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  1. I can use some of those adjustments myself, that's a good thing for all of us to keep in mind, I like that quote of yours Malory, Thx. (More than likely i'll steal it without giving proper acknowledgement to u, thx in advance)
  2. >> Saying on rather than in- is just habit. Hospital talk-- patients are only in the emergency room, x-ray, the lab-- the operating room-- they are on specific units-- on 7- West, for example, or "on the unit", which is what I said so often when reporting to a doctor who needed to write orders for a patient I had admitted-- . It is a little odd, I agree.

    I encourage you to seek dialogue with-- anyone who will listen to your story-- This is good practice for developing talking points that are useful for media, and attorneys. It is important to become totally comfortable telling horrible stories(being the bearer of bad news) -- to be composed and sincere and considerate of how freaked out your audience may feel. Talking to people who are peripheral, in the sense that they aren't in keep positions to make decisions or take action on your fiend's behalf, will allow you to provide thoughtful answers to a variety of questions you are sure to get.

    How can anyone here not believe me when I say I just learned that stopping scientology was your first, galvanizing mission? I tend to get very narrowly focused on the details of whatever I am grappling with-- and though I found Anonymous on the right side of every major shake up dominating the news-- that is where I stopped looking into your history. The same mistake I made when I partnered up with Kevin Hall-- who was positioned within a larger group for a cause that was more important to me at the time than anyone's religious affiliations-- Yes. I am learning just as I always have-- by making every mistake possible.

    Thank you for understanding-- and I hope you achieve a resounding victory over the corruption going on in your back yard.

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  3. >>Not to belabor a point, but I hope it's okay for me to cling to not making the mistake of joining or assuming a position within CCHR. Clearly, mine is not the worst case scenario-- .
    I have been overwhelmed by the stories-- the links provided here are definitely not ones I had been referred to by Kevin Hall/CCHR-- .
    I have my own experience with being attacked for stating my convictions in hostile territory-- but, now knowing what Kevin Hall must surely know is *out there*-- I cannot comprehend his casual attitude toward bad press.
    Yes, I understand your opposition to CSI/CCHR-- and appreciate your dedication to it. No other source has ever been able to get me beyond just saying-- I prefer to see people as individuals. Occupational hazard of an old school nurse.
    I am entering the next round of standing up for Justina-- legal proceedings. . Thank goodness I have my head on straight.
    Thank you supporting me through this emotional crisis.
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    This thread moved to the Dome until Katie can review and edit it because legal stuff.
  5. anon8109 Member

    Scientology's homo novii are not permitted to look at any critical information about their cult whether in the press or on the internet. If they do look, then they must admit it during interrogations called "sec checks" after which they are punished.

    A handful of cult members are allowed to look because they work for OSA, the cult's secret police. But they are so far gone that they think there is a great conspiracy against the cult, paid for by psychiatry and drug companies, so they think that everything negative is a lie.

    I don't know if Kevin works for OSA or not, but chances are he's never seen the criticisms of scientology, and even if he did he would dismiss them all as part of a great conspiracy.

  6. >> Well, that helps. I wonder how one would go about convincing someone is advocating for the human rights of many who are imprisoned in the mental health system ,that he is abdicating his own most fundamental human rights? It does explain the image of being selfless for the sake of the cause, which is a right of passage for those who champion causes for children. -- Is it live, or memorex? How can you tell for sure?

    I don't believe it is possible to sacrifice for the sake of benefit or happiness for others and not attain an even stronger sense of one's own self worth. I recognized the decision I had to make going forward and blowing the whistle at BCH in 2009. It was clearly a risk to my continued employment in good standing at a prestigious children's hospital. I could let that go-- , I finally decided, based on my not being willing to cash out my integrity. This is the reason I have a problem believing Aaron Swartz took his own life. His self concept was strengthened with actual proof that he created value with his life. There is little motivation to make a case before the public that Aaron was murdered by our government-- I think that those for whom it really matters know the truth- and those people will know how to incorporate the truth into their actions.

