Keeping the Protests Focused (KPF? :p)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by IBoughtADog, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. IBoughtADog Member

    Keeping the Protests Focused (KPF? :p)

    Just a suggestion I have after watching some of the protests videos circling the net. It seems to me that not all the protesters completely understand why we're here, how to conduct themselves, and what info needs to be spread.

    We've made tons of pamphlets for handing out to the public and plenty were already available online. We've put a lot of time into getting the word out and planning our message.

    What we don't have is a nice 1-page pamphlet telling the protesters what they need to know. The people that frequent these forums know what's up; they know the real goal of these protests, the many different problems with the Co$, and I'm confident would be prepared to face any challenges or questions at the protests.

    However, I'm quite certain a considerable number of people that are going to be at the protests won't have done their homework. They might be there with the wrong message (protesting against the beliefs of Scientology instead of the actions of the Co$), they might not know even the basic protesting tips, and they might be woefully uninformed about the Co$ and have nothing constructive to add if asked about it by the public. It'd be great if everyone took the time to read all the info here and on the net before going to a protest, but everyone here knows that won't be the case.

    The best way to prepare for this, in my opinion, is to make a short 1-page handout that can be distributed by the people that know what's up. It should contain a brief explanation of the goals of the protest, the rules/tips for protesting, and a condensed list of the crimes of the Co$.

    The handout should be customized to fit the individual ordinances of the location of that protest (for example, no masks; rules on noise, etc).

    I think if one of these was handed to each protester before the actual protests begin it would go a long way in making sure everyone was there with the right message and stayed legal.
  2. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    I concur. At this point, we have the numbers as far as people go - now we need to tighten up the "operation" to avoid as much as possible leaks, mistakes, bad pr, and other not-so-niceties.
  3. AnonyTsunami Member

    Maybe on the back an acceptable slogan could be printed, in case they brought an unacceptable one. or none at all. I think that's killing 2 birds with one stone.
  4. IBoughtADog Member

    Yeah, I'm really weary of people with anything like "Honk if you hate Sciontology" or the like.

    Perhaps when this is completed it can be distributed online 2 days or so before the protests so people can change their posters, if needed.
  5. Re: Keeping the Protests Focused (KPF? :p)
    points to

    which says:
    I don't know if anybody has it on PDF handout format for fellow raiders
  6. IBoughtADog Member

    Oh, I know the info is here on these forums. But that doesn't help the people that show up Feb 10th with barely any real idea of what is going on.
  7. xenuftagn Member

    That's a good point. I know the rules are getting posted on raid-specific boards, as well, but having copies with us at the protest might be a good idea.
  8. That's not a bad sign. "Honk if you think Scientology is a cult" or "Honk against the Cult of $cientology" is better though.

    Really, we don't don't have to be anal about every detail being perfect. A short slogan is better even if it's not exactly accurate. Is some slogan could be interpreted as we hate Freezone as much as CoS, then it's not a huge deal. As long as people bring signs that make some kind of sense, that's great!
  9. IBoughtADog Member

    The reason signs like that would be a big deal is because you can bet that any media coverage would focus on the bad signs instead of the good ones.
  10. anonEmouser Member

    As I've mentioned before:

    1) extra materials for those...not as well prepared
    2) print out 50 copies of the "rules" for those that show up
    3) print out bunch of fliers and have one that might otherwise be tl;dr for passersby--this one is for people who seem genuinely interested in learning more on the spot and for passing around to the anonymous who...haven't done as much research. It gives them at least one talking point in case they get asked something.
  11. Halle Lidner Member

    Newbie here, but I'll give my two cents on the honking thing.

    I think the honking thing can be incredibly powerful -- if you watch many of Mark Bunker's protest videos, you'll see instances where the OSA chumps actually flinch when a bunch of people honk or someone yells something out a window. I do agree with the potential problems of their being a negative message though.

    What about something like "Honk if you think knowledge should be free"? I wish I could think of something positive which also had "Scientology" in the wording, though.
  12. xenuftagn Member

    "Honk for free speech" or "honk for freedom of information" or "honk if you think salvation should be free" or "honk for the 1st amendment" all come to mind.
  13. Atomosk Member

    I'll print out the 22 rules for the Austin protest.

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