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    Until she finds another that is an even better pussy & ass licker.... she just hasn't had the chance yet. Life is like a box of chocolates.... :)
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    Kay Milasinovich Rowe has published something new on her blog. Here's the middle of it:

    My Appeal to Friends and Fellow Scientologists

    Originally written in early July 2012. Revisions in italics.

    Although I was very reluctant to dig in and research, holding tightly to my firmly held, “loyal Church member” viewpoint, I finally realized I was operating contrary to my own beliefs and demands on my fellows (adherence to the Creed of the Church, On Personal Integrity, Code of Honor, Code of a Scientologist and The Way to Happiness). Thus began my search for truth by confronting the very things that had been plaguing me and not confronted as outnesses for years.

    However, before I could even proceed, I had to wade through a sea of what turned out to be falsehoods regarding many individuals who had “disaffected”. (I had gotten this from the Freedom Magazine article shown to me at the end of my routing-out of the Sea Org experience. This was intended to “Dead Agent” the infamous St. Pete Times- “Truth Rundown” article where many criminal activities directly involving David Miscavige were exposed)

    Surprise! Hardly any were anti-LRH, anti-Scientology or anti-Standard Tech. On the contrary, I found the vast majority to be very dedicated, true-blue Scientologists. Factual, documented outrageous abuses that would hold up in a court of law and in fact did hold up in the case of Debbie Cook were what tipped the scales in most of their cases.

    My search for truth continued following the chain of things that made no sense to me, i.e. I could not figure for the life of me where all the high echelon terminals that I had a great deal of admiration for had vanished. Mr. Heber Jentzsch (former Pres CSI), Mr. Guilleme Leserve (former ED INT), Mr. Ray Mithoff (former Snr C/S Int), Mr. Marc Yager (former CO CMO INT), Mr. Mark Ingber (former Senior Executive at the Int Base), Karen Hollander (former IMPR), Diana Hubbard (former Div 6es Exec Int and the only family member of the Founder who is allegedly still actively supporting the Church, Ron Sr. (long-term Gold Crew - David. Miscavige’s father) and Ron Jr. Miscavige (former Marketing Exec Int - David’s brother), Shelly Miscavige - David’s wife, Russ Bellin - (former CO CST and the on, due to the checks and balance system put in place by LRH before he departed, could have busted David Miscavige and relinquished the rights of RTC. He is also the brother of Janna Trevisanut-who was one of my best friends until this stance) Janet Light (former CO CMO GOLD and former President IASA), Rena Weinberg - (former President of ABLE International), Kurt Wieland - (former CO OSA INT), Angie Blankenship - (former WDC SCN), let alone Exec Strata and the Eval Corps. Also add, Greg Hughes (former WDC WISE) and his wife, Debbie (former Int Mgmt Staff), Ron Norton (former CO FCB) Tommy Davis - (former High Profile Spokesperson for the Church) and Jessica Feshback Davis - (Katie Holmes assigned auditor, chaperone and friend).

    I wish I could say that I found the “Independents” to be spreading a pack of lies. That would have been so much easier to confront. However, it was quite the opposite. It was very much a case of “the pot (Church) calling the kettle (the “Independents”) black.” So, despite being biased in favor of the Church, I sided with the Independents. How so? The person assigned to handle me exhibited such glaring outnesses with LRH references obviously taken out of context, an absolute avoidance of answering many legitimate questions (that he referred to as “weird” ), even resorting to sending me to a bogus website where I found verified false affidavits (quite in addition to the two he showed me), ridiculous Suppressive Person Declares- that he admitted were kept under lock and key and not even sent to the “offender” to prevent libel and slander suits, and an insistence that even if I did not go public with my disavowal of David Miscavige, I would still be declared a Suppressive, i.e I had no right to my own thoughts, let alone speaking out!

    That said, as a point of integrity, while remaining a dedicated Scientologist, I hereby announce that after a very thorough independent research I agree that the Church, under the leadership of David Miscavige has gone off the purposes, policies and most, if not all other points of the Admin Scale based on the source references from our Founder, L Ron Hubbard.

    I want to make it clear, however, that I am not resigning from Scientology. But, I am most certainly withdrawing my support of any terminals that I do not trust and their programs, particularly and especially Mr. David Miscavige.

    More at
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    Needed: an up-to-date indexed list of the supposed directors of Scientology's hordes of dummy corporations. There are so many people gone, dead, blown, locked up who were directors on paper of those shell corporations.

    There might be opportunities there. (Depending on government agencies actually doing their jobs, I know, high hopes.)
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    One of her replies to a commenter:
    I smell another book in the works :)
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  7. fishypants Moderator


    Could be better, but still good.

    Let's hope that "I'm An Indie Scientologist Now" is just a step on the way to "Oh Dear, It Was A Load Of Bollocks All Along" for her and others.


    These resignation letters all seem very long, wordy and passive-aggressive to me. And she needs to word-clear "disaffected" - I think it's a malapropism for "defected".
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  8. RolandRB Member

    It seems she was a major IAS Fundraiser now turned whistleblower so that is good news. If these major IAS donors found out that 99% of their money ended up in reserves, not helping Scientology, then they would be upset.
  9. I've donated over 50 million and I will continue to donate more, the more money in reserve the better.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    It's not permitted to get upset in Scientology, particularly if it's with the Midget Pope. That's a one way ticket to a slew of questions, variations on "what are your crimes?".
  11. Anonymous Member

    lol Bob
  12. jensting Member

    you gotta "flow power to power." Really.. Read aaaall about it in Vance Woodward's book.
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    Can you throw some toward WWP's monthly costs? We're a little short this month being the holidays and all.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Actually, she's chosen her friends pretty well. Most of the people she mentioned haven't been out that long but are adjusting very well to real life, feet on the ground, focused on family, college educations for kids, that sort of thing - not worrying about the Bridge.
  15. Anonymous Member

    And you know this . . . how?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Facebook friends. Know them personally.
  17. Anonymous Member

    New information from ESMB:
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I don't see it.

    I've reviewed the above website, as well as her Linked In page, , and they don't contain even veiled references to the "Tech," her history in Scientology, her accomplishments in Scientology, or her reputation in Scientology.

    It is about as "clean" of resume one can come up with after spending a lifetime in Scientology -- which can be a real problem.

    If she intended to market to Indies, or based on her reputation in Scientology, I doubt she would say, "For all intents and purposes I am no longer a Scientologist."

  20. Anonymous Member

    You read my post wrong.
    She's trying to separate herself from her past in Scientology for the purposes of not having it sully her business reputation.
    But she can't truly do that, because people will continue to google her and find those posts and other references online.
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  21. Why is it every SO member, particularly those involved with badgering members of their last dime, all become "consultants?" (Debbie Cook & Wayne were "consultants" till they got their hush money) Who the fuck would pay some one, who's judgement is so bad they signed a billion year contract to serve in a dead con man's UFO cult and have zero adult life experience outside of the bizarro world of Scientology, to give them advice?????

    Can't they just get a real job like the rest of the world?
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Finding myself incapable of responding to your post with the thoroughness it deserves, I have summoned a team of consultants.
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  23. natural born bullshitters gotta bullshit
  24. Anonymous Member

    She's going to have problems scrubbing the cult references from her name online.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Maybe she needs a consultant.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Kay's prior and most recent and full resignation letters acknowledged on Marty's blog:
  27. Yes that's Mr. Rowe! She treated me like a piece of shit. Glad she's out! Maybe she can learn to treat others with dignity. Scientology sucks and I hate it! I'm Rick James bitch, consultant extraordinaire!

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