Khamenei Fires Ahmadinejad’s Deputy; Ahmadinejad Fights Back

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  1. WitteKr Member

    Thu, 23 Jul 2009 09:25:41 GMT
    "Amid a continued political controversy in Iran over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's first vice presidential pick, cabinet members engage in a verbal quarrel with the president over his insistence on the choice.
    The quarrel broke out at Wednesday's cabinet meeting between President Ahmadinejad and the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad-Hossein Saffar-Harandi.
    Despite a reported call by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution advising the president to reverse his decision in appointing Rahim-Mashaei as his top deputy, Ahmadinejad insisted that Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaei would serve as the vice president.
    Following President Ahmadinejad refusal to reverse the decision, Saffar-Harandi left the meeting of cabinet members, Ayandehnews reported on Wednesday."

    In Iran VP row, cabinet clashes with Ahmadinejad
  2. Ray Murphy Member

    Ray: He still needs to find someone to swear him in on inauguration day - otherwise he will be nothing.

    MEMG: IRAN: Mousavi praises protests says he will "lay groundwork for a large-scale social movement"

    "A senior cleric on Wednesday issued a fatwa,
    or religious edict, encouraging Iranian officials
    to skip Ahmadinejad's inauguration in early August, [..]
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    Well if Ahmadinnerjacket is not sworn in, he won't need a VP.
  4. Are you saying he doesnt have the technical requisites to get sworn in (majles)?
    Or that he doesn't have the social, moral support that adds legitimacy to a swearing in (clerics, key figures, etc)?

    He clearly has the former. He is pretty weak on the latter.

    But he will be OFFICIALLY sworn in, without any problems.
  5. Bagdad Bob is swearing him in.
  6. Ray Murphy Member

    It won't count unless Bagdad Bob makes him swear on a stack of phantom comics.
  7. Visionary Member

    Ahmadinejad and Mashaei’s Close Bond Shows No Signs of Weakening � niacINsight
    Whew...that was good for a laugh.
  8. Visionary Member

    Report: Senior cleric issues fatwa against VP selection -

    (I think this is the same guy who was criticizing IRIB according to Night Owl's latest not sure we should get too excited about it)
  9. Nichol Member

    Out Boratting Borat?

    So the problem with Mashaie is that he was jew-friendly enough to say that he and some people in Israel might conceivably be(come) friends, or something along that line?

    Just too much in line with 'throw the jew in the well'.

    .. but this causes Ahmedi trouble so we're supposed to enjoy this joke.

    Surreal. :confused:
  10. Visionary Member

    That and the fact that he's the father of one of Ahmadi's sons in law.

    Oh and in line with that...there is this:
    Pedestrian � Blog Archive � Meet Esfandiyar
  11. Nedjarsan Member

    Does it really mater if he gets sworn in ?

    What he wants to do if, and it looks like it now, the civil disobidiance continues.

    If the majority keeps on with resistance what he wants to do ?
  12. Voters Union Member

    I scanned through the posts but didn't immediately find any direct reference to the following:

    From the Iranian constitution (some strange translation, seems a bit dodgy, but anyway, my bolding):

    So provided chaos prevails the first deputy might indeed be quite important.


  13. Nedjarsan Member

    just a fake

    Think of this:

    Could it be possible that Ahmadinotting announced that guy because he knew that the hardliners do not agree;
    Could be another helpless try to regain some ppls.
  14. It is of little interest, the games Khamenei and Adhadinejad play and try to come up with.

    Nobody cares anymore. A little while and they won't matter anymore. (actually this has already happened). They are empty shells....
  15. At the time of the greatest challenge to the Islamic Republic since its inception (due to popular uprising) a public show of division in the establishment doesn't seem like a good plan.. That's why I doubt this is an intentional public show. That said, I'm sure there's more than meets the eye in this and we'll have to wait and find out what the hell is really going on...
  16. Visionary Member

    I just noticed the title. Does that mean he was A leader, or are they saying that he was THE leader of the revolution. Or is this just another way of saying "the person currently in charge of Iran".
  17. im not sure what you mean. its translation of rahbar. i dont think anything should be read in to this
  18. sorry, rahbar-e inghalab translates as 'leader of the revolution'
  19. Visionary Member

  20. JohnDoe Moderator

    And who therefore is the unelected dictator in Iran!
  21. This may cost Ahmadinejad any supporters he had who weren't die-hard khamenei supporters (i.e. people who for some reason thought he was somewhat independent of them), if there were any such supporters..
  22. there would be miniscule, if any at all
  23. JohnDoe Moderator

    It's ok, they can just either photoshop them in, or print new voting papers:D
  24. anybody else here think rahim-ashaei looks a little like mr bean?
  25. atmasabr Member

    Not if he gets the Republican Guard to launch a coup.
  26. The struggle between the two factions ]the President and his conservative critics with regards to the choice of Vice President directly reflects what has happened during the presidential elections. If the conservative critics are forced to accept the President’s choice, it means that a strong and practical effort has been made to convince all the conservative fraction that the 24 million votes associated with the President are real and that the conservative critics must confirm this. However, if the President backs down either in a direct fashion (the President chooses another individual) or indirect fashion (Rahim-Mashai gives up the post voluntarily), it signals that the conservative critics have forced the President and his cabal to comprehend that such a huge number of votes would not have been possible without their active presence, support and good will; therefore the President must concede a considerable amount of power to them.

    That was absolutely cretinous. A fore-gone conclusion (that the President would bend to the will of the Supreme Leader, as that will was expressed a week ago) is framed as some kind of "test," whose inevitable outcome is then spun as corroboration of a favored theory.

    That the President should come to "comprehend" only now that the election was stolen has no substantiation, nor is it even considered that what was "forced" upon "the President and his cabal" might have been acquiescence rather than "comprehension."
  27. JohnDoe Moderator

    He did what????!!!!!!!

    From Press TV

    Despite uproar, Ahmadinejad appoints Mashaei to new job
    Sat, 25 Jul 2009 17:40:59 GMT

    Mashaei, whose daughter is married to Ahmadinejad's son, stepped down as the first vice president on Friday.
    After a weeklong furor amongst Iran's ruling elite over Ahmadinejad's vice president choice, the president appoints the sacked deputy as an advisor and head of the Presidential Office.

    "I appoint you [Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaei], as a faithful and competent figure, as advisor and head of the Presidential Office," Ahmadinejad said in a decree on Saturday.

    According to the decree published on president's website, Ahmadinejad expressed hope Rahim-Mashaei would be successful in serving the great Iranian nation and the Islamic establishment in cooperation with his colleagues.

    Is he really mad????!!!!!!!
  28. He is beginning to remind me of the Black Knight in Monty Python's In Search of the Holy Grail.
  29. maxoud Member

    Now everyone can truly get who has the real power in Iran.
    Ahmadinejad can't even choose his own deputy. He has to be allways the pet of khamenei.
  30. "It's only a flesh wound!" :D
  31. Ray Murphy Member

    Maybe he's seen the chance to become a dictator - (or um... a real President without some puppeteer operating him) now that the Green Movement has shown how irrelevant MOST of the religious guys are to politics.

    I just had a weird thought here. If that IS his game - wouldn't he be elated if the protest movement got behind him to eject religious leaders out of the whole political picture. I mean that would solve HALF the problem.
  32. JohnDoe Moderator

    If his plan to be a real president, then he needs to get himself elected!;)

    And the question is could he do that without the support of the religious leaders?????? I think not!

    But just checking the tweets again and hey ho but apparently Khamini has backed down on Mashayi, and the media have apologized for the letter they printed!!!!
    If anyone can work out what's going on they deserve a medal!

    But just had another thought . . . hopefully it will soon not matter what all this was about cos the whole lot of them will be gone!! (All the way to the Hague!)
  33. Ray Murphy Member

    It sounds like Ahmadinnerjacket is holding about the same number of cards as Rafsanjani at this point.
  34. Apples and oranges.
  35. And the ayatollah wants us to trust this man with nukes? For that matter, the ayatollah wants us to trust him himself with nukes?

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