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    I am not now, nor have I ever been affiliated in any way with the Church of Scientology.

    [psychiatry is] the greatest threat on the planet

    I am not a Scientologist but...
    I think just like they do and I talk just like they do and I defend Scientology and Hubbard just like they do and I believe that psychiatry is the greatest threat to humanity just like they do.
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  2. TrevAnon Member

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc. etc. it most probably IS a duck.
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    No, but when you do eat it, you start spewing slogans and defending the prejudices and genocidal policies of L. Ron Hubbard.
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    hasn't there been court ordered purifs in the past? (of course not in those words)
  5. For some crazy reason Bob Duggan likes to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to eat Hubbard Canned Word Salad and then regurgitate it. Maybe Zyprexa would help him and you.
  6. Katie:
    There is far too much over-medication going on the field of Pschiatry, no question, but there are plenty of good psychiatrist's and medications that have helped, CCHR would never admit to this.
    Katie, you're against the over-medicating of many children in today's society and I hope and believe for all the right reasons (to help children). Scientology has a long and sordid past in the abuse of children. Since you've hitched your wagon to CCHR/Scientology (it's 100% Scientology), a little more research should have been done by you into CCHR's history and agenda.

    The CCHR has been spot on since 1989? Get a grip, do some research into this horrible group.
    CCHR is 100% Scientology run and controlled by Scientologists with their own agenda consisting entirely of L. Ron Hubbard's absurd teachings on psychiatry and its goal is to eliminate psychiatrists, ALL of them and steer troubled people towards Scientology for their absurd processing for mental help at outrageous prices. CCHR - Part of the SCAM!

    CCHR former president, Scientologist Jan Eastgate was forced to step down for her horrific behavior in covering up for a Scientologist accused of raping his own step-daughter. She chose to protect Hubbard' scam and this sick bastard instead of the 11 year little girl who had come to her for help.

    CCHR (A Scientology front group) is involved strictly to attack all Psychiatry which is the number 1 competitor to L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics: The Modern 'Science' of Mental Health scam that has been fully exposed.

    Google: CCHR / Child Abuse in Scientology
    Google: CCHR / Scientology Front Group
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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Katie- do you mean the CCHR is spot on always or spot on with the one case you haved worked on with them?
  8. Cool story.
    Yeah, no.
  9. Katie Easthate: FailTroll

    Yeah, my Cool Story is about child abuse within CCHR and Scientology by their President Jan Eastgate, no less, not so Cool, actually.
    Did you learn how to do phony research from L. Ron Hubbard?
    Your only fallback position to defend your positions is to claim you're backing Kevin Hall and CCHR because it's for 'the children' when the history of Scientology/CCHR is horrendous when it comes to the abuse of children.
    Good God, you absolutely cannot be serious, Scientology has employed nothing but 'Scientific Fact' and 'Evidence', led the way in fact, for the medical profession to get in the fray?

    You either have no clue about Scientology or its bogus front groups like CCHR or you buy into it all wholesale if you have the audacity to make this absurd claim about this 'religious' organization.
    Just for the record and you may not have been aware that CCHR was using you but an affiliation with CCHR is an affiliation with Scientology in every way.

    Research L. Ron Hubbard and 'scientific fact' for a good laugh, Scientology has never, ever let scientific fact get in the way of a good money making scam. Psychiatry is a competitor who needs to be taken down in any way possible, no facts allowed per LRH.

    Researcher L. Ron Hubbard once claimed that not smoking enough increases one's chances of contracting lung cancer (Scientologists smoke at a much higher rate than the rest of the population, sadly, many have indeed contracted lung cancer decades his book 'All About Radiation' to get a grip on Hubbard's version of scientific facts in Scientology.

    You do know that L. Ron Hubbard who was so vehemently opposed to psychotropic drugs was a total, major drug abusing hypocrite who died with the psychotropic drug Vistaril in his system?
    You made the absurd claim that CCHR has been spot on since 1989 where Pschiatry is concerned? Do you mean spot on spreading lies and acting as a front group for Scientology seeking monies and showing their propaganda films?

    Wake up or send some money to your 'friend' Kevin Hall for CCHR or the Ideal Org. in Boston that he's promoted for so long while it lies in ruins. Now, 15 years later, after helping collect millions for Scientology and CCHR from other 'friends' while both groups are involved in fraudulent money raising activities and horrible abuses involving children including their CCHR President Jan Eastgate.
    Google: Child Abuse within CCHR and Scientology

    Now work on your trolling, Ms Easthate, you and your friends like Kevin Hall at CCHR do far more harm than good for children and everyone else who gets misled by Scientology lies, Psychiatry has its own issues, plenty of them but they're nothing compared L. Ron Hubbard's CCHR and Scientology..........

