Kirstie Alley guests on Tonight Show with Jay Leno, March 24

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Anonymous, Mar 25, 2011.

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    This is really funny... after her appearance on Jay Leno, Krustie got into a bitch fight on Twitter with Michael Shatz of Wichita, Kansas (KA's hometown) where he recalled her being extremely rude & snotty to people... Krustie's swearing like a sailor... great PR, Krustie.

    "Hahaha... maybe the F-List? RT @MichaelShatz: If Kirstie Alley calls me a bitch, does that mean I made the D-List? All I said was she was very rude when she came to the store I worked at LOL" -

    "omg, the ridiculous Kirstie Alley thing has kept you busy for hours, no?! Wow."

    " If she was regularly making Target employees cry, that's a special kind of rudeness. It goes beyond what she texted" -

    "have u ever felt that if u didn't bolt out of town and head for the nearest mountain top that u would suffocate?..not that that's how I feel. Honey , I talk like a sailor...hehe..old habits die hard...not to worry"

    "Ok I'm done..just pisses me off when people lie about me and throw it out there like a damn frisbee...damn, I got riled..hehe... yes...he worked there and it happened ALL the time..but although HE WORKED there he can't remember the name of the store...hehe"

    "MichaelShatz @kirstiealley I used to work in a store you frequented. You were consistently so rude we made bets on who would cry when you left."

    "Nothing like a throw down right before a party....sorta gears u up to rage against the machine....hehe.....gentlemen, start your engines!! Still no name????? I lived in Kansas thirty freakin years come on what's the name of the damn store I ALWAYS came in? I'm waiting Michael...what store was it baby put it out there...let's see if u even KNOW any store in L A....

    Listen time u decide to make yurself look cool by Fing with a celeb...just F yourself the ink." -
  3. you don't use ink on computers
  4. Anonymous Member

    saw the promo for this
    I heard her say "baby gets, what baby wants"
    and I threw up a little.
    Did not want, and did not watch....can't stand Leno either.
  5. xenubarb Member

    She's horrible. Not a person I'd hang out with irl, that's for sure. Flabby self-important arrogant asshole is apparently one way to go thru life, but it doesn't seem to be making her very happy.

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