KCMO - March 14th

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    KCMO - March 14th

    Smaller than expected turn out, but lots of honks and fliers handed out. There was musics, dancing and delicious cake. We had a drive-by handling where we were asked if we were the new KKK, and despite any rebuttal we made, the [strike]guy[/strike] Scilon kept repeating over and over that we were just the KKK, spreading hate. There were a couple of Scilons hanging out trying to look inconspicuous, but they were all people we've had experience with before and knew to watch.

    After the raid we went for noms, everything was fine, but I noticed a couple sitting behind us who kept staring at us. I didn't pay much attention at first because I was so hungry, but when it donned on me that they hadn't purchased any food and just sat there, smiling, that something was up. We all had a hive mind acknowledgment and got the fuck out of there. As soon as I pulled out of my parking spot, a gray Volvo pulled out behind me and attempted to follow. Subtly fail. I lost them in a parking lot and we went on about our business. Unfortunately they had plenty of time to memorize what we look like, and at least a couple of us are easily recognizable. They must have overheard us talking about where to eat, which is strange because there wasn't anyone in ear shot that looked suspicious.

    Now I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs until I get my C&D. XD

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