    Just for the Trolling record, it's Cool Story, Bro............... Your ramblings 'for the children' are doing more harm than good with your ties to CCHR which is your connection to Scientology which you claim to have no connection with, think again!

    I'm glad that you're opposed to the overdrugging of children, you need to educate yourself on the atrocities, lie and abuses commited by Scientology and CCHR for decades, imho.

    Don't support CCHR / Scientology in any way if you're opposed to child abuse. Thanks.
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  10. I reference only the reported information regarding psychotropic drugs that is published by CCHR. I have already explained that I have relied on psychiatrist, David Healy's validation of the adverse effects CCHR was publicizing as early as 1989. THIS is important to me for two reasons :

    1) For whatever their motivations, the CCHR staff were listening to people that were ignored by the medical professionals, who should have been very concerned about the reports from these patients. ( In 1989 it was psychiatrists who were primarily prescribing these drugs-- and IF they had acted like *doctors*, who relied on their patient's responses to treatment to determine the safety and efficacy of the drugs they prescribed, I'd have nothing to rant about.) A few-- very few as it turns out, psychiatrists were listening to their patients and eventually began to publish their concerns-- reporting on the same adverse effects that patients had been sharing with CCHR staff.

    2) Publicizing the warning about SSRIs for instance, based on patient's own stories, CCHR gained greater trust within the growing community of people who were harmed by psych drugs--.

    Now, put this in context with the biomedical model of psychiatry- or magic bullets for brain disorders- in full swing and aimed at kids after the first White House Conference on Mental Health, held just months after the mass murder tragedy at Columbine. Peter Breggin published "Reclaiming Our Children" soon after this conference in an ardent attempt to expose the corruption of Psychiatry & Pharma-- and state the truth: There is no scientific evidence to support brain chemical imbalances that were used to support brain disorder/diseases/ psych diagnosis with ONE treatment: psychotropic drugs.

    Back to the main topic for the thread:

    You can accuse CCHR of using these patients to load their weapons aimed at psychiatry itself-- but 20 years later, there is no doubting that these patients were truthful and that CCHR attempted, at least, to become their champion. My referral to their website in 2012 came from a colleague who heard about CCHR from a former psych patient claiming to have been helped by them. I just searched the main site, and decided to post after submitting a request for investigation of Bader 5.
    Note: no one contacted ME from the CCHR site-- . My only contact-- or connection to CCHR has been professional, respectful interactions with Kevin Hall.

    Even if all you say is true about CCHR's hidden agenda - or what you see as their obvious agenda, the salient facts remain central to any respect CCHR has gained. Given all you have shared regarding the covert agenda CCHR may have , it is also true that these are the same points that were made public when discrediting CCHR was a top priority of Eli Lilly-- who had both motive and financial means to start the public smear campaign. TRUE or not-- it was CCHR that opened the way for patients to seek justice. And put Pharma on notice that their activities were no longer secret. For many who are grateful to CCHR-- and I do not know a single former patient, relative or clinician who either sought assistance from CCHR or simply referenced their psych drug info web site , who was recruited into the Church of Scientology.

    Regarding my personal battle against psychiatry:

    I am not claiming that there aren't any good psychiatrists, or denying that many people have been helped by psychiatry. I am not claiming that every psychiatrist has been corrupted by greed, or that there are no beneficial effects of any psychiatric treatment. What I have failed to communicate here, is that psychiatry is an institution with legal power in our society that IT or ANY other institution should NOT have. There is sufficient credible, supported documentation to criminally indict certain prominent academic psychiatrists. I am not assuming that convictions and widespread publicity about the criminal element in psychiatry would destroy the whole profession. I cannot predict how exposing the crimes against humanity committed by prominent psychiatrists will change the mental health field, but my greatest hope is that it will level the playing field-- ; that choice, replaces FORCE and that patients, people, especially children matter more than profits.

    When I use the term, *Psychiatry* I am referring to the institution that has legal authority to subject children to dangerous drugs and abuse them -- with impunity. I am talking about a medical specialty that is not regulated by anyone but themselves. Taking that power away is no easy task. The psych drug- based, unholy alliance with Pharma is the best chance we have. But it is also an opportunity to reorient our criminal justice system to its duty to protect *we the people*-- instead of serving the 1%.