    But what to do about people who believe it is an honor to negate their own personal worth in the service of those whose have expounded a crock of shit for their own nefarious purpose and personal gain? Well, if the authority figures one is subservient to can not bear questions; cannot be challenged, then they have defined themselves as "divine". And they have been granted the right to call themselves divine by followers who must have gained something for which they are grateful. That constitutes a bond that is very difficult to break.

    As the evidence mounts against psychiatry , there is just more cause for people like Kevin to feel validated in their sacrifice. So, really-- all of is who shared information with him that strengthened the case against psychiatry, were just enabling Kevin. His sense of mission is intensified in direct proportion to his own demise.

    I can tell you that he is one busy guy-- hardly a moment to spare for contemplating the hand that feeds him--

    Thank you - this really helps me understand the inexplicable aspects of this paradox.


  7. >> Not admitting they were mistaken after coming here just means they were not grateful for finding truth. I can't imagine anyone not knowing they were mistaken about the scientology corporation after coming here. The truth can cause a lot of inner turmoil - some people I know quite well are terrified of it.

    I don't consider myself exceptional for offering a completely human response to a rational set of circumstances--. i think you are commenting on how far our culture has veered from what is clearly defined as our shared humanity. I appreciate the positive feedback-- I had my hard hat on coming back here after admitting i was wrong-- just in case--- LOL


  8. >> And again, how foolish of me to comment on your moniker like it was a pic of you !! Like, Anonymous doesn't literally mean anonymous? Just because I entered the conversation as myself.

    C'mom-- that's pretty funny isn't it-- ME, as myself --- against Anonymous?

    I have to laugh-- to keep from crying.


  9. Oh, but I was defeated in the battle..

    Sharing a video that captures the spirit of holding one's illusions until they shatter-- . the video uploaded to You Tube is also a sample of how I have survived the loss of my nursing career-- More time to explore artistic means for expressing strong negative emotions- with my grandkids

  10. anon8109 Member

    You have put your finger on the heart of the problem.

    An expert on the matter, Steve Hassan has written that in order to escape from an abusive organization a victim needs a safe place to land. Everyone needs someone in their lives who serves as a safe person to go to when they need emotional respite from the world, be it a parent, a spouse, a close family member, or a best friend.
    It's a basic human need to have a person in our lives who plays the role of a loving protector. Cults use various methods of isolating their members so that the cult itself takes on this protector role. When it is your protector who is abusing you, the only place you can go for comfort is back into your abuser's arms. Being in a cult is often compared to being with an abusive parent or spouse.

    What people who want to leave the cult need most is someone who can play the role of protector, at least for a while. But first they need to realize that they are being abused and should escape for their own good.
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  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Aaron Swartz, his family and friends and even his lawyers knew how suicidal he was. His girlfriend has written about that day, and what he said before. IMHO the U.S. government killed him but not that they placed the last noose around his neck.

  12. >> Another angle comes to mind. The hook itself is worth exploring-- the benefits, self perfection and eventual material gain that are attributed to the unique methods of CSI, and other cults -even the lay organization of the Buddhism I practice, the SGI USA,- which is ,ironically, based on teachings that should have made it impossible for the community of believers to morph into a cult- did evolve in less than 50 years into a brain washing, thought police , authoritarian - cult.

