Kirstie Alley’s Kansas home vandalized

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Anonymous, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Actress Kirstie Alley’s Kansas home vandalized
  2. veravendetter Member

    I'll apologise, but I'm not taking off my sunglasses.
  3. Anonymous Member

    all that money to get up to OT5, but yet she does not have control over vandalism more than once
    I guess having MEST is out of the question
    Hey Krusty Alien, as for a refund butthead
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  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    It was probably racoons. They smelled all the Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs
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  5. anonamus Member

    You pulled it in, hun. What are your crimes?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if anyone lives there while she is elsewhere.

    Around these parts insurance companies are getting really cranky with people who live somewhere else for extended periods of time, leaving their homes here unoccupied and only occasionally checked upon. With one property I'm familiar with a twice/week check is no longer sufficient; now the property must be checked everyday. I'm glad...the insurance rates for all rise when absentee property owners think the community will just kinda babysit their empty properties.
  7. Sponge Member

    She's doinitwrong. It's Dog+curtains, not Dog+shotgun.
    (locking gascap optional).
  8. Smurf Member

  9. The Animaniac Member

    I have a feeling this was deserved. Sort of WIN!
  10. CarterUSP Member

    Possibly pulled in by her personal gravitational field.
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  11. vaLLarrr Member

    She puts the witch in Wichita.
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  12. Herro Member

  13. Anonymous Member

  14. inB4kirstie shoots an 11 year old kid in her back yard.
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  15. Smurf Member

    Wichita Police said in a statement that Alley's home had also been burglarized, but the vandals got careless & dropped some of the items taken from the home when they fled.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard pulled it in. Don Purcell's eternal thetan is trying to recoup his losses:

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