Kirstie Alley gets hit with Heavy Duty Class Action Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jul 24, 2012.

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  2. Yeah I agree. I understand they stick together because they understand each other. No WTF questions from the unwashed and all trying to live the same lifestyle, with the same philosophy. Same goes in any religion really, as you said.

    But you'd think they'd need all the business they can get.

    A Scilon siesta? How bizarre. It'd just make me think they were all tax scams or fronts or something. Who can close their doors in this economy?

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  4. Co$ have nothing to worry about. You can't download those sorts of instructions to windows 95 via a 56k modem.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I hear that Kevin Mitnick can do that fro a pay-phone!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Is that a Tandy 2000? You'd need a 1200 baud modem to blow that sucker up.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Shoot! My Captain Crunch whistle tops out at 450 baud.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    People who can't afford to keep them open if they aren't getting traffic anyway.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I think I'd shoot heroin too if I was followed by paps for a movie I did when I was a child. Of course, moving out of Hellywood and adopting a limo-free lifestyle might help some.
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  11. RightOn Member

    Leave Macaulay alone!!! WAHHHHH
    Seriously, he was very good in " My Girl" and in "The Good Son" he was downright evil deelish
  12. That smack rumour is old. I remember reading that ages ago.

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much judging by these covers. The only one this could possibly be true about is Kirstie Alley, if she really has been taking all that niacin. ;)

  13. Anonymous Member

    I think Micheal Douglas IS dead. Or am I smoking crack?
  14. Michael Douglas survived to play Liberace. liberace1f-1-web.jpg
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  16. Anonymous Member

    It's too late, Michael Jackson already fucked him up!
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  17. RightOn Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    MacCauley Culkin testified in a court of law that nothing like that ever happened. Just sayin'.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    When he got older he was too embarrassed to say he was molested.
  20. I just don't believe that shit about Jackson. I do wonder how Macauley could pull Mila Kunis though, and keep her for years. No one has dared say it in the media. Guess we have to wait until she looks like Lindsay Lohan.

    Now this thread is definitely getting domed. Oh I know, in other celebrity news, Kirstie Alley has been offering her scilon bosom for Sparkles to cry on over Kristen Stewart. The story is they are trying to convert him and get all those twihards to buy dianetics books because they are clearly mindless.
  21. Anonymous Member

    If the guy was smart enough to think Twilight was ridiculous, I wouldn't be surprised if he was capable of seeing through Scientology, too.
  22. Yeah I don't think he'll fall for it. I think it's funny they are trying though.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Culkin needs to get some sun, FFS.
  24. Anonymous Member

    They tried with whatsherface, Miley Cyrus, too, if I recall correctly.
  25. Lindsay Lohan too.

    Surely there must be another illiterate dumbfuck like Tom Cruise they can hit up?
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. Now that'd be a score. Imagine a whole generation of scilon beliebers.
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  28. [IMG]
    Elron Belieber

    How about a whole campaign?
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member


    Published on: August 7, 2012


    KIRSTIE ALLEY is on the verge of a “massive breakdown” because a blockbuster lawsuit is threatening to expose her diet program as a pricey scam!

    A disgruntled dieter filed the suit on July 20, alleging that Kirstie’s Organic Liaison diet products don’t work and were “nothing more than a healthy deception.” Now, the former “Fat Actress” is terrified that her weight-loss empire is going to come crashing down, according to a source.

    “This lawsuit is Kirstie’s worst nightmare because it basically claims she is a fraud,” an insider revealed. “She’s petrified that it’s going to turn her into a pariah among her Hollywood peers.”

    In late July, Kirstie was tapped to be a cast member in the all-star season of “Dancing with the Stars,” which premieres on Sept. 24. But now the actress is petrified that her presence on the show is going to bring unwanted attention to the pending allegations. What’s worse, Kirstie is gearing up to promote her new memoir, “The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente),” and she fears the book’s November release will be marred by claims that she was cheating her fans “out of money and hope,” said the source.

    Kirtsie, 61, who has long struggled with her weight, launched Organic Liaison in February 2010 and later boasted that she had dropped 100 pounds thanks to the products.

    But failed dieter Marina Abramyan, who filed the lawsuit against Kirstie’s Florida-based company, claims she bought nearly $200 worth of the products and didn’t experience any of the promised benefits.

    The lawsuit also charges that Kirstie’s dramatic weight loss came not from the supplements but from an extreme diet and exercise regimen – including the grueling five- to seven-hour dance rehearsals for “DWTS.”

    Advertisements for Organic Liaison featured Kirstie promising her fans: “I can assure you that if you follow this program, you’ll get healthier, lose weight and not be ‘annoyingly’ hungry.”

    One of the supplements, called Rescue Me, retails for $49.95 and is touted on Kirstie’s Organic Liaison website as “the first USDA-certified organic weight-loss product that boosts natural energy.” The ENQUIRER obtained a container of Rescue Me on July 26 at the star’s Organic Liaison store in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles and asked two top weight-loss experts to evaluate the ingredients.

    Dr. Craig Title, who heads a highly regarded weight-loss center in New York City, claims Rescue Me is “sugar, sugar and more sugar.” He added: “It certainly is not a diet drink and won’t promote weight loss.”

    And Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a board-certified sports medicine physician from Orlando, Fla., and author of “The Healthy Heart Miracle,” told The ENQUIRER: “I find it incredible that such a high-priced product is allowed to be advertised for weight loss.

    “There is no miracle ingredient in this product that will cause you to lose weight.”

    Kirstie claims that she dropped from a high of 230 pounds down to about 140 thanks to her products, but insiders say she was fibbing about both of those numbers.

    There was no question that the actress looked phenomenal after her weight loss, but the amazing transformation sparked rumors that she had undergone gastric bypass surgery.

    And while she was out promoting her new healthy and active lifestyle, The ENQUIRER reported that Kirstie had started smoking cigarettes again in a desperate attempt to maintain her figure by killing her appetite.

    According to the source, Kirstie’s diet lies are now coming back to haunt her.

    “Right from the beginning, she was hit with charges that her quick diet fix was too good to be true,” said the source. “And now she’s mortified that she’s once again the laughingstock of Hollywood.”

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  30. Anonymous Member

    I can imagine Kirstie crying into her large bowl of strawberry trifle about now.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Another celebrity who did kind of the same thing was Marie Osmond, although she became a spokesperson for Nutrisystem, didn't develop her own line of products.

    She goes through the grueling Dancing With the Stars practices for weeks, loses weight, then says it was this special diet program I was on, baloney.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    She has peers? People who used to be famous for something or other?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Yes Kirstie, there's that. And well, that and the fact that you're still a morbidly overweight person pimping a weight loss regimen. So you're fat, so what. It's not like you're the only person with that problem. Seriously, nobody cares about that any more than whether John Travolta is more or less gay than Tom Cruise.

    Do your self a huge favor. Screw losing weight. Lose Scientology. Lose the idiotic Scientology based Organic Liasons crap. Lose your reactive mind, you know, the one that you didn't have before you went down this road but is leaving you so nightmarishly petrified today.

    You'll feel better. Things will get better. It's time.
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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    And what did they used to be famous for?
  36. Anonymous Member

    They are famous for being famous.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie Alley is now barely famous. I doubt that any of her cling-ons are famous for anything.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Maybe she'll appear on Court TV!
  39. Anonymous Member

    Hopefully Judge Judy will sentence her to fry!
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  40. anonymous612 Member

    Woah woah woah.

    Kirstie Alley is famous?

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