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Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Anonymous, May 18, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    This seemed very telling to me. On the 5/16 DWTS show, they did a bit on Kirstie on how she got where she is today - her early life and travails. She talked about her drug history and her weight gain, etc. and totally "forgot" to mention Scientology. She used to credit Scn with saving her from coke but for DWTS she just "toughed up" or something generic like that. Interesting. I would have expect at least a mention. Is she distancing herself from Scientology?
  2. Smurf Member

    You're reading too much into this. Kirstie has no control over the marketing division of the DWTS series. I doubt she had any input on the TV spot that was done on her.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I don't agree. This was her talking in her description of her drug problem and how she handled it. It was the perfect opportunity for her to say "Scientology" just once. This was her story and I would think she has sufficient influence and control to say what she thinks to be the truth. She has always credited Scientology with handling her drug probelm and saving her life. Saving her life. She chose to not say "Scientology". I think it means something.
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  4. LocalSP Member

    I happened to catch that too and was surprised to see that she didn't mention scientology at all. I was waiting for it but it never came.
  5. hmm... i wonder if that's truly a sign that all of the entrub is finally getting to her or if it was a personal PR stunt on her part so as not to damage her chances of wining (like she has any) because she knows everyone knows the truth about her "religion". or like someone stated before just a marketing flub.
  6. Well she's safe anyways... Has a celeb ever been sent to ethics? Even Travlota got no flack for making Battlefield Earth. It's just proof to Miscavige that everyone's an SP cept for Tom.
  7. But it does make you wonder where they'll draw the line for bad PR even for celebs.
    God do i wish i can live to see the day Tom or jongayboy fuck up enough to incur the wrath of DM.
  8. Random guy Member

    That can only mean one of two things: Either Crusty herself have realized the cult is poison to PR, or the marketing division of DWTS has. Either is a winn!
  9. Smurf Member

    John Travolta, in his last interview with David Letterman, spoke up his flying his plane to Haiti with relief supplies. He constantly referred to his church but never mentioned Scientology. It speaks volumes. I suspect his PR team encouraged him from mentioning it so John wouldn't be accused of using his TV appearance to promote the cult.
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  10. AnonLover Member

    it didnt even register for me cuz if i recollect rightly, she likewise left out specific mention of it on oprah (years back - the bikini stunt, i had same thought way back then but not w/ DWTS) and possibly elsewhere (when she was pimping the showime series as her comeback thang) where the situation was not specifically a church/self-promotion venue.
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  11. all this is true except for she deliberately spoke about getting off the drugs which is all Narcanon. it was the perfect time to mention it, and she chose not to. Whereas with JT, it was he had the chance, but didn't take the extra step forward... he did have supplies from his church, he just neglected to mention Vulture Ministers and TWTH. But he did say "his church" so i'm sure that google phrase sent people to Scientology.

    Here Kirstie ddin't even give them the nod. She didn't say, my pastor helped, or any kind of hints like that. She said she did it. Seems a bit more OVERTly ignoring your church unlike the JT stuff
  12. amaX Member

    She doesn't have to mention Scientology for her efforts on DWTS to be used as PR for the cult.
  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I saw that interview. John kept saying "his church" and never mentioned it by name. He showed a pic of a kid he was helping and the kid was wearing a Vulture Ministry shirt with Scientology on it... However, the pic shot "conveniently" had the word Scientology cut of of it due to the angle of the camera.

    I think that most people have bad notions about Scientology. For Kristie, Tom, and John to mention it may cause people to bristle a bit and in turn give them bad PR.
  14. RightOn Member

    I saw Cartwright get inteviewed by a highschool kid on a vid on Youtube. The only very slight reference she made to COS was that you should use a dictionary if you have a misunderstood word. And unless you are up on COS, you really woudn't have realized it was about MU's.
    Although it was for a writing award thingy and I am not sure if the contest was backed by COS or not.

    Please don't forget that the address for Krusty's Organic Lemers Snake Oil is the same address for COS.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I'd like to believe that maybe she's just finally come around to realizing that she simply grew tired of playing around with coke, just like oh, several million other 80's throwback cokeheads did and that it really wasn't any sort of a big deal. It's not as if she was prone to waking up in Tijuana with a mattress tied to her back.

    Baaaaawing about her past "trials" offers a useful distraction to how utterly hopeless her career has currently become.

    But there does seem to be an emerging pattern of scilons coming up to present time and acking just how toxic the Scientology brand has become by relying more and more on the various front groups to provide cover and yeah, ol' Kirstie is probably right on board, serial failbus jumper that she is.
  16. Anonymous Member

    IMHO, she's made several comments while on DWTS that makes me wonder if she isn't beginning to wake up. I know Smurf won't agree with me, but it's a feeling I've had watching the show all season. I'm not saying she's gonna blow the cult tomorrow, but something seems to have changed. I may be wrong, but I hope I'm right. You don't talk about having really poor self-esteem recently that a dance show has helped to improve if you believe the tech is working, I'd imagine.

    Time will tell, but why not hope for the best for her? I am.
  17. Herro Member

  18. Smurf Member

    Feel free to hope, but Krustie's not going anywhere. She still tweets about her love for the cult & all her Scilon pals. I predict she will be booted from DWTS next Tuesday.
  19. Anonymous Member

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