you post?
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  7. anon8109 Member

    Word salad may describe a symptom of neurological or psychiatric conditions in which a person attempts to communicate an idea, but words and phrases that may appear to be random and unrelated come out in an incoherent sequence instead. Often, the person is unaware that he or she did not make sense. It appears in people with dementia and schizophrenia,[2] as well as after anoxic brain injury. Clang associations are especially characteristic of mania, as seen in bipolar disorder, as a somewhat more severe variation of flight of ideas. In extreme mania, the patient's speech may become incoherent, with associations markedly loosened, thus presenting as a veritable word salad.
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  8. RightOn Member

    Hubbard felt that people who had afflictions were considered to be "degraded beings". That goes for children too.
    He also said that all gays should be taken from society and institutionalized.
    I never thought about that statement until now.
    "Institutionalized"??? by whom and where? Was he talking about psyche wards with psyches? Or jail?
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  9. I do-- maybe I an help you understand aw well.
    Threats?-- How 'bout *promises*?

    Your *promises*, then?[ infallible] Anonymous vows to lead a bloodless revolution against evil, as you/they define it.
    Anonymous video announcements of targets - put on notice, like so: "Expect us !"
    Meets criteria for a *threat*.
    More clear?

    In other words. whomever or whatever you vow to *destroy*-- has good reason, based on your own history, to feel threatened.

    Isn't that your point?
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  10. Now, roll the dice or spin the pointer on the wheel of DSM V - .

    Prescribe any drug from the waste basket, marked :*antipsychotic* or *mood stabilizer*

    and create a lifetime consumer of psych drugs -

    Collect your share of profits from Pharma.

    Psychiatry demystified !

    Warning: Zyprexa will not correct brain injury from lack of oxygen.

    Misdiagnosing a brain injury as a psychiatric illness, can result in death of the patient.

    Medication and treatment *errors* are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.
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  11. Fear mongering ideologies abound, my friend, but there is only one institution who has the power and the authority to label and drug our children, and institutionalize those who threaten the ruling class: Psychiatry/ backed by the richest industry on the planet: pharmaceutical companies.

    Because the practice of inventing new labels and bypassing all safe guards we, the public, expect are in place to protect us, has proceeded UNCHECKED, since the 1980's, psychiatry has joined the 1%-- They have a real sledge hammer and they aren't making idle threats.
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  12. Quentinanon Member

    Scientology did not exist at that time.
    Please note that you lack quite a bit of information on Breggin that your osa handlers did not convey: His wife was a staff member of the scientology organization:
    The last I heard of them is that they were affiliated with Metapsychology, an independent scientology group.

    I think Hubbard had considerable expertise on torture and he used it on a Holocaust survivor:
    In scientology, Hubbard had a euphemism for torture. He called it "Fair Game".

    Of course not.
    The scientology organization needs to be shut down for advocating mass murder under the euphemism of "sudden and abrupt deletion" and "dispose of them quietly and without sorrow." Hubbard advocated criminality and terrorism. And Katie Tierney Higgins RN has bought into the fraud and lies.
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  13. RightOn Member

    I said I was done, many posts before but one ore thing and then I am done...
    Since you are all about what you feel is the truth. *cough*
    Is this person you or not?
    Katherine Higgins NED FOR OTS Source 21 1979-06-01
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  14. Not me. Kathleen is my first name-- not Katherine.
  15. RightOn Member

    I realize that, but COS members use MANY names and combinations. Some have used 4 or 5 names
    Lots of Higgins in COS completions
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  16. Quentinanon Member

    NOTs was released by Hubbard in late 1978 and only at Flag in Clearwater. The interesting thing is that there were no listed completions for this Kathy Higgins before or after.
    GO people were never listed in service completions, except by error. First names are also commonly altered by error. The names Katherine and Kathleen could easily get mixed up by the team of OTs in morg central files.
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  17. RightOn Member

    Larry Brennan (now Denise) was listed and he was GO. Was that an error?
  18. RightOn Member

    You were not curious about what that listing was for?
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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Larry (Denise) left the GO in the early 1980's I believe, so after leaving, they do get listed in service completions.
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  20. RightOn Member

  21. anon8109 Member

    Our troll keeps denying that she's a cult member, yet she keeps arguing like one.

