Kirstie Alley faces foreclosure on home -- Owes more that $41,000 on mansion

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Anonymous, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Scientology helps and ... ^^
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    I am a sure with a couple more of intensives she will be able to handle the situation.
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  5. hushpuppy Member

    Bitch paid up yesterday.
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    1)find delinquent Tax paying celubtards
    2)bid for tax certificate

    it would be real lutzy if Slingshot Funding LLC was a clam company
  8. xenubarb Member

    We thought of that when our Idle Org was not being paid up, but none of us had enuf moneyz to do it.
  9. Anonymous Member

    The cult is bleeding her dry like every other scientologist.
  10. Anonymous Member

    TIL that Alley didn't win DwtS.
  11. Anonymous Member

    So is there any legal fines or consequences for lying about property tax? Kirstie Alley says her "accountant" didn't get the bill.

    Here's the bill sent by Pinellas County and the address and addressee. Seems that it includes the addres of Organic Liason. So both her accountant And Kirstie would have, in actual fact, received the bill. It goes almost without saying that both would know that taxes are always due, always have an estimate sent out in September of the previous year, and in late Oct the actual bill is sent, or early Nov. There's a sliding scale too. If you pay in Nov, you get the lowest tax bill, and by March the highest. And if I didn't get an estimate in Sept, I'd be on the phone. If I didn't get a bill in Oct/Nov, for sure. Diane Nelson is the Tax Collector for Pinellas County. Does she know about this?

    Because if Kirstie Alley can get away with this kind of perjury, and lie to the public, including residents and citizens and business owners in Pinellas County that hey, Diane Nelson, the Tax Collector for Pinellas County, is incompetent and doesn't send tax bills out correctly, all the time, then Citizens of Pinellas County, maybe you can get a lawyer and not have to pay late fees or interest penalties. Because This IS what Kirstie Alley is saying. If I was Diane Nelson, I would not be too happy. And if I was Diane Nelson's legal team, I would be interested.

    Because Kirstie Alley said her accountant didn't get a tax bill and that's why she didn't pay her bill in November 2010, Dec 2010, Jan 2011, Feb 2011, or March 2011 and why her property was under a lien after her tax certificate was bought up by a very shrill company. So Kirstie Alley is really blaming it on Diane Nelson and her Pinellas County Tax Office staff. And so can you, property owners of Pinellas County, Florida! just sayin'
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win after Win
  13. Smurf Member

    No. Besides, it's her word against the word of others. The tax appraiser's office is only concerned about getting it's payments. Now, they got it. Hope her check cleared.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie Allie told the media quite clearly that the reason she didn't pay her tax bill was because her accountant didn't get the bill. So I'm not sure what others or word of others you're talking about.
    Are you talking about the Pinellas County Tax Appraiser? The Pinellas County Postal Service? Not sure who you mean. Her accountant, maybe? Doesn't matter, as any taxpayer knows, there's always an annual estimate which you get several months before you get the billl, and there are several months to pay, on a sliding scale. So she's saying the tax collector/staff screwed up and Didn't Send the Bill.

    Now, I understand the tax office wants the payment and happy with that. However, Kirstie Alley has plastered this "statement" all over the media in the U.S. and definitely in Florida. If you were the Tax Collector in Pinellas County, FL how do you think your superior governmental officers, both county and state, are going to react to this PR scandal? I mean, Clearwater and it's county Pinellas, needs every dime they can get right now, so one has to wonder that if what Kirstie Alley says is true, that she didn't receive her tax bill, then how many others haven't and should Diane Nelson be investigated?

    If I was Diane Nelson, Tax Collector, Pinellas County, FL, I would be conferring with any legal help right away before anyone of higher authority called me in to the office. Just saying.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie hasn't plastered anything. Her publicist responded to media inquiries on her behalf, and other media picked up info from other media sources. That's how it works in the media arena.
  16. Herro Member

    You can't commit perjury if you're not under oath.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Louanne is already on it:

  18. Bruce D. Member

    I have a Scientologist friend who remodeled an investment home for a Scientologists in that area. The taxes can be hefty. That house was worth five million and taxes were $75,000 a year. It is difficult for the average person to understand but $41,000 is not a lot of money for some and it can be overlooked if someone is involved in bigger projects. I personally found it incomprehensible that my friend had not seen the owner in six months yet was getting paid time and material at $30 dollars an hour. He was paid through an accountant and the only supervision was another man who also worked for time and material and had not seen the owner either.
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