    Did some amazing expert on the secret teachings of L.Ron Hubbard actually DO something for any of the members who post their testimonials on you tube-- or grant interviews to correct the *slander* these members say is an outrageous attack on a legitimate religion? The greater the personal reward or gain, the more willing people are to attribute it directly to the organization. This fallacy, I see at the root of all successful evil empires . People, no matter how capable or successful they actually do become in these unequal, dependency based relationships, almost never stop to consider that what they achieved was and will continue to be a matter of their own human potential. Even in the SGI USA, there are thousands of lemmings , who will not question the authority of leaders -- even though the actual teaching, the writing of the founder Nichiren Daishonin, compel them to do so! The members are intimidated into believing they will lose their benefits if they -- for all intents and purposes, actually practice according to the teachings. Its a clever manipulation of already difficult to believe and difficult to understand doctrines-- and a strong component of actual proof being the wealth. power and success of the leaders-- . Only when a member decides no way could this leader be my benefactor, viewing him or her as a liar for saying so-- can that member break free and discover the actual truth of this Buddhism- it is always and only about one's own practice and faith-- . A key google hit anyone here could have discovered is my direct attack on the hypocrisy of SGI Boston-. around 1999, I think. It was a comment I made on a forum that was organizing SGI USA members into a group who wanted to reform this religious organization before it became a full fledged cult--, "Victorious America" was the name of the group-- That post of mine and connection with another group "The Independent Reassessment Group" got me ex-communicated from an organization whose mission is supposed to be about proving that every person is worthy of respect, has inherent dignity-- Now, SGI USA is excluding dissidents and intimidating members is their major focus. The SGI USA is a wealthy organization-- using its *magic powers* for the sake of maintaining and increasing the wealth of its leaders. The reform oriented groups splintered off into small gatherings of believers who supported each others correct practice - efforts to educate lemmings have all but disappeared. I consistently confront the outrageous behavior of the leaders here-- although my venue is small, I consider it part of my duty to NOT remain silent.

    We live in a culture that was designed to spawn lemmings. We cower before authority and seek a protector that we are taught is always going to be an authority figure , because we are taught to do this. We fear being isolated from the group, believing we cannot survive alone. All of this is clearly shown to be the basis for our mandated education system. Aaron Swartz read "The Underground History of American Education " (John Taylor Gatto) when he was 14. I read it when I was 58. He was positioned within our culture to stir up a true revolution- showing as he did the benefits of learning on one's own timetable and interests, he evolved into a global citizen that could connect and rectify the most fundamental false teaching we are enslaved by. More dangerous because he connected to the youth who could - and I believe, will reorient humans to their own, basic, innate potential.
    There is where the true power resides-- and those who wield it best pose the biggest threat to our government .

    CCHR is to CSI, what the top leaders of SGI USA are to Nichiren Buddhism. They serve as a front, marketing altruism and portraying virtues that make it pretty tough to expose their true self serving nature. I made the mistake of believing that Kevin Hall, like me, was striving to fulfill a noble mission; that like me, he had developed a way to tune out the personal attacks that always accompany these endeavors-- . My mistake was assuming the teachings of SCI were in the same *difficult to believe and difficult to understand* category that I knew Nichiren Buddhism to be-- and most important to my erroneous conclusions about him, was pretty obvious: I had not studied the basis and basic teachings/pracitces of Scientology.

    Sorry to be so long-- but I want to make clear, that it is timing- the issues around the corruption within psychiatry and it's destruction of children that have galvanized relationships between medical professionals more prestigious than me, and CCHR.
    David Healy, for example, will not likely even care about the religious affiliations of anyone who is bold enough to speak out-- .

    I think that making the central issue psychiatry, is a mistake- at this juncture at least. CCHR will look brilliant to the growing number of opponents to biomedical psychiatry and its unholy alliance with the wealthiest industry on the planet. Focusing on CCHR's intent for engaging on the front lines of this battle for human rights is also pretty damn difficult-- many will say they really don't care about anyone's personal motives-- the cause has become so strongly rooted in protecting kids. I know dozens of very strong advocates who work with CCHR - under the radar and never openly saying they are doing it. Which, of course, strengthens CCHR's appearance of being on the right side, as they do tend to use quite a bit of compelling insider information in their publications. ( I now know how this was achieved by CCHR historically- thanks to Disambiguation challenge, I discovered that CCHR was self promoting- no independent verification of their efforts early on in the litigation against Eli Lilly. )

    Errors in my premise appeared in my conclusion-- This is a always the case-- We start from what we believe to be true and right in this moment-- How hard we fight against attacks on our core beliefs is a matter of how attached we are to them. My experience over 2 decades has been that when I am downright miserable, I have to look at what delusion I am attached to--. I did that here when I felt like I had ice picks in my skull --I had to question my original premise-- and when I did, I began to feel --better.

