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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Eowin, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Eowin Member

    Dear friends,

    On June 24 I wrote to LeaseWeb - the company hosting that terrible Khodkar site. After a stupid little misunderstanding (the blame was mine...), the GREAT guys from LeaseWeb have simply taken the website offline!!! : ) : ) : ) FOREVER!!! : )
    And here's the correspondence we've carried on:

    So, we can draw a conclusion:
    If a pro-government website is hosted outside Iran, we'd better write to its ISP first, instead of trying to disable it. It's easier and it works - every human being will surely understand the good cause of ours, and will surely help! : )

    I've already thanked LeaseWeb. If you want to thank them too, you can do it here : )
  2. gr88iran Member

    YOU ARE GREAT! THANKS! :D (I also thanked them from that page)
    If everyone does the same, DDoS is totally unnecessary!
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    That's a very significant piece of work!
    I was reminded of this old song which hints at how great success can feel sometimes:
    Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is? LYRICS

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  4. Stacy Member

    Great job! I'll drop them a line and thank them also.
  5. Kruge Moderator


    Well done!
  6. brat Member

  7. Great work everyone! Good to see the servers being responsible world citizens!
  8. Pnwed I believe is the correct phraseology.

    Oh and that too...well on occasion anyway...
  9. gr88iran Member

  10. Well Done!
    دمت گرم!

  11. Profit is King.

    For-profit Corporations do not have a soul. Their goal is the amoral quest for satisfying the greed of their shareholders.

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