    I don't have a magic solution or even one specific treatment recommendation for people who suffer with mental & emotional duress. I have helped young adults withdraw from psych drugs and seen many different benefits from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, yoga, Qi gong, NIA, Reiki, Cranial Sacral therapy-- as well as sensory modalities that help traumatized people (especially kids) ground themselves and reduce anxiety. Add large portions of community connection, social contact, and support for individual creative activities--. I see humanity based approaches and belief in our own healing powers as the best ways to achieve mental health --. I don't promote any specific one over any other-- .

    My refusing to attack or support attacks on CCHR does not mean I endorse their approach to recovery from mental illness.

  11. >>Since you mention the police, I can tell you the Boston police were no help for the Pelletiers. I was with them the second time they called the Police-- from the DCF office in Roxbury early May. The situation: DCF ended a meeting held to determine IF Justina's parents would be allowed to visit-- following visits being denied immediately after the Ethics consult (that I orchestrated) was in process. We were on phone conference with Bader clinicians, & psychiatrist Colleen Ryan- whom I had known during her training, and worked with 2 years following her graduation. She was appointed Attending psychiatrist the moment she graduated. - We were on phone conference because Bader 5 could not yet manage to get me fired as the Pelletier's advocate, BUT they did refuse to allow me on the unit-- so we had the family meeting via phone. I shared my impressions of a phone call I was patched in on-- between Justina her mom and oldest sister, when Colleen yelled: "That's IT- NO MORE PHONE CALLS " the DCF case manager and 2 other workers helped Colleen end the meeting- 50 minutes ahead of schedule. The DCF case manger apologized to the Pelletiers-- "Sorry, but no visits-- until we get this resolved"-- then insisted THEY leave the office. The Pelletiers had driven 2 hours to Boston from West Hartford CT-- angry and frustrated they called Boston Police-- who gave shallow excuses for not being able to help in any way.

    I had several phone conversations- some patched in with the Pelletiers, with Boston FBI- made specific complaint re: Justina being held on locked unit unlawfully. (see details in DCF letter). I was requesting they obtain a copy of the Legal document from her chart to be reviewed by a psychiatrist-- ALSO, reporting my knowledge of a few other major mis-steps in committing Justina to Bader 5-- ALL in her medical record. The FBI did NOT act on my request - though I have credentials to support my capacity to question legal documents supporting the admission to a locked unit. The FBI did pay a visit to BCH- met with senior administrators and left satisfied that BCH & Bader were in complete compliance with MA law regarding Justina's being held in their locked psych unit.

    Aslo interacted with States Attorney Martha Coakley's assistants and staff in the Mayor's office-. i made calls and sent emails in collaboration with an assistant to the State's Atty. in CT-- refined and revised the specific issues and concerns ALL related to violations of Law-- and due process-
    No EFFECT -- at all.
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    What recourse is there? For example can Pelletier's family have her moved to a different hospital where she can be re-evaluated by different doctors?

    Anyone with power can abuse it. Police, judges, politicians, teachers, CEOs, doctors, nurses, etc. That's why there are systems in place to oversee people with power. No system is perfect and sometimes the people in charge of oversight end up colluding with the people they are supposed to watch.

    The best people to oversee psychiatrists are other psychiatrists.
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  13. IF you check out their web site-- SSRI stories, etc, you will find appropriate and accurate info cited to support ALL claims of harm from adverse effects of Psych drugs.

    >>In 1989- CCHR publicized true facts about Prozac- and questioned the role of Pharma, and was alerting the pubic to the corruption of academic psychiatry that was just beginning. That is what I am referencing-- The booming business proceeded to grow and claim a brand new market of children with mental illness diagnosis Childhood Bipolar- invented by Joseph Biederman despite CCHR. Or rather, the warnings CCHR had issued came to fruition.

    >>I am NOT a fucking troll-- I came to this site because I was named in the lead in to the original discussion here-


    CCHR presidents, L Ron Hubbard and ALL of his minions do NOT have the LEGAL power to abuse anyone. Psychiatry-- THE institution DOES.

    When criminal psychiatrists are convicted-- and the crimes they perpetrated are laid out for the public-- And IF that results in loss of LEGAL power for the institution of psychiatry (NOT the end of the profession and benefit from good psychiatrists)--
    THEN, the playing field will be leveled and I will look into your claims about CCHR.