    Not sure what strategy to employ to discredit CCHR-- but I can offer those of you working on that a little bit of advice. Psychiatry, as a main topic and focus is * a hook*. If you swallow the bait, you veer off track , which is the confusion CCHR uses to keep themselves out of trouble, and able to secure underground assistance-- that strengthens their credibility.

    Yeah-- never underestimate the use of *hooks*-- They appear in the strangest places, offering bait that is damn hard to resist.
    It may be purely human nature to swallow bait, but it is also possible to endure the pain of freeing oneself from the hook--. WE have to assist and support each other, so that each of us realizes the treasure that is our own life.

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  13. >> My review of the statements of his current and former girlfriend, family, new attorney and Larry Lessig- who perhaps knew him best, is they were not aware he was suicidal. In the documentary, "The Internet's Own Boy" you hear even his brother, Noah, say
    " None of this makes sense--" His lawyer talks about new and very promising dtrategies-- even says he was confident Aaron would be cleared of the felony charges. Larry Lessig breaks down three days after Aaron's death on "Democracy Now"- saying he had no idea Aaron was *there*- at a point of total hopelessness and helplessness. He states he didn't send an upbeat email- had seen Aaron the week before, and was planning to see him the next week. Current girlfriend says that she cannot correlate any of Aron's behavior during their relationship with *warning signs* of severe depression- or suicidallity.

    What is most compelling to me, is that there was only evidence- strong evidence of Aaron's defiance and resilience. Only the actual day of his death, did his girlfriend say that he was lethargic, aloof- I wonder, "maybe medicated?"

    There is no doubt that the stress he was under was palpable and had frightening implications for his life. But Aaron had never shown signs of being self destructive-- nor did he portray any sign of hatred or animosity that correlates with violent acting out. Remember, suicide is murder--it is the opposite of valuing life. Hard for me to imagine such a hellish life condition overtook him on one single day and he impulsively acted on it. Though that is the only scenario that I can see as a possible one for suicide. If true-- it was a single from in hundreds of reels of his life that does not fit the plot and them of the film.

    There is more evidence for the problems soon to be facing the prosecution-- and maybe it was intensified by Aaron's being credited for defeating SOPA. The evidence of violations of Aaron's constitutional rights by MIT were about to be revealed-- and the sure to follow public outrage over a felony verdict could not be completely dismissed. This would have been unbearable- across the board, a turning of the tides- no different than SOPA had been, but with much more serious implications. Talk about breaking scandal on the corruption of American institutions and our own government-- This was the Ace of Spades. Seen from this perspective and having seen the MO of Harvard's Child Psychiatry (institution), I don't doubt that his death would be viewed as the only means for protecting *the greater good*. I find more evidence supporting a murder than a suicide-- but ultimately don't think carrying this forward is productive.

    I see the best way of honoring Aaron Swartz and properly crediting him for how far he got - personally, meaning the target that was painted on his back, is to advance in the same spirit he had and with the same courage to *open access*. I think making public outcries about his having been murdered by our government, itself-- is a baited hook-- . It is a matte more likely to be a tool for discrediting those who saw him clearly and treasured him. I am not about to swallow this bait, but will engage in thoughtful exchange of ideas on the subject.

    As you probably know, psychiatrists have to admit they cannot predict a suicide or homicidal tendencies in someone with no prior history of acting out violently. People who present with chronic suicidal thoughts and gestures, almost never commit suicide-- though they are in great need of care and support. I offer an opinion here that is not based on the shaky knowledge base of psychiatry on this sues, but my own experience with losing significant others to suicide and my beliefs about specific aspects of their state of life - as already mentioned.

    The only role psychiatry does play in the sudden, impulsive- and nearly always violent suicides of young people who never gave the impression they could act violently against themselves or others, is the careless prescribing of antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs that have been linked to these horrific, unexpected losses of their young patients. Could Aaron have been taking one of these drugs-- knowingly or otherwise? Maybe. In my experience and in my mind, that is the only accounting for his having hanged himself-- which, by the way, is the method most used by the group I described-- . A group of gifted young people, prescribed SSRIs and antipsychotic drugs- impulsively ending their lives by violent means-- leaving nary a clue-- no note, no good bye's .

