Kirstie cannot think for herself

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Martin Ottmann, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Kirstie, a PTS/SP Course graduate, needs the input of her twitter fanbase in order to make up her mind with regards to a "whopping lie (about her) floating around".

    I always thought that Scientologists would take pride of "thinking for themselves".

    Kirstie Alley@kirstiealley 17 Juil
    Need ur opinion.IF there was a whopping lie about U floating around, would U make a statement or let it pass? I'd appreciate your views. :)

    Kirstie Alley@kirstiealley 17 Juil
    U all helped me tonight. I was worried & feeling very bad because a lie is being perpetuated. Your advice to "ignore" is the path I chose
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  2. Anonymous Member

    And yet she didn't.
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  3. *Totally free* Twitter sleb-junkies' advice > $300,000 worth of scilon OT powahz? WTF?

    And what whopping lie is being perpetuated? What about time, place form, event?

    Can U help us out here, Kirstie?

    Nah, nm...nobody cares, and nobody can believe lying cults that lie.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Kirsty should be freaking out because her brand is circling the toilet.
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  5. On the other hand, Marty's section of Scientology it is all gone to shit fully , there is nothing resembling scientology on what he preaches. However I still do not like him as he has never taken responsibility over anything bad he had ever done but instead blaming others always for his actions.
  6. Sarah James Member

    Several of us have been posting on kirsties face book page(she claims to be a public person)not one question has she replied to. No new post are allowed but you can "view previous comments" from her friends. They tend to think she is "beautiful, talented" you get the idea. I must have asked her a couple of times, "Kirstie, do you ever question" maybe she will ask her twitter friends and she will get back to me.
  7. Sarah James Member

    If you read Kirstie Alleys face book page you will find she is far too busy (shows, dancing,selling weight loss drinks,vacation)she needs their advice. Busy, busy woman.
  8. Anonymous Member

    1. Hannah VanHuss Davis@KWCHHannah 18m
    2. @kirstiealley I think twitter's 144 character limit stunts the list. All religions have been labeled a cult at some point #openurmindpeople
    3. Retweeted by Kirstie Alley

    f0b61728ca98ade479716a31e7400df3_normal.jpeg Polly Sander@kpsander 20m
    1. @kirstiealley I was raised Southern Baptist, ppl up north call us a "cult" lol if someone doesn't believe exactly as you-guess we're a cult
    2. Retweeted by Kirstie Alley

    ab91138b5ad0c05416d9f1c574bf58b4_normal.jpeg Kirstie Alley@kirstiealley 21m
    1. Here's a list if religions deemed "cults" throughout history. Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Mennonites, Buddhists & Jehovah Witnesses.
    1. ab91138b5ad0c05416d9f1c574bf58b4_normal.jpeg Kirstie Alley@kirstiealley 24m
      Hitler often used the word "Cult" in reference to Jews.It has been used throughout history to bring fear & justify persecution of religions.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Krusty thinks she's not in a cult. (tweets from a few minutes ago today) Her idjit fans agree.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    They called the Heaven's Gate a cult too, Kirstie.

    None of what you say detracts from the fact that Scientology is a manipulative, mendacious, and venal cult.

    Even if people erroneously called my ass a cult, Scientology would still be a cult.

    Is that clear enough?
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  10. sallysock Member

    I seem to recall those posts. The public seems to be on to her and the posts on her page amuse me. So many people now know what's up. That said, nice to have you here.
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  11. jensting Member

  12. RolandRB Member

    As you would expect from a psychopath. Rinder is the same.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Have you seen that show "My Favorite Marty"?

    As I recall, Marty crash lands near Bill Bixby, and tries to rebuild his e-meter so he can return to his rightful place in the scientology pantheon. Detective Brennan is sure something suspicious is going on, but can't quite work it out.
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  14. Spork Derpner Member

    Will she respond?

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  15. Spork Derpner Member

    Not so mouthy now is she?

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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Kirstie's massive enough nao to be sporting ganglia. Even so, the signal does not reach its proper destination in either direction.

  18. anonamus Member

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  19. description of movie fits scientology with a few minor word changes:
  20. 650

  21. Django Member

    I am old enough to get this reference. Yup. Saw the show on Prime Time, even.

    Well, I'm off to the tar pit, love to all.....
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  22. Mutante Member

    It's a well known fact that extremely fat people are stupid.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I suggest TR R2-45
  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. RightOn Member

    sad to see Odo like that
    he looks skinnier than ever? or is it my imagination?
    his arms and legs look frightfully thin

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