Kirstie Alley Will Win DWTS, Thanks to Scientology

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Optimisticate, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    I have it on good authority that those watching DWTS tonight will be treated to a gown that eye bleach will not remove the memory of. Think 'pudding dough in netting.'
  2. Anonymous Member

    It wasn't fair, and they had to reference it more than once AND show Preston blowing kisses, etc. Of course, the crowd went nuts to see Travolta showing up in her house as the dance doctor who told them they had too much sexual tension and to "go do something about it".
  3. Anonymous Member

    It wasn't a gown. It was a '60s pantsuit.
  4. Optimisticate Member

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  5. Smurf Member

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  7. Zhent Member

    A bit late but its worth mentioning, Conan O'Brien has been ripping into Kirstie over the past few weeks regarding DWTS. I counted at least 6 jokes on separate shows, some of them were pretty damn funny.

    He might do some more after Kirsties next performance so you might want to check it out.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. COREarg Member

    She actually looks kind of nice in there, almost like the nice shape of a "Rubens" model*. But she has the elegance of an elephant or a hurt drunk flamingo.

    Another thing that ruins her is the hair. It looks like old moist dried pasta...! JUST BUY A WIG!
    And the blue dress...GOD! It makes her look all red, like burnt...


    * If you're actually so ignorant...
    Tres%2Bgracias%2Bde%2BRubens.jpg <-- This is a Rubens

  10. Anonymous Member

    To be fair, you can't blame Krustie for the dress. DWTS have their own design team that provides the celebs with what they're going to wear as part of the dance theme for the night. They don't select what they're going to wear.

  11. Optimisticate Member

    I'm sorry but that's just awful. Pissed off look on her face, thrusting at Maks, highwater pants with a 80's belt that we all know is groaning for relief, and stepping around in such a way as to make the stage structure fail... if that's dancing, then sign me up! I'll dry hump Maks and make ze millions!
  12. RightOn Member

    yuck! That was SO horrible.
    Thank you DWS design team for picking out that hideous outfit! WOW how unattractive and unflattering can you get?> Thanks!

    Are people really voting for Kirstie? or Max in his skin tight leather pants and bare chest?
    So Max has to whore himself out every week and Kirstie has to rely on friends to show up to sway the audience?

    Also Travolat's visit was beyond dumb, but I bet the audience and other mindless norps who are fans of this show loved it.
    I hope his appearance back fires and people realize that she used Travolta to get votes.
    What was her score on that horrible clunky fox trot?
  13. RightOn Member

    This was clipped from an article quoting the National Enquirer that revealed that Kirstie is wearng a ton of SPANX on DWTS to hide her fat. Since she did not reach her taget weight before the show.
    Which I didn't include, because it is not news. She was also wearing so much spanx on at her Orgasmic Lemurs grand opening she looked like she was wrapped tighter that 10 pounds of baloney in a 2 pound sack.

    She talks about doing Broadway:

    "Alley, 60, recently revealed she wants to hit Broadway when she finishes her current stint on Dancing With the Stars.
    “I would like to dance in a movie. I’d like to be able to say ‘cut’ and do it again!” Alley said.
    “I want to do Broadway. It’s one of the big reasons I’m doing this. Even though I keep forgetting that.”

    oh there will be a line around the block to see that flick! huh?
    she can always do Titanic on Broadway and play the Unsinkable Molly Brown
    sorry for all the fat jokes, but hey, if you are going to lie about your weight, hide your weight and then open up snake oil shill shops for Scientology and weight loss and you are still heavy... then it is deserved IMO
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  14. Bipolart Member

    Can someone please post the latest video, where Krustie says they put the "F" in foxtrot? Must see.
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. RightOn Member

    WTF was her score anyways?
    Did Carrie kiss-ass kiss her ass again?
  17. COREarg Member

    Oh god,no...

    Just keep outside of anything that means dancing, you fat horrible blond bitch... >:C

    ...It's ok. Me,as a fatty, forgive you.
    Keep going with the fat jokes lol
  18. Optimisticate Member

    So I'm guessing Carrie Ann has someone inside the cult and she is at risk of being labelled a PTS and is therefore not only kissing ass but going deeper and actually brown nosing. Or it's just that scientology has something on her that she's been threatened with if she tells the truth about Large Marge Kirstie.
  19. RightOn Member

    holy crap 23? WHY?

    And I wonder how the other constestants feel about Krusty having Travolta show up?
  20. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I am just waiting to see her reaction when she is told to GTFO the show...

    How and why the fuck is she still on that show? I mean, yeah its a train wreck in slow motion that people are lulzing about. I am sure though her reaction to being voted out would be even moar lulz inducing.
  21. Squirrel King Member

    Is there an official project within the COS to put Krustie on top?
  22. Optimisticate Member

    Davey would be crushed, literally, if she were on top.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    noticed Krustie is pimping her Scientology pals Organic products scams on Her OL facebook page. more and more.
    moe $$$ moe $$$ mak moe $$$ give it to davy
    its notta front hur dur
  24. Anonymous Member

    Seems like it. They're hoping if the hambeast wins she'll say it was all down to a fat dead drug addict sci-fi writer.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    The good news is at least 2 couples got a 26 and 1 got a 27, so at the least (I didn't see the rest of the dances) she isn't near the top. Between Travolta and Maks having his shirt off, hopefully some of the viewers will tire of her shenanigans, esp. because she, herself, made a comment that she's heard from viewers that they want to see her dancing more and less of the drama...or something like that.
  26. Anonymous Member

    shit like this is why i hardly watch television.

    Circus of Retards fighting each other for attention.
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  27. Anonymous Member
    Can't wait for the shoops.
  28. eddieVroom Member

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  29. Optimisticate Member

    The URL says it all:

    If she's a size six, that would make me a... size zero?

  30. annoncangirl Member

  31. Smurf Member

    Yet, she tweets about herself 25-30 times a day and on dance nights, there's a tweet from Kelly Preston yapping that she's kidnapped Krustie's cell phone & that she & John are asking everyone to phone in their votes for Krustie. Krustie is one desperate Scilon that consistently lies about her weight... she's simply not funny anymore.
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  32. RightOn Member

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  33. Optimisticate Member

    The camera puts on 10 pounds you know.

    Kirstie's a size sixteen!!!

    The pictures made me a little sick to my stomach.
  34. Loki's spawn Member

  35. Optimisticate Member

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  36. Optimisticate Member

  37. Loki's spawn Member

    You should put a NSFW warning on that. I think I just got eye cancer.
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    Its a man, baby!

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