    I promise.

  14. Give any one of these chimps a typewriter-- sooner or later he/she will spell a word.

    Probably sooner than you will comprehend what i am writing here.

    :) Katie
    Katie Tierney Higgins RN
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    Who should have the legal power to confine psychiatric patients that may pose a threat to themselves or others?
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  16. You should have promised yourself to look into CCHR decades ago before being duped into a connection with them. CCHR has very few, if any legitimate medical professionals on staff or working in concert with them to bring down the Psychiatric industry on a global basis. Sorry to inform you, you were used.

    Thou dost protest too much Kate Tierney Higgins RN: NOW HEAR THIS! I am NOT a fucking troll.
    (if u say so........IN CAPS! no less, jeesh) CALM DOWN, CAPPY!

    So that wasn't you troll-posting a few minutes after you copied my post concerning CCHR's president Jan Eastgate's arrest as a brand new poster named easthate up there? Incredible timing by a ''new WWP poster'' 6 minutes after yours, Ms. Easthate (Oh my, it rhymes with child abuser Jan Eastgate of CCHR, what a coincidence).
    Trolling's ok to mix in with serious posts, Ms Easthate. Caps, well, NO, CAPS are annoying, go to for pointers.
    You're a couple of decades late in looking into the claims of CCHR abuses, you should have done that before latching on to this Scientology front group with your own personal agenda against Psychiatry. You can't expect to get away with saying 'scientific facts' and Scientology in the same sentence and be taken seriously. You were the one who claimed that CCHR has been spot on since 1989 while you didn't catch on to the fact that they're simply a front group set up to promote sales for the 'Church'.
    It's ok, you weren't the only person duped by Scientology, and their front groups like CCHR and their true agendas.

    I wish you had let L. Ron Hubbard and ALL of his minions know this decades ago, perhaps you're unaware that Scientology has its own gulags called the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) where they have indeed incarcerated and abused thousands of members over the years but they hide behind their phony 'religious' status. Scientology has its very own judicial system and claim that members only recourse is to their very own International Justice Chief.

    Do your reseaerch on Scientology and CCHR abuses before posting NOW HEAR THIS false claims about their abusive operations.
    Google: Scientology RPF prisons

    Check out Narconon if you want a real feel for how they dupe the medical professions and take advantage of drug addicts for many, many millions for a scam full of lies that does not work and simply pulls in recruits and money for this 'religious' organization, why, just like CCHR.

    Yes, Narconon, just like CCHR is a front group that is actually 100% Scientology crap for sale.
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  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    this is the published history of FDA actions with childhood use of SSRIs. They started publishing the warnings in 2004
    This is the NIH history of warnings of SSRIs in children they started in 2003-2004
    You were referred to the CCHR website in 2012, a full 8 years after the NIH and FDA were warning about thise symptoms. Tradition bound Harvard psychiatry department was ignoring proven information. This is not indicative of American psychiatry. The more I read on this case the worse it is for the patients. That psych department was running roughshod over patients and even physicians on staff at the same hospital. This is a horrible case of malpractice. This does not make all of Psychiatry a failure.

    No. The CCHR did not open the way, American law opened the way via malpractice lawsuits including many lawsuits against the pharmaceutical companies. It wasn't the CCHR. I'm really surprised that you would accept that.

    You are talking about inept and totalitarian government decisions, there is no institute of psychiatry in America.
    This simply isn't true. The are regulated by state medical disciplinary boards and the state departments of health and the FDA. It sounds as if in this case a group of powerful academics, convinced of their own greatness, abused their power and ran roughshod over the patient, her patients and even the other doctors. This is a complete failure of the Harvard Psych department. Not a failure of psychiatry.
    I wouldn't get a bunion fixed at Harvard because of their inflated sense of greatness makes it difficult for them to see any errors, especially if brought to their attention by lesser beings (anyone not on the faculty at Harvard?
    Katie I think you are heroic and your fight to help these people is brave. I am stunned that you have allowed these Scientologists to use you this way. Wake up. The CCHR is not your friend.