    Her response to my question about Hubbard writing that he wanted the destruction of 140 million people was first to deny it, and then to accuse me of wanting to "dig mass graves and operate gas chambers".

    Interestingly, she accused me of attacking "CSI/CCHR", CSI being Church of Scientology International.
    She cares much more about defending scientology and Hubbard, beyond all logic, than about promoting her cause.

    It doesn't really matter though whether she is a homo novis or not, all she seems to be able to do is post CCHR propaganda and is incapable of holding a coherent conversation.

    She may have worked as a nurse at one time, but she seems to have lost her marbles along the way.
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  22. Sorry? You are grossly misinformed about the Breggins'-- Ginger was a former staff member of a SCI org-- and is one of the most critical of them - (google: Ginger Breggin CCHR/Scientology) Peter- is a practicing psychiatrist, author--(see his books on Amazon) I thought you should see that even people who would agree with your criticisms of CCHR and Scientology in general ALSO are critical of psychiatry--and concerned about the threat of Biomedical model Psychiatry on our children--
    The Breggins are in their 80's-- lots of info you can find on them.

    Hubbard is dead. I am not buying into your fear mongering propaganda-- especially because you choose to IGNORE all current crimes committed against children and vulnerable citizens; are completely ignorant regarding the power psychiatry wields and the mounting lost of casualties . PSYCHIATRY;S *PARADIGM OF CARE* is based on false statements regarding scientific basis for labeling kids with brain disorders for which they prescribe a variety of dangerous, brain disabling drugs.

    The Breggins, on the other hand, manage to stay the course on the truth of real threats and documented evidence of it-- AND rail against Scientology at the same time!

    Question: When did psychiatry remove "homosexuality" from their bible of mental illnesses?

    Psychiatry offers a better means for weeding out rebels like Aaron Swartz-- their method would save the tax dollars spent on investigating and prosecuting citizens who :" transgress unjust laws--"

    Aaron Swarz was born the year following the publication of the DSM IV, which included 70 new categories of diagnosis- INVENTED to create the new Childhood market for a variety of brain damaging drugs--

    When Aaron was 14, he was vocal about questioning our system of education. He read "The Underground History of Education"-- John Taylor Gatto-- and saw very good reasons to challenge government control over his life, and the society that supported it.

    IF he had just elected to refuse to attend school-- an act of civil disobedience. He would have been subjected to Government intervention for *transgressing an unjust law*-- CHINS-- "Children in need of services" is automatically deployed for kids refusing school-- psychiatric evaluation is part of the service.

    IF he then, became angry, refusing to cooperate, maybe throwing a tantrum and trashing his room, he could be involuntarily committed to a locked psychiatric unit, where he very well may be injected with neuroleptics and tranquilizers--which are the first line *chemical restraints* used on these units for loud, angry kids, who are bull shit over being locked up for refusing to attend school-- etc.

    YOU have not witnessed how antiauthoritarian kids are treated in the *mental Health system*

    Don't take my word-- please.
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  23. 185

    Sometimes "anti-cult" people become as rigid or closed minded as the "cult" they are ideologically against.
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  24. 185

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  25. Quentinanon Member

    You are grossly misinformed about what I know. I met Ginger when her last name was Eastham back in the 1970's. She was in the GO. She later remarried a USGO staffer named Freddie Ulan. Really, your osa handlers should do a better job of briefing you.

    And that is the line osabots use these days to minimize Hubbard's lunacy and criminal activities.

    No, their present objections are mainly against David Miscavige.

    That was 1973. Did Hubbard ever remove homosexuality as an "aberration" and "out-2D"? He considered them low on the "tone scale" 1.1 Candidates for "abrupt deletion".

    Well, the scientology organization has the "tone scale" and Hubbard's genocide policies. All they have to do is declare Aaron Swartz an SP and now he can be Fair Gamed.

