Kirstie Alley: John Travolta Is The 'Love Of My Life'

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by eddieVroom, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Great, now all Kristie needs to do is grow a penis and Travolta will be all hers.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Both of them are clearly lowlife shady cunts who willingly turn a blind eye to Miscavige's abuses.

    Travolta is a figure of ridicule. Krusty Alley doesn't even exist as a serious person.

    As public figures go, they make Honey Boo Boo Child look dignified.

    At least that little shit has an excuse.
  8. anonymous612 Member

    This is the same interview she also said that when she first read Dianetics, she was out of her mind high on cocaine. As the time. While she was actively reading the book and turning pages.

    When I heard that line, it was just like "THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!"
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  9. whitesand Member

    Kirstie doesn't care if she hurts a widow's feelings, as long as she satisifies her thirst for publicity.

    Kirstie Alley: Patrick Swayze And I Had A Secret Relationship In 1985
    Posted: 11/06/2012 8:58 am EST Updated: 11/06/2012 8:58 am EST

    Turns out John Travolta wasn't the only man Kirstie Alley had a secret relationship with.
    The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, 61, has just revealed that she and the late Patrick Swayze fell in love on the set of their 1985 TV series, "North and South." Although they were both married at the time -- Alley was still with her second husband, Parker Stevenson, whom she divorced in 1997 and Swayze was with Lisa Niemi -- the co-stars developed intense feelings for each other. They tried to keep from "going down that road," but Alley admits they couldn't help it.
    "Both of us were married," Alley tells "Entertainment Tonight," clarifying that they "did not have an affair."
    "But again, I think what I did was worse," she added. "Because I think when you fall in love with someone when you're married, you jeopardize your own marriage and their marriage. It's doubly bad."
    Alley is unsure if Niemi, who asked her to speak at Swayze's funeral in 2009, knows about their romance, but insists that she and Swayze's wife of 34 years are good friends.
    Oddly enough, Alley recently confessed that she and her "Look Who's Talking" co-star John Travolta had a secret relationship and almost ran off together, calling him "the greatest love of my life."
  10. RightOn Member

    Krustie doesn't care.
    Why should she? She thinks Swayze only dropped his body and maybe she hopes he is coming back to canoodle her?
    You know " Ghost" style,
    Krustie is going to buy a potter's wheel to throw some pots. LOL!!!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Interesting how she's running interference for Travolta.
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  13. another123 Member Alley Says John Travolta Isn't Gay, Which is Fine, But Her Explanation is Offensive
    BTW: author is gay
    Maybe some of Hubbard's quotes might explain Kirstie's view on the gay:
    (image from cross-post DavidLove: Canadian Hate Crimes)
  14. RightOn Member

    she beyond SUCKED on DWTS last night. She is kind of acting like she doesn't want to be on it any more and that she doesn't care. Even with her more than shoddy performances they are still giving her all "8's".
    She got the two loswest scores last night. She will be booted off tonight I would think. The whole show is a joke and fake anyways of course. But I think she could care less and wants off
  15. Anonymous Member

    put a dress on a sow and she's still a fucking sow
  16. RightOn Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    Dancing with the Stars... distractions within distractions.

    TV has so jumped the shark.
  18. another123 Member

    photo from the DailyMail. Compare 'Alley in photo' below to 'Alley on the bookcover'. Either a WHOLE LOT of photoshop's go'n on or she was selecting from the 'Male Catalog' during her last facelift (scary).
  19. Anonymous Member

    nothing disturbing about this at all.

    krusty, aged 7, pimps out little brother, aged 4. sells looksies at his pee pee to her friends for .15
  20. Anonymous Member

    She went from pimp to whore. Makes sense to me.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. RightOn Member

    Again, the title...
    She prefers her men Al Dente?
    semi hard?
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Yikes, I had 7 younger brothers and would have never thought of doing anything like that. What's even sadder is that today at age 60 plus she thinks this story is entertaining or something.
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  24. another123 Member

    Turning out a sibling for cash. Sounds like the Scientology exploitation scam was right up her Alley ;). That and bacon double cheeseburgers.

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  25. RightOn Member

    booted off DWTS last night
    OT powers had no powers
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  26. Anonymous Member

    needs moar cawks

    oh, wait
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  27. another123 Member

    [OCT.10.12] issue of Marty Magazine predicted it ;)
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  28. RightOn Member

    Plushie e-meter LOL!!!
  29. Anonymous Member

    It's so ironic that she called her book "The Art of Men". As far as I know she is very much single. Having crushes on gay co-stars hardly counts as success in love-life.
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  30. If Kirstie had half a brain cell left, she'd realize that she could still have a decent career playing feisty old-lady roles.

    Almost a shame we'll never see that happen.

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  31. RightOn Member

    speak for yourself.
    I never liked her before I knew she was a clam. Could never stand her on Cheers.
    So if i never see her career rekindled, I could care less.
  32. Keyword: Almost
  33. Anonymous Member

    There in a lies an issue with me after getting more involved I cannot stand to watch Earl, That 70's Show or anything to do with the little cock-suckers tom cruise or john travolta or Tommy's mom Ann Archer or leah skank rehmini.
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  34. RightOn Member

    but not even almost with me
  35. anonymous612 Member

    Fixed that for you.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    You take that back fucker. Honey Boo Boo Child is the epitome of dignity.

    Yeah, you better post anonymously.
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  40. She looks like she's in pain, doesn't she? I know that's impossible, given her high level of oateeness, but doesn't it look like it?

    At first I thought it might just be the sun in her eyes, but there's something more, I think.

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