Kirstie Alley Will Win DWTS, Thanks to Scientology

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Optimisticate, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

  2. Smurf Member

    FINAL RESULTS: Hines Ward wins DWTS.

    Krustie & Maks - 2nd place.
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  3. AnonLover Member

    Thank God!!!
  4. Anonymous Member

    No. Thank Xenu.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I did. I was praying to him in the last 5 minutes of that show. I had seen a secondary glimpse of Sarah Palin in the audience and I knew immediately I needed help because I was watching a show with Krstie Allie in it that Sarah Palin was also watching, as an on site audience member.
  6. Kilia Member

    Well if anything, Kirstie lost lots of weight with DWTS. Hope she keeps it off now!

    ps..why would the rotten Palins be in the audience??
  7. COREarg Member

    You know, deep inside your heart, she will stop dancing and will keep on that Organic Laision or Orgasmic Librarians or Ogham Libertarians or whatever it's called.
    Or she will dance more than ever,but will hide it and say that Scientology helped her lose her weight and all that crap.
  8. Kilia Member

    Here's a thought....maybe she will re-enlist with DWTS.
  9. COREarg Member

    I hope your hand suffers from a burning right now. Just for saying that :C
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  10. Anonymous Member

    fat chance

    greta van suckstren & john coale
  11. Anonymous Member

    Pfft, no way.
    Kirstie is on her "bridge" to total fatness

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  12. RightOn Member

    well well well
    I guess Scientology could not help Krustie this time.
    A couple of observations from last night's show.
    After seeing the old dancers come back again, some of them danced better than Krustie.
    I think the reason why she stayed as long as she did was for shameless show ratings and scilon voting. And prolly anyone else who signed up for her Orgasmic Lemurs snake oil and die hard fans from Cheers.

    She looked totally pissed when she lost. Not humble enough at all IMO. I did not see her congradulate the winner like everyone else did, unless I totally missed it. She mouthed something when the winner was announced, it looked like she said "figures". But who knows.

    Hey maybe this loss will make her lose a little faith in COS or it may drive her further in, since she "pulled in" her loss. This is one instance where I agree that she pulled it in. Overall her performances were not worthy of being in the final 3. I don't care if she is 60 or not. I can't take that into consideration when she was dancing like a clutz most of the time.
    I hope this loss gives her some doubts about COS. But that is doubtful. Since her, Kelly and Travolta are BFF's. If she was to waiver about COS at all, I am sure Kelly would bring her back to the flock.
    And if she didn't have a gastric bypass, her weight will come back with avengence if she doesn't exercise and "forget to eat" like she said.
    Only time will tell.
    Am I glad she lost? YES! It it is one less thing that COS can use for their shameless PR. Although they can still use that she was in the final 3 if they wanted to. But that would be very lame.
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  13. subgenius Member

    Palins=managed by $cilons.
  14. subgenius Member

    This is a win for her and $cilontology.
    A 60 year old #2?
    Only could have been done with the tech.

    This is a big shot in the arm for her career, which was in the dumper.
  15. RightOn Member

    60 is the new 40
    How about Jack Lalanne?
    At 70 years old he was swimming in the water shackled, pulling 2 boats with his teeth.
    Worked out 2 hours a day
    Here he is at age 90 (lol David Carradine in the vid)
    edited: he lived to age 96. not too shabby
  16. Anonymous Member

    ^he DEAD now^
  17. RightOn Member

    oh geez well at least he lived to 96
    I am not going to make it anywhere near that
  18. Anonymous Member

    More likely than you think. Best be prepared.
  19. Herro Member

    Why do you despise this woman so much? What did she ever do to you? You need to relax. People enjoyed watching her, she was one of the best dancers throughout the competition. Deal with it.

    Anyways, as for the winner- was there ever any doubt? All they do is win.

  20. RightOn Member

    Oh dear Hero
    I need to relax. mkay
    I NEVER liked this broad going all the way back to when she was on Cheers. I hated her cocky personality and she has gotten worse.
    And the last time I checked, I am pretty sure I have the freedom to like or dislike who I want. A celebrity doesn't have to "do somehting to me" personally for me to dislike them. I can't stand lots of actors and other performers. My choice.
    I thought some of her performances on DWTS were terrible and I gave her props when they were good. So save it
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  21. Herro Member

    I dunno, you just seem to have this all consuming hatred for the woman. You should probably let it go. A beautiful woman such as yourself shouldn't be bothered by such petty things. Nice 300 GET by the way.
  22. RightOn Member

    you say I seem to have an all consuming hatred for women? ROTFL! This is a riot.
    Thanks for making me laugh
    have another beer
  23. Herro Member

  24. RightOn Member

    oh sorry
    hatred FOR THE women
    yes that is correct. Like I said I can't stand her since Cheers
  25. AnonLover Member

    I think scilon shill voting may have played a part... but not as much as we might like to think.

    My moms was rooting for her, until i gave her an ear full. her reason was: same age as me, you go girl. < insert rant from AL > oh.... nevermind, go ralph!

    My cuz was rooting for her, until i gave her an ear full. her reason was: she's a big girl, i'm a big girl. i always root for the big girls. < insert rant from AL > oh. well i still root for the big girls. go kirstie... even if you are a bitch.
  26. Anonymous Member

    I'm hoping that potential customers saw the fact that she lost little on her own expensive, trapped in a contract, woowoo weight products, but once she got on this show, with really, really intensive physical workout, plus she said she watched what she ate for real during, that, oh, I don't know, less calories, carbs and tons of physical exercise works. a new concept

    One thing that has bugged me. Her face. When someone loses even 10lbs it shows in the face. Her face just doesn't look like someone who's naturally lost 50 lbs or so.

    Now I'll have to say here that the extreme mind meld of sci can get anyone to perform extreme results, on the short term, and regardless of consequences. I have to admit I began to feel sorry for Kristie watching her on this show. She's obviously a broken spirit, desperately needy, and her gross facade thinly veils her signals of traumatic distress. She's one of those that flash neon non-stop radar signals of help me, but I won't let you.

    Then I remember her wealth, her poor kids, and she still promotes a gross violator of human rights world wide.
    Okay, so let me amend. I feel sorry for her kids.
  27. Anonymous Member

    No, i'm hoping the dirt is yet to come out that the weight loss had a surgical touch assist, of the lapband or lipo varieties... and she gets sued for false advertising.
  28. Anonymous Member

    well, there is that, possibility I mean. Anyone who's gained and lost a lot of weight can verify that there's something not quite right about her face fat not matching the rest. I do want to give her credit for sticking with it and doing some extremely hard work. I can tell you when you're so obese and attempting this level of physicality is very very tough. I was very surprised that any medical doctors approved. It was risky.
  29. Anonymous Member

    She didn't lose enough (at least not yet) to make me think she's had bariatric intervention. We'd all lose a lot of weight if we were dancing 7+ hours/day. It's hard work.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Face and upper body are often the first to show weight loss. It doesn't yet match her lower half. Since she's older, her skin's elasticity is lessened, so that adds to the odd look. If she were in her 20s, it would've bounced back to firmer facial skin. Hope that makes sense.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    One thing that was consistent right up to the loss for krusty & scientology was that she was always completely out of breath for a while after every dance unlike everyone else. I was waiting for the stroke or heart attack to occur with the way she was responding even after the last dance of the season.
  32. Anonymous Member

    She was the dancing elephant in Fantasia.

    Glad she lost, stupid fucking clam.
  33. lambear Member

    Krustie has a nasty personality on or off stage, Herro. What's there to like?? The fact that she's constantly at Flag and demonstrating her non OT abilities? The fact that she treats any unknown as beneath her or like dirt? Or is it the fact that she always talks about how wonderful CO$ is?
  34. RightOn Member

    I take it back about hating Krustie since Cheers.
    I was wrong. After watching her on the vintage Match Game vids, (which I saw years ago, but forgot about) she was a cocky way before Cheers.
    Embedding didn't work, so if you haven't seen these vids watch them on Youtube and see how full of herself she was way back in the 70's.
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  35. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Scientology and her horrid personality aside, Kirstie can dance I'll give her that.

    Frankly, win or lose I couldn't have cared less. I got better things to do than watch a TV show showing washed up celebrities and camera whores/IRL whores (I am looking at you Bristol and Sarah Palin) be dancing monkeys for the camera.
  36. SwordofTruth Member

    Hang on she is like the top of the top level in COS right, it seems to not be working she didn't win, obviously some PTS is still connected to her lulz
  37. Herro Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    COULDN'T have cared less is what I think you meant.
  39. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Yes, that's what I meant. Good eye.
  40. Bipolart Member

    I've seen this. Absolutely rude and stuck up. Who does she think she is?

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