    The people having this conversation with you ( not me, I'm a relative outsider) have been through hell because of the CCHR and Scientology. They may be mocking or sarcastic but they are telling the truth. They've given you references. Scientology is no ones' friend. They use people like you to gain acceptance and good press. The CCHR is part of Scientology. It sounds as if they have been very supportive, but they have encouraged you to think of Psychiatry as evil because of horrendous abuse by one group. You say you've known people helped by psych drugs. Do you understand that the CCHR is opposed to all psych drugs?
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  18. >> On this topic has been discussed from many different angles and perspectives-- . I am not the only psych clinician who has employed and/or assisted other caring people to de-escalate and confine a person who is acting out in ways that pose a serious threat of harm to self/others. From what I have experienced, seeing is believing. For many--who believe we have to trust psychiatrists to take the reins in a crisis, it is either fear or aversion that drives their beliefs. Most will begin to prefer humane interventions outside of emergency rooms and psych units, after witnessing them-- first hand.

    A former patient who has been in 4 point leather restraints, injected with neuroleptics and tranquilizers, - secluded from others on a locked unit, is the best resource for coming to terms with the difference between helping someone and making them worse. There is some agreement amongst psych rights advocates that we already have sufficient laws to restrain and contain violent, dangerous people- . When you hear many psych survivors say they prefer jail to a psych ward-- the idea of consequences that correlate to actions becomes clear-- . Add to that the evidence that FORCED treatment is not effective-- What we are left with is a challenge to decide how we as a society want to prevent further harm to our citizens in distress. Best solutions are community generated--IMO.
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  19. Here is a muslim who censors anything to do with Islam posing as a critic of Scientology.
    What a hypocrite. Your own people need your assistance in learning to be humane.

    I can't even.
    Oh Mang.
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  20. anon8109 Member

    If I understood you correctly you think jail is better?

    Why would police and courts do a better job?
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  21. >>I disagree- . Look at Justina's plight this way:

    Though there is no more medical evidence for somatofrom disorder than there is for Mitochondrial disease, AND her Mito doctor was board certified, well respected at Tufts,= just as respect worthy , credential wise as anyone at BCH.. YET - BCH psychiatric clinicians banned this doctor from participating in evaluating and treating Justina from day one, basically hijacked this patient with a rubber stamp from a Juvenile Court Judge--. The Judge honored BCH psychiatry as the experts.
    The Judge-- also in commitment cases rubber stamps the psychiatrists recommendations.
    It was A JUDGE in juvenile court who decided how a medically complicated, weak, scared kid should be treated.
    Does THIS make sense to you?
    Clearly, in the minds of everyone I spoke with about this case, BCH psychiatry clinicians were not experts on all matters critical to the treatment-- even the well being of Justina--.

    Look at it this way:

    Though granted authority to separate Justina from everything she wanted and needed-- ALL of which was supported by her family and Dr. Korson, by the way-- BCH psych clinicians were ruled *experts* by a judge , and here is their brilliant treatment pLAN :

    1):traumatic separation from her family-- and really everyone she cared about--,
    2) :forcing her to believe she was fine psychically-- doing so by literally not treating her medically and not assisting her with personal care-- even when that meant she did not shower.
    3) Revoking human rights: no phone calls, no visits from friends-- no writing letters-- AND revoking outside time, ( all illegal- unless person is danger to self or others-- NEVER true for Justina)
    4) Using things that had meaning to Justina as incentives for her to - stand, walk, perform hygiene unassisted--
    5) Yelling- reprimanding her for NOT trying--

    AND with absolutely no evidence that the TREATMENT plan was working-- the illegal lock up, and loss of human rights-- continued for 9 months--

    Other psychiatrists do not directly oversee matters like this-- in fact there were no other psychiatrists- outside of BCH who were ever consulted by DCF-- , Justina's guardians.

    THIS is how the system works-- Judges are the minions of psychiatrists. Court commitment hearings are private., attended only by the staff supporting the psychiatrist. (I have made it known that I wanted to attend on behalf of a patient-- case was cancelled when i asked if I was going to be fired for advocating for a patient ) Juvenile court proceedings are double protected due to the cases being about minors. Getting this before the public was huge-- but still there is confusion about what happened and why it needs to be changed. (that is a longer story)

    David Healy- psychiatrist in Wales blogs about this disaster- supports me via emails , offering suggestions GOOD ONES- and definitely seeing the need for other psychiatric evaluations . to no avail
    Keith Ablow- Fox News psychiatrist-- meets the Pelletiers-- goes on camera and writes about his outrage, to no avail.
    Congressman in CT and MA petition for action to have Justina returned to her parents and everyone ignores the reason this fails:
    Legislative & executive branches of State government CANNOT interfere with matters being handled open court proceedings.