    I have seen no statements reflecting any encounter with psychiatry- so, I go back to thinking, he was murdered- Making it appear to be suicide --- for very easy to understand motives.

  14. ? Suicide ? Aaron Swartz. Short answer.

    It is impossible to know how Aaron really felt about the circumstances around his being under Federal Indictment for 2 years.. The actual circumstances were partially revealed in the documentary- as well as the approach his attorney was strategizing to address many of the circumstances that would have been favorable for his case. This all being hashed out after his death-- just means we cannot know how Aaron really viewed his predicament.

    I note there was no single person close to Aaron, attorneys included, with whom he could share ALL of what he thought and felt during those two years. Aaron naturally protected the two young women with whom he shared intimacy from details of the actual case. Who knew him best? Only Aaron could answer that question. My point is that each person speaking from close contact with Aaron is sharing a piece of the puzzle. The puzzle being, his risk for suicide. There is enough information shared from these few sources close to Aaron, to speculate that he had reason to feel hopeless and defeated. Add to that, he was deprived of the freedom to connect fully-- with even one other person. That could have been the last straw? Again, only speculation- that is now framed as the prelude to suicide.

    But we'll never know what Aaron would have shared if had not been gagged. We don't know his take on what is now well known about the multiple missteps that reflect misuse of prosecutors' powers. - State and Federal. We don't know important information about the evidence that grounded the prosecutors' case and supported their actions - State and Federal. Aaron and those most closely involved on his behalf were gagged. The case never went to trial. End of story?

    Who really had the most to lose if this case went to trial?

    Who's to say that Aaron was not anticipating another victory like defeating SOPA ? or even another display of what *the people* can do in protest of injustice? Was he really a burden to those who were sacrificing their time, energy and financial resources for him? or was he about to give them all a windfall return for their investment? WHAT was his mindset apt to be-- given his idealism and history for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?

    We are left speculating about Aaron's last moments -- but there is no doubt that the actions of State and Federal Prosecutors and MIT reflect "depraved indifference for human life"-- "depraved heart murder" Second degree murder-- at the very least.

    How does secrecy, or the power to disconnect a citizen from all reasonable means of support, comfort and protection, fit into this agonizing , unsolvable mystery?

    I think it is at the very heart of the matter.

  15. O.O!!!!!!!! OMG I am a victim of this shit in the USA. My mom thinks I am crazy, even though I have recovered, because I won't take the pills! She and my father have cut me off from their family and friends and I will soon be homeless. I will post more later and try to get dox, but I have zero resources because of them. I know the name of my Psych if anyone wants to know, but I have to go home now as I am on a library computer. I THOUGH I WAS ALONE! T___T (<----Tears of Relief)
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You'll have to read the entire thread tho- the people this nurse thought were supporting her in her battle against a totalitarian hospital were part of a cult. She realized that. Her opinions about the hospital are still the same, she just recognized this cult was using her to fight a different battle.
  17. Missfit Member

    This sounds like much more of a personal issue with your family than one with your doctors. Unless you are under 18 or committed to a facility and have a court order to take medication, nobody can make you take it. If your parents are willing to cut you off because you won't take medication then you need to pick yourself up by your boot straps and figure out how to deal with it. This doesn't mean I am on your parents side, I don't know you or your background, for all I know your parents are bat shit insane. If that's the case, you are better off cutting them off and finding your own way through life, at least for now.
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  18. Well my situation is sans-cult, and I can understand how that wouldn't be at all a good way to go about stopping a corrupt facility, but if I had the money I'd still want to press charges to the end. The Hospital I was at is a Children's hospital which is sketchy enough, but despite hundreds of studies saying children need affection at difficult ages, this place had a no touch rule in place for both staff and kids. There was no one you could as for a hug! No one was a loud to give hand shakes or high-fives. Kids came up with the Air-Hug and the Air-five to compensate for the lack of sensation and encouragement. If that's not some kind of messed up social experiment, then The Dr. at this place is just a sick depraved man with a M.D. and a Ph. D.
  19. Well I could go into detail but it might take up all my time at the library computer. However, I will say my mother tried to get custody of me at 18 but she went to the local town court instead of the required court a few towns away. I recently found out that it's only in the few towns away court that you can get custody of an adult child. So she's been faking she's had custody of me for YEARS.

