Kirstie says she is a size 6 now!

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by portlandrobin, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Lorelei Member

    In the April