    What next?

    The back door resolution via an official in the Governor's Public Health office- effectively swayed the Judge-- after months of petitioning, phone calls , letters and smear MA government campaigns had steadily increased a showing of public support for the Pelletiers.-- even an alleged Anonymous attack on the internal internet at BCH - >?? Maybe fear evoked at last??

    What worked?

    A wild card back door last ditch effort worked-- but 16 months of the TREATMENT plan had taken its toll--

    Know this:

    Once a psychiatrist decides you are not safe anywhere but on a psych unit-- no matter how full of shit he/she might actually be-- your butt will be locked up-- and you may NOT refuse treatment-- you will be injected with drugs if you won't swallow them. You may be told you have the right to argue your case, or seek second opinions-- BUT if the psychiatrist treating you presents statements of your incompetence-- You aren't going to be heard-- and you are't going anywhere.

    If there were just a few psychiatrists misusing this power-- they would be humiliated out of their practice. IF the profession did oversee itself-- it would only take one of the good psychiatrists to turn these disasters around--. Questioning- challenging the court order based on a single psychiatrist's opinion-- is damn near impossible.

    If you learn nothing else for Justina's case-- I hope you get this-- .
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  22. >>Thank you for responding to what I actually write-- I appreciate your checking into the SSRI issue, so I am posting a link to a blog post by David Healy-- emphasis on the how the REAL dangers of SSRIs were made public.

    Recently published :"Psychiatry Under the Influence" is discussed here:

    It has been one long ugly battle that has not yet put a dent in the prescribing of these drugs to kids in the U.S.

    CCHR did facilitate the first law suits against Eli Lilly-- I guess with money and/or attorneys, but am not certain of the details.

    Public education efforts by CCHR from 1989 included radio interviews, pamphlets, articles in mainstream magazines-- ALL of these activities were curtailed. But, nonetheless there are people who can attest to having benefitted from them.

    American Law is still protecting psychiatrists who carelessly prescribe psych drugs and targeting pharmaceutical companies for fraudulent marketing-- the details of this sad state of affairs is exposed in a recently published book by Robert Whitaker and Lisa Cosgrove, "Psychiatry under the Influence"

    Psychiatry operates as an institution with special rights and privileges not granted to any other organized body of professionals.ALL in the realm of legal power.

    I am not a friend to any organization. It would be disingenuous of me to vilify Kevin Hall, whom I met and know in the context of people working for the release of Justina Pelletier back to her family. If anything I did to help Justina benefits someone-- anyone with nefarious motives, I can't help that, nor would I retract any of my efforts on that basis. Anything or most anything can be used for either good or evil-- Would be great if we could all control the fruits of pour labor, but we can't. I would definitely feel comfortable airing any grievance toward any member of CCHR, I would hope that members here can appreciate that their experiences are not universally shared. I will not forget what has been said to me here as a warning-- even though I am the least likely candidate for seduction into a cult , I genuinely sympathetic towards anyone who has been duped, used and abused.

    You are right about Harvard's transgressions-- but maybe unaware of their extensive influence--? Cases just like Justina's finally made it into the news . Google medical child abuse- and you will see how widely Harvard's disease is spreading.


  23. Ask your doctor if Fukitol is right for you?
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  24. >> I did not say jail is better, but shared what I have read and heard from people who have been on locked psych units and in jail. I can proffer their rationale though-- It boils down to exactly what happens to most people who are committed to a psych unit following *out of control behavior*--. They receive a psychiatric diagnosis-- a requirement for insurance billing purposes. They are prescribed psych drugs for the diagnosis - and expected to remain in some type of psychiatric outpatient treatment. Sometimes the psych drugs cause symptoms that make their condition worsen-- and then other drugs are given-- or sometimes the person decides to stop taking a drug that causes a withdrawal effect they were not told about-- again, symptoms of a worsened condition appear. People stating their preference for jail are saying they were forced into becoming a psych patient-- AKA- life time consumer of psych drugs, stigmatizing labels- loss of quality and control over their lives. Additionally people complain about being treated more inhumanely on a psyche unit-- degraded, humiliated and subjected to conditions they argue are worse than jail.