    Your other point -that no one can make me take meds- is true legally, but have you ever been in the System? They have some pretty messed up ways to get you to do what they want. I've had my human rights infringed upon: Once the Group Home where I had one of two one person apartments, had a "Social worker" come and they complained to her for hours about me priming her, then she finally saw me and I was angry I hadn't gotten to see her and complain about what the hospital did to me first, so i was kind of loud and was speaking quickly. I had a feeling I'd only get to talk to her for a few minutes, Try FIVE! She stopped me, told me she's "seen enough" and read all the rights they were taking away (like putting a security system on my door so they'd know when I left). I refused to let her see me ever again and when they got me a new one I refused to see her too until they proved to me it was a different one.

    I spent the next few years trying to find a different way out of the apartment. The one door was wired and the window screens wouldn't lift, they were stuck in place. If I took them out I wouldn't be able to get them back in. Eventually I studies the alarm and figured out if I stuck that blue Mounting Puddy they'd given me because I wasn't allowed to use tacks into the mechanism, it wouldn't be able to tell if the door was closed or open. A year or two later someone noticed it and took it out while I was away. I caught them at it on my return but wisely said nothing. Then I got up the nerve to late at night simply opened the mechanism on the door frame with my tools dad had given me (good old stupid dad, he thought I was actually moving into a real house and gave me tools as if I was a real 22 year old) and cut the wire! It worked! It wasn't until like THREE years later I heard the story of how one night the alarm started going off in the house and wouldn't stop. (It was also then that I heard exactly how what seemed to me to be a silent alarm, worked.)

    They thought I was so dumb, they never figured out I had cut the wire so I could have my human right -of coming and going as I pleased- back. And that's just ONE horror story. The Last Horror story from them is that they kicked me out of my Shared Living Arrangement, without preparing anything else to house me, because I got off my pills. They made me homeless over pills that were making me sicker. I was on four other pills that were for physical aliments, now I have none of the aliments, since getting off the Psych pills. All four of the things I was taking the physical pills for were thought to be incurable, as in i was supposed to take these pills for the rest of my life.

    As for your last point, I live in RI, and i have been on my own for the last three years. All that Time I have been trying to get a job... unsuccessfully. As far as rational explanations are concerned, The only consistent reason I can see for every single job I have asked about being suddenly unavailable or despite the sign in the window saying the opposite of "Not Hiring" is Bias. Whether it's Age Bias (That girl is too old/too young not to have a job, something must be wrong with her) Gender Bias (I'd rather have a guy working here) Oddity Bias (Why is she biking when she is old enough to drive / Dressed in long shorts when hoochy mama hot pants are in fashion / Singing or recording dialog while she walks / Has colorful braids in her hair / is far to friendly/far to bold for someone like her, something must be wrong with her) I can't tell you. I can tell you it's Impossible to pull myself up by my boot straps in RI.

    However I have sent letters of introduction to some places out of state and I heard back I will be getting a reply. So here is hoping for a good old fashioned Pagan Miracle! :D
    (My mom is Roman Catholic and my Dad is Baptist so if a regular miracle happens it will be for them to be able to harm me again and not for me to escape the state...if you believe in that sort of thing. :p )

    Thank you for your insight, and I am sorry I didn't provide more details. If you'd like to know more, please add me. If you want and we can exchange IM's.
    (I think I saw this board has those.)

  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We have PMs -Private Messages
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    Xã Trung Nghĩa dog đ ( c * 9 ể
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    Xã Khánh Sơn dog u ! ệ â 0 ê

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