Keith Raniere & NXIVM: Scientology connections?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by beret, May 7, 2009.

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    Keith Raniere & NXIVM: Scientology connections?


    Anywho, up here in Albany we've got this dude named Keith Raniere. He used to be a vitamin salesman (!) and the runner of a giganto pyramid scheme. But now... he's CHANGED!

    He's all about good business solutions, and runs a group called NXIVM (pronounced NEXium, faggots, because he's SUPERCOOL!) that has been accused of cultlike behavior. They're pretty litigious, and have sued individuals who claim they are a cult, including Rick Ross, because all the cool kids are doing it.

    While he has been compared to Scientology, I'm wondering if there aren't any deeper connections. According to Cult News, Scientology has given him some help with his lawsuits in the past. While this was, indeed, almost six years ago, I'm highly skeptical that Scientology helps out some dude who has some scientology-like beliefs and practices and doesn't demand anything in return.

    But then, I only heard about this dude 'cause he brought the Dalai Lama over and people were all upset because he's a huge toolbag and kinda sketchy to boot.

    So, anyone know any more about this douche? Some of his rhetoric is awfully Scientologese, and most of it is the scilon crap I really find abhorrent.

    Is he just a thief? Is he just following ye olde cult model? Or is he actually involved with Scientology to some degree? How did he pay back Nancy O'Meara and Scientology for helping him?

    Intrigued anonymous is intrigued.
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    Re: Keith Raniere & NXIVM: Scientology connections?

    times union
    Ex-NXIVM student: 'I think it's a cult'
    By JAMES M. ODATO Capitol Bureau
    Published: 05:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 7, 2010
    Ex-NXIVM student: 'I think it's a cult' - Times Union

    NXIVM on a losing streak? September 18, 2003 ::
    Cult NXIVM on a losing streak?

    a separate ruthless cult with a few similarities to Scientology ..

    Scilon ties in the past w/ Scientologist Nancy O'Meara, was CAN's treasurer and office manager
  4. Nvs

    Nexium sounds exactly like Scientology including giving courses on suppressives, asking for collateral, sleep deprivation, flips, suing critics, sleep deprivation, love bombing, it becoming a full time job for which you are not paid, salvation just around the corner with the next class, ontological security, engineered epiphanies, multi level marketing scam, etc

    And Nancy O’Meara, former Scion , being revealed as Nexium treasurer is just too damn close for comfort. Makes you wonder about other “route outs” on this list like Ridner who like Mary demoss (now going by Mary Von breck, Mary duiker, Mary panton) moved to Colorado. You know Ridner is back in and most around Mary duiker demoss panton don’t believe her or her mother, also in Colorado, are out. Think Scientology has just found a way to scam people under a new brand. Dissemenators keep spreading false rumors about Ridner and Demoss/Von Breck/ duiker/panton bring out, but they aren’t. Wonder like O’Meara what scams we will hear about these players being in.

    A Canadian podcast called Uncover escaping Nexium is interesting to listen to and really solidified how close the Nexium script is to Scientology.
  5. John P. Member

    I hadn't seen this thread with posts from 2009-2010 about Nxivm. Would have saved me a lot of work if I had. From what I have read recently, the Nxivm doctrine is a mashup of some ideas from Scientology, some from Landmark Education and some from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Nancy Salzman, the #2 in the group, was trained in NLP.

    I just wanted to point out that I have written a couple of posts on Nxivm this year on my blog, at Most compare Nxivm to Scientology on various fronts.

    There's not a lot of Nxivm material on the Web the way there is with Scientology documents... I don't think Nxivm was ever big enough (probably 600-800 active members before the implosion began last year) to have much demand for leaked documents or for there to have been enough disaffected members to leak stuff. Anyway, check out the blog posts at the link above for some thoughts on the similarities.
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