    I don't think police and jail are the only alternative--. Because there is a large and growing community of psychiatric *abuse* survivors there are peer run respite communities that serve as support, based on their lived experience. It seems that in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect, many people are able to recover -- even from psychotic episodes. Makes sense when you consider how social isolation often precedes episodes of severe mental states -- connecting with other people on some level is nearly always seen as a vital step in recovery-- why not make it a first line intervention?
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  25. DeathHamster Member

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  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    The Prozac lawsuits started in the late 80s, they were brought by malpractice lawyers. I can't find anywhere that CCHR gave $$. They couldn't have filed a lawsuit unless they, themselves were victims. If they gave $$ ( doubtful because they don't do that now) it can't have been much. It's more likely they supported the lawsuits with publicity. This would have the added benifit of publicizing themselves and finding donors.
    Please don't accept vague assertions that they helped beyond publicity.
    I'm sure there are good people in CCHR, many of the good people here were once in Scientology. But AS AN INSITITUTION the CCHR doesn't help much and it does drum up donations some of which gets passed on the CCHR parent organization of scientology.
    They aren't a good institution inspite of having good people in it.
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  27. How old are you?
    curiosity cat
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  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The problem with the CCHR the bottom line problem, is they dont accept the use of any psych med. Bipolar disease, acute psychosis, severe suicidal depression, postpartum depression do not get treated with medication, instead they get a scientology treatment " introspection run down" with isolation in a locked room and not much human interaction. The " quiet room" treatment can improve acute bipolar mania but they will still need medication for maintanence.
    The intensity of this discussion is because people were friends with Lisa McPherson and Kyle Brennan both of whom died because medication was withheld. Lisa McPherson was in a locked room in a hotel. She died of dehydration.
    The CCHR is like a broken watch- it's right two times a day.
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  29. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  30. anoninoob Member

    "I am not now, nor have I ever been affiliated in any way with the Church of Scientology. "

    if you are working with or for CCHR then you are affiliated with $cientology. CCHR **is** $cientology. Funded, controlled and directed by the cult. The two can not be divorced, they are the same machine.

    If you want serious reform in psychiatry you must distance yourself from that group or you'll never be taken seriously.
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  31. [IMG]
  32. bAnon Member

    Anonymous love you. And there are no members of Anonymous.

    Continue being awesome Katie. And, believe it or not, less is more.
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  33. Thank you ALL for engaging in this battle. With sincere appreciation, for honesty and the freedom to connect,I admit defeat.

    Credibility is crucial--one's affiliations and associations matter. I concede to points made on this thread re: connections w/ one member of CCHR, regardless of the circumstances and possible benefit obtained, negatively impacted my credibility in the arena that matters most to me. I have decided to rectify this matter- though not committing to enlisting in the battle against CCHR at this time.

    Through the following links/connections, I believe I can leave you with information that supports my own battle with psychiatry -- referencing Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, longtime mentor and friend of Aaron Swartz, whom he knew for 12 years.

    As you know, Aaron Swartz

    References I have made to Psychiatry as a corrupt institution are stated more eloquently here:

    Written by Larry Lessig , this is the forward for recently published " Psychiatry Under The Influence" by, Robert Whitaker & Lisa Cosgrove-- both were fellows at Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics’

    I have been thinking hard about connections and synchronicity since 2013. Aaron Swartz died tragically on January 11th. Justina Pelletier was kidnapped by Boston Children's Hospital on February 14th- admitted to their locked psychiatric unit in April, which is when I first met her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier. Fueling my determination to publicize in mainstream media, the actions of BCH psychiatry and Juvenile Court proceedings was the message Larry Lessig imparted three days after Aaron was gone; that there was more we should have done, and more we need to do-- thousands of things, he said in an interview on Democracy Now! That broadcast ended with Aaron's 23 minute speech- " Freedom to connect- on Victory to save open internet"

    Where's the connection here ? The method Aaron described, that did the impossible, he could not activate when faced with his own personal agonizing ordeal. Forced to disconnect from the people who needed to know everything he could not talk about to rally a massive public outrage. This secrecy that is demanded by all of the institutions that wanted to destroy him- is the exactly what I sought to attack.

    Being gagged when you need to scream, while all of your behavior is watched, scrutinized and analyzed behind your back where you know decisions about your life, crucial ones, are being made-- is torture. The procedures, policies and processes that are documented as the specialized duties of these institutions are not executed with our best interest in mind. After the damage is done, these same documented, specialized duties, are held up as justification -- even for torturing someone like Aaron Swartz. Those closest to him knew what was going wrong, but they had nowhere to turn outside of this brotherhood of deceptions and inhumanity to try and defend Aaron-- and justice, reason-- even common sense.