    Katie Higgins, you have no idea what I have seen.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Ah. And what is my own history?
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. UkGnUE3.gif
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  29. ram

  30. ram

  31. Hubbard put his word salad in soup cans so people like Bob Duggan would eat it then spew it back out. He has already donated many millions of the $3.5 billion he personally made from his pharmaceutical company to CCHR/Scientology.
  32. >> Have you noticed WHO is inducted into locked pediatric psych units, the ever expanding mental health system ? I had a front row seat from 1988 until 2014. I have met truly gifted, intelligent, insightful rebels -- ages 3yrs to 18 yrs at their point of encounter with psychiatry. Highly respected professionals in our schools are trained to spot the *square peg* and send them to where they will be pounded into something that suits them. New brain disorders/ mental illnesses are invented and new drugs marketed to achieve conformity and submission to authority at a very early age.
    >> I wonder how you can see what is going on when you are filtering everything through a narrow lens,trained on a target that has no REAL power.

  34. >> I looked at the link-- not sure exactly what it was-- but since you ask if I am someone whose name is NOT mine-- I thought the straight forward, honest reply was the way to go.
  35. anon8109 Member

    I have met truly gifted, intelligent, insightful rebels -- ages 3yrs to 18 yrs at their point of encounter with psychiatry where they will be pounded into something else

    Hard to believe you when you see the world through Hubbard's eyes, where he made all of psychiatry into a kind of galactic supernatural devil because it cut into his profits.

    If you have evidence of specific people harming patients or of an institution being corrupt then take your evidence to the police. When you rant and rave about all of psychiatry being bad and all psychiatric medicines being bad you won't get anywhere.
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  36. My maiden name is Tierney-- Not exactly sure what you are trying to link me to now, but I will just continue to honestly state :
    I am not now, nor have I ever been affiliated in any way with the Church of Scientology.

    I was raised in the Episcopal Church- I converted to Buddhism at age 34-- have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism constantly for the past 26 years-- though not affiliated with the lay organization, SGI USA. I am not shopping for a new religion.

    I have no negative impressions of Kevin Hall- CCHR, Cambridge MA- known him since December 2013. I have made very specific references to my association with him and I think of him as a friend. Most of the people I met during the campaign to" free Justina" were exceptionally humanistic. Our common goal transcended our diversity ofreligious beliefs, political ideology, professional background, --.

    What I know about CCHR is directly related to research I have done in association with other professionals who are actively engaged in informing the public about a wide range of issues regarding psychiatry that specifically affect children in harms way. The research I refer to is the published work CCHR makes available on line re: psychiatry issues. I say they are *spot on* in the same way David Healy notes their accuracy and their commitment to public education. HE is an expert really should check out. I post frequently on his blog-

    .There are a few in this group of like minded activities who have made it a point to tell me they will not *work with me* unless I break all contact with Kevin Hall-- and NEVER associate in any way with anyone in CCHR. Paula Caplan the psychologist who attacks the APA and Allen Frances is one of these people. I have emails from her to support what I just shared regarding her admonitions. I actually discussed her behavior with another friend active in the Psych Rights movement who knows her. This individual explained the situation-- concluding that it is what it is-- and a shame. Paula Caplan did NOT discredit ME-- she did not believe I am a flake, delusional or a Scientologist-- she simply has her convictions and I respect that.

    I am NOT a troll-- I post as myself on a few critical psychiatry sites. I am challenged and criticized , which is to be expected, but I do not misrepresent myself as per my convictions. Some Psychiatric survivors on line did not welcome me, but those I met have become good friends. I am not adverse to debate, and not daunted by personal attacks-- even HERE, where I attacked for being who you believe I must be--. I view this as YOUR personal problem.

    Once again-- the issues you clearly have with SCI and CCHR are beyond my scope of interest and therefore, as I have said, I am in no real position to defend this or any religious organization--. Lack of interest means limited information. BUT, know in advance you will not sway me from confronting what I believe to be the greatest threat on the planet--because it is our children at risk of harm. . It is the institution known as psychiatry who wields power that is undeniably unique for it's ultimate control over the lives of the most vulnerable people. You talk about inhuman ideologies and potential threats-- I counter with inhuman actions unchecked- and currently sanctioned via law. These are not threats, but crimes against humanity -- in the present.

    Sheesh! is there another Anonymous group? I can't picture you all doing anything remotely like what I have seen on You Tube and Twitter--

    Quick!! hit "dislike"--

  37. 100

    You're ok.
    I like you.
    Be yourself.
  38. RightOn Member

    Do you receive and monetary kickbacks from the CCHR?
  39. anon8109 Member

    Once again-- the issues you clearly have with SCI and CCHR are beyond my scope of interest

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