Katlyn Hunt-accused of felony charges of statuary rape

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by trippyhippo, Nov 14, 2013.

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    She is a pedophile.
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    My children are older but when they were 18 they knew not to date 14 year olds. The "True Love" aspect of this is a common pedophile excuse.
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    Although I concur, she has indeed broken the law and should receive a punishment. I do believe that a one size fits all approach offering no latitude in sentencing is not ideal. Labelling this girl a pedophile, while impressively dramatic, is only true as a technicality. Not all children of seventeen are as well informed and mature as your own. No one case is ever the same. The latitude I am proposing should work both ways in sentencing phase only. This latitude in sentencing would allow a fully informed judge to apply harsher sentencing to the most repugnant of pedophiles while perhaps taking a more understanding approach in cases such as this. To me nothing in life is ever perfectly black or white, I would encourage the judiciary to apply common sense and see the shades of grey across the full spectrum. Please note the difference between the trial and penalty phases.

    Believing as I do does not make me a pedophile nor a pedophile apologist,
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    [quote="Anonymous, post: 2385487, member: 10537"

    Believing as I do does not make me a pedophile nor a pedophile apologist,[/quote]
    Agreed and I never suggested it.

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