Kirstie Alley preps for Doomsday 2018

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    Kirstie Alley preps for Doomsday 2018

    February 7, 2018 - by Joanna Sue

    irstie Alley believes in being well prepared for anything and everything, including the end of the world. New reports allege that Kirstie wants to be ready when that time may arrive. To prep for such an emergency, the
    former “Cheers” star reportedly has a well-stocked bunker loaded with necessities.
    Celebrity Scientologists prep for end of the world

    Alley who according to reports, is a practicing Scientologist wants to make sure she has all her favorite things in her shelter. The list includes all of her favorite foods. Kirstie’s bunker is reportedly located just around 120 miles east of Los Angeles alongside quite a large number of other VIP Scientologists. The celebs, who all share the same beliefs on Doomsday are not willing to take any chances with their lives.
    The report claims that Kirstie Alley has made sure to stock up on plenty of Jenny Craig frozen meals. The bunker is also well stocked with canned goods, cereal and plenty of pasta.Those close to Kirstie reveal she is a stress eater and has worked hard to make sure she has lots of her fave comfort foods on hand during a stressful and dangerous situation. Alley is not alone in her beliefs a number of other high profile celebs are also said to be just as prepped for Doomsday.

    deserves a shoop...

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