    The MIT report on itself is our first opportunity to see how insane MIT behaved, and to become even more enraged with their cheap excuses.

    I thought about Aaron's victory speech constantly, and how it must have felt for so many who were willing and ready to repeat the formula for success-- for his sake, another show of the strength of the people. That is exactly what led me to push the envelope with the letter I wrote to DCF-- and allow it to be aired on CT Fox and posted on Beau Berman's face book page. I ended that letter stating that the publicity would expand and continue- to remove the shroud of secrecy that every abuser demands-- .

    Aaron Swartz was studying the intricacies of unraveling and addressing political corruption, at Harvard, where he was a fellow in good standing. Yet Harvard University power brokers simply suspended him, and watched the "process play out"--.The same tactic was set in motion when I began to seek assistance from the agencies we all believe are protecting us on our dime. Let the process play out, means let whoever is holding the reins carry on- he/she is one of us.

    Credibility matters to me. Thanks again for the lessons. I am taking them to heart. I hope I have reciprocated in some way that is as useful to you.


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  34. anon8109 Member

    I was wrong about you.
    The point of the debate is not to discover who wins or who loses, but to discover what is true.

    The only people who defend the scientology corporation so forcefully are cult members that are here to either cause disruption or to do the "A to E" steps, one of which is to "strike a blow to the enemy", in a desperate attempt to avoid losing their families to the "disconnection" policy.

    It is a rare occurrence for someone to come here defending the cult to admit they were mistaken. As far as i know, that only ever happens when someone comes here as a cult member, escapes from the cult, then becomes a critic. That makes you exceptional.
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  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Whoa... downstat!!!

    Katie, is there a reason you always say "on a psych ward" rather than "in a psych ward"? Just wondering; it's odd.

    Thanks for laying out your interest in the object of your passion. I can say emphatically that the institutional corruption you have witnessed is also present in courts, bar associations, and police near me; I am now nearly 18 months into a battle against them in Washington state where an autistic friend of mine has begun serving a 12-year prison sentence for supposedly attempting to murder his wife. (In our case, psychiatry had nothing to do with it, although his wife is both crazy and -- usually -- heavily medicated.) Thus far, nobody at any level has lifted a finger in response to the corruption and crimes we've proven, and that includes media. I do believe it is poised to break open, though. Other voices and eyes are beginning to gather.

    We can be a rowdy bunch of myopic faggots around here. Stopping Scientology is the fight that started this board, so of course we are all strongly against the CSI -- and all of their front groups. But some of us do also fight other fights. Yours is one I have not personally taken up yet, but it is out there on my radar screen.
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  36. Very Well-Said, Anon8109 I agree completely and I can be the disagreeable sort, lol.............

    Thanks for your work in exposing in exposing Psychiatric abuses especially your efforts in standing up for Justina Pelletier and the over-medication of children. CCHR is an extremely devious, dangerous misleading group that hides its involvement with Scientology whose motivations are mainly for the expansion of Scientology recruits and spreading Scientology's propaganda worldwide. Their opposition to Psychiatry is very self-serving and undermines every single person in the industry for their own devious purposes, the expansion of Scientology.

    I don't question your personal motivations at all, sorry you got caught up in CCHR lies. Many wonderful, sincere people have joined Scientology and their front groups for decades for all the right reasons (to make the world a better place) and end up as victims of insane L. Ron Hubbard processing that seeks to indoctrinate and control people and take advantage of them for the cult's mission.

    The exposure of Scientology and their front groups brutal abuses upon their indoctrinated membership here at WWP and other sites Tony Ortega's wonderful site, David Love's Narconon exposure site and ESMB (Ex-Scientologist Messenger Board has been instrumental in stopping these abuses and helping many formerly duped Scientologists find their way out of this insipid cult. Here's some more sites that might help you understand why we oppose CCHR, Narconon, Scientology and their myriad of other front groups so vehemently.

    David Love, Tony Ortega, WWP and others have truly been on a mission for a long time to expose Scientology, Narconon, CCHR and other scamming front groups for a long time, these extraordinary efforts are paying off in the serious decline of these fraudulent groups.
    Thanks for what you do on behalf of victims of abuse in the mental health field.
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  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You are awesome.
    PS- reconsidering your opinion is not defeat
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  38. Malory Member

    It's the exact opposite. Anyone who can listen to a different viewpoint and adjust their own view on things is always a winner.
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