Kim Jong Un and his special thetan

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    Hubbard said he would come back reincarnated as a politician.
    He died Jan 1986 according to the death certificate.

    Kim Jon Un is a politician.
    He was born Jan 1983 according to official records.

    Un leads a lifestyle that Hubbard could only dream of, and attempted to achieve by trying to take over Rhodesia until he was kicked out.

    Now Hubbard, I mean Un, well it doesn't matter since it's the same thetan, has resumed his habit of surrounding himself with young teenage girls to serve his every personal whim.

    If you are wondering how it's possible that Un is Hubbard reincarnated since Un was born 3 years before Hubbard died, this is an unimportant detail and there are a few possible explanations. (Notice that it's the same month of January for both dates; that can't be a coincidence!)

    For example one or both of the official records could have easily been falsified in order to divert attention away from this so that nobody would realize that Un is Hubbard.

    Another possibility is that Hubbard's thetan is so powerful that it overwhelmed whatever meek thetan had originally inhabited Un's body. Or maybe no thetan had inhabited Un until Hubbard's arrived. There is no law that says that every body must have a thetan immediately at birth. Un's body is so grotesque after all that perhaps no thetan wanted it.

    If you still have doubts, maybe you're an SP. what are your crimes!
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    my penis has been possessed by Hubbards' BT... now I'm impotent. :)
  3. The good side is you won't impregnate anyone with Hubbardy like sperm.

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