Khamenei Speech to Parliamentarians June 24 (Excerpts English)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by NiteOwl, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. NiteOwl Member

    These are excerpts from Khamenei's speech to parliamentarians today, June 24 in Tehran. I saw it on the BBC's Persian website and translated it AS QUICKLY and as BEST as I could. Please pass around - NiteOwl

    In a meeting with members of the parliament, Khamenei against defended the elections and said that the Islamic regime and people would at any cost not be forced! He added that in the current situation, he has emphasized the rule of law. He continued to say that if there was no law, then dictatorship will prevail.

    He added that if the law was not followed than things will get complicated, thus, the law must be adhered. He said that if not followed, then the legality of any elections in the future will be questionable.

    He added that the law must pass down from the top down, the people at the top must adhere to the law and if they don't, then the ordinary people cannot be expected to do so.

    He called on the representatives of people in the parliament to cooperate with the government and not make it difficult for them to run society day to day. He added that this doesn't mean the government shouldn't be criticized if it is wrong, but rather if there is anything, it shouldn't be taken up with the government in a 'friendly' way.

    He added that representatives should place the betterment and issues of their respected areas in context with the betterment of the country.
  2. reform Member


    imho, this has been his point all along.

    protesters, follow civil law, get authorised approval -- aka pay the bribes for the approval, so the bribe money can be spent on the homeless to beat up the unauthorised protesters and we can claim your money was handed to you by the CIA for that leaked n-bomb information. luckily, no one has received approval (likely due to the market price not being met, not the lack of CIA funds in their wallets)

    losing candidates, follow canon law, supply your concerns to the 'appropriate' authorities -- aka the political ping pong keeps moving from Qom to/from Tehran so the protest can run out of steam.

    rinse. repeat.
  3. He's trying to be a political genius.
  4. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. The change that the Iranian people (seem to) want cannot be attained through these "legal" and "lawful" channels. Sorry, but that's just not how protests and social movements work. They always move from the bottom to the top, not vice versa.

    The sad thing is the people already tried it, he said there was nothing wrong with the election, then everybody who's taken a statistics course found the election to be compromised. Hell, even Iran's council reported voting irregularities in the tiny sample they took.

    The fact that he's pleading to the people to not make it difficult to "run society day to day" and to return to using the means he can control them under shows that the protests are working.
  5. Try as he might he is failing.

    The only thing he is being is a hypocrit. It is ok for him to order killing and to violate the law but not ok for the people to stand up for their rights and protest the violations of law that he is commiting.

    What bullshit from the ayatolla.

    That bastard needs to die.
  6. donjoe Member

    Don't be a moron, you can't get so many people out in the streets ready to get killed with only a few "jewish lies" posted on Twitter. Get a fucking brain before you start posting.
  7. Red Dawn

    I hate to say it, but the regime will not allow protests to be peaceful. The freedom fighters are going to have to go Red Dawn on their asses. Motorcycles don't roll if you lay spikes. Things like drawing the Basij with a "protest" and then ambushing them from all sides may very well be an option. I don't wish civil war on any country but guerilla type tactics may be a real possibility for success.
  8. This is Iran's religious dictator speaking not someone who actually cares for his people. People know very well about his and Mesbah Yazdi's plans for Iran. That's why even those who were against the republic came out and voted in larege numbers, in support of Mousavi FOR THE REPUBLIC. Even a secmi-democracy is better than this dictator's plans for the country. Do not be fooled. These people are religious nuts. They're thinking of transforming Iran into the Islamic version of the kingdom of heaven on earth. They have killed 100s of thousands of Iranians for ANY reason for the past 30 years. Supporting these people is nothign short of supporting Hitler. If they could kill 8 million, THEY WOULD! They would kill anyone who is not a practicing Muslim, any freedom fighting Iranian, anyone who gets in their way. The Shah though brutal never believed god was on his side. These people are scary. Rigging the elections was only the beginning. Mesbah Yazdi had a pretty open conversation with Ahmadinejad about it. They're ushering in the new era, a much more restricted authoritarian Islamist state. Agreeing with them is immoral!
  9. CurtMonash Member

    Perhaps "shouldn't" was a typo for "should"?
  10. Wow cult goons from Iran sound just like cult goons from America. Eat bitch, that's what your dear leader said.
  11. chlai88 Member

    Kamenei thinks Iranians are stupid

    Khamenei must still think Iranians are as shell-shocked and ignorant today as they are during the chaotic days of the Shah and Khomeini. He is seriously underestimating the more educated youth now especially the women. Does he really expect them to believe the logic behind his justification for his actions ? It is simply a waste of time and energy to even criticize his idiotic speech.
  12. He's got all the hallmarks of a dictator, if it hasn't been obvious enough:

    He's got it right for once. He's breaking Iranian AND Islamic Law himself, and so "dictatorship will prevail". He's committing fraud, war crimes (even if it's technically not war) and crimes against humanity.

    I suspect he's been spawning these words so that he'll be self-justified to deny Iran their elections in future. "I warned you once, I warned you twice and once you've done it again there'll be no mercy." Say again? Warn me about exercising by right to living one's own way of Islam? Get stuffed! He's like a pampered child who's controlling his pet.

    Right on the money. Therefore, hypocrite.

    Ah... so his view of easy running is to have all of his "toys" obey his words. His way of government is to disregard the advice and suggestions of others, because it's going to be his way alone through that labyrinth that will see Iran to a perfect society. So basically, the men below him ain't matter, just tools for him to use to carve out his sandbox.

    As for "friendly way", well, that suggestions box over there sure looks dusty... oh, what's that? You put the keys inside it? So you've been playing with it to see if it could fit in that narrow hairline that you call a "slit"? Go back to kindergarten.

    Many thanks for Self-Proclaimed Supreme Leader, Royal Chief of Iranian Thought Police, Head of Dictatorship Operations, Crown Prince of Darkness and Fear, Captain Bloody Obvious, Khamenai. They're doing just that, only he doesn't realise how mouldy his world looks. Oh wait, he IS the world, so he declared...
  13. donjoe Member

    Chill out, bro, I was replying to a fucktarded post about how it's all a "jewish conspiracy" and which seems to have been deleted in the meantime (which is good).

    Plus I'm not from Iran.

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