Kirstie Alley Will Win DWTS, Thanks to Scientology

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Optimisticate, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    The possibilities for lulzy answers are endless...
  3. Articles have mentioned that DWTS is in it's 12th (!) season.

    God, time flies while you're being tortured.
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  4. Herro Member

    Soooooooo much mad.
  5. Anonymous Member

    My fucking shoe.
  6. Anonymous Member

    You're right. Let's talk about Petra and Dimitry. Hawt dancing partners, and if they're not a couple IRL (I don't read gossip mags), then they should be. Ralph was really good last night, too. Loved his partner's dress and their dance to "Romeo and Juliet".

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  7. Herro Member

    Do you feel better?
  8. subgenius Member

    I heard she threw a shoe last night.
    Obvious jokes are obvious.
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  9. eddieVroom Member

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  10. eddieVroom Member

    Put me down in the pool for Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.
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  11. ISeeWhatYouDidThere.jpg
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. subgenius Member

    Any equestrians on the forum?
  14. Triumph Member

    they should have hired a farrier to nail that sucker in place..
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  15. subgenius Member

    She threw a shoe!
    You can't make this shit up.
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  16. RightOn Member

    what the audience should have Bush

    "shoeing, throwing shoes, showing the sole of one's shoe or using shoes to insult are forms of protest in many parts of the world."

    At least she is not a shoo-in lol!
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  17. subgenius Member

    So Krusty out-retarded me.
    I predicted an injury to avoid long term embarrassment.
    It wasn't her, but her partner.
    Then, she threw a shoe, and wallowed on the floor (insert beached whale analogy).
    Try to blame it on the shoe.
    She's trying desperately to get out of this with sympathy/pity.
    Problem is, she (and the cult), has put in motion mass voting to keep her on.
    The term is: "Hoisted upon one's own petard."
    Google it for the lulz.
    If she doesn't get voted off the island tonight (and I predict she won't) this will get even more freak show, on or off camera.
    You can quote me on that.
  18. subgenius Member

    as in horse throwing a shoe
    always nice to see bushie dodging a shoe though
    thrower had balls of steel
    but not good enough aim
  19. BlooAnon Member

    The shoe is 100% PTS.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Her poor shoes. I would want that load off me too.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    That doesn't look nice...
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Well, she made it to the Top 8 celebs tonight. Sugar Ray Leonard voted off the show.
  25. Optimisticate Member

    So scientology is KSW by making sure the minions call and vote for The Kirstie, but they can't help her stay upright?

    This sounds like raid sign material.
  26. Anonymous Member

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  28. FreakE420 Member


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  29. Smurf Member

    Kirstie & her dance partner danced on Oprah today with Ce Lo Green in the audience..

  30. Loki's spawn Member

    An ode to Kirstie Alley.
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  31. Bipolart Member

  32. SOJOA Member

    The more attention we or anyone else brings to it, helps her and CoS.

    I just heard on the radio about the professional dancers leaving and this show being shut down.

    The more ignorance everyone brings to it and the fact that this show will not bring any more attention to the fat coke head.
  33. SOJOA Member

    I misspoke....she was ALOT more entertaing and ATTRACTIVE...when she was on blow......Honestly, CoS made her fat. have no one........
  34. Anonymous Member

    Horseshit !! You need to loosen your tinfoil hat.
  35. SOJOA Member

    Look dude....whatever helps you get off.
  36. SOJOA Member just have to bust out and wreck that shit.....

    Happens....its natural....

    Cloris Leachman aint no Christie Alley.

  37. Kirstie's original dance partner.........The Shoeman........
  38. Anonymous Member

    Travolta made an appearance tonight as the Dance Doctor. Cows move more gracefully than Kirstie.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that Travolta spot wasn't an audience-manipulation technique at all. Nice shots of scilons in the audience, too. Ick.
  40. RightOn Member

    so she is afraid of losing so she drags Travolta into the mix?
    cripes! How is this fair?
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