Kirstie Alley's Twenty-One-Year-Old Boy Toy

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Anonymous, May 19, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie Alley's Twenty-One-Year-Old Boy Toy
  2. vaLLarrr Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie with Shancie Boyd (w/fro-hawk)
  4. Anonymous Member

    National Enquirer
    EXCLUSIVE! KIRSTIE ALLEY: DANCING COUGAR, GIDDY BOY TOY shancie- boyd- dancing- with- stars- macchio
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Heres Krustie with a young Dude named Ted Volynets
    hes a dance extra on DWTS

    profile pix from his foolbook page
    Halp ! woke up next to an old lady and was molested by horny Lemurs
  7. Anonymous Member

    turns out Teddy Volynets is a student of Maksim
    and his Manwhore stand-in Bro,take one for the team
  8. Rheinländer Member


    Nice, real love at work!
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  9. lostatsea Member

    Sacrilege! Kirstie will never be as cool as this movie.
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  10. Rheinländer Member

    But I am waiting for the Happy End. ^^
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  11. lostatsea Member

    LOL. <3
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Sounds gay to me.
  14. Triumph Member

    guy looking @ Krusties wrinklefingers--says Dayyyymn!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like Kirsty is bordeline female pedo.
  16. RightOn Member

    Harold and Maude is one of my favs!!!

    And as far as Krustie goes, that weight is falling off her now. I suspect now that she just may have had lap band surgery or gastric bypass. She has lost weight at an alarming rate now. If she did it just with diet and exercise it would have taken her much longer than this.
    Not tiny foily. Just fact that it takes a while to drop that many pounds.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Is he older or younger than her children? Maybe some sort of incestious desire there?
  18. Triumph Member

    Her oldest is around 18...

    its just wacky Hollywood Scientology "casting couch" PR tech....see and bee seen red carpet PR...stick with me kid and I'll make you a Star...BS

    Love bomb and deliver mark to nearest CC for cult programming...have junior read the "Way to Happiness" brochure (it haz cartoon pictures!) heres your lollypop..thank you please pay $51,754
  19. RightOn Member

    what's up with the ginger mohawk?
    she also chews gum like a cow
  20. Marty Rugburn Member

    I &lt;3 you! Nice make up job.

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  21. Anonymous Member

    LULZ @ Miscavige in drag :D
  22. RightOn Member

  23. Herro Member

    Or she's been on a rigorous program of exercise as part of her training for dancing with the stars...
  24. Anonymous Member

    dysfunctional dieting ,extremely low caloric intake, late night partying, sleep deprivation the rigorous program of exercise is just a bonus
  25. RightOn Member

    meh... I know she has been starving herself and dancing.
    but to loose weight this rapidly.... I think she may have had something done.
    hey! for her sake it would be better if she did have a procedure done, 'cause if she did it with just starving and dancing, she is in for a rude awakening when she stops dancing. She can't keep starving herself either.
    Her weight will come back with fury!
  26. BlooAnon Member

    Anyone have any brain bleach available?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, you saw what it did for Steve Wozniak.
  28. Herro Member

    Is he that guy from Microsoft?
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  29. tippytoe Member

    IA. The weight loss for a woman her age and the amount she had to lose, even considering the dancing and dieting - just doesn't compute for the time span. Like with Star Jones (who denied she had surgery for years) the truth will eventually leak out...Wouldn't care if she did except for the fact that she will use her weight loss to sell her diet crap.
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  30. Triumph Member

  31. RightOn Member

    I read that quick and I thought you meant her pants! LOL!!!

    yeah I agree.
    What Kirstie thinks will be scandalous, just turns out to be disgusting.
    Her hair= ick, always so grose. She has a nice head of hair for a 60 year old, but it looks like she never brushes it.
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  32. Rheinländer Member

    She made "The touch assist". Nothing more. ^^
  33. Triumph Member

    that too!

    the paparazzi failed to get a picture of Romeo puking on the curb afterwards
  34. Rheinländer Member

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  35. Optimisticate Member

    Not always. I've lost over 40 pounds in the last two months that I couldn't afford to lose due to stress and an undiagnosed illness that is eating away at me.

    If she were truly losing weight as fast as they're saying, her skin would be sagging quite a bit. I only see hag, not sag.
  36. RightOn Member

    I disagree. Do not know if you are a guy or a gal?
    (And sorry to hear about your illness BTW)
    But women differ from men in the weight loss department BIG TIME.
    ESPECIALLY older women (she is 60) do not drop weight quickly AT ALL. And her neck is starting to look a little turky-ish to me.
    Women can also plateau for WEEKS.
  37. RightOn Member

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  38. Optimisticate Member

    I'm an older woman (as in I'm not a kid. Is this really that much of a revelation? I are good at ambiguity), but not close to The Kirstie's age. Always a hard time losing weight, but I liked McDonald's too much. I stopped eating fast food and at first attributed the loss to that, but then it got worse and I started looking deflated. Same way Kirstie would look if the weight truly was dropping off that fast.
  39. Rheinländer Member

    But look, he closed his eyes, that means it must be love! *rofl*
    Best thing: Her thumb. Looks a little like
  40. uuuuuggghhhhhhh!!!
    i just threw up in my mouth ALOT!
    her hands man....WTF is wrong with her hands?!?!
    and i wonder if anyone's told her its in her best interests to shower and brush that hair before she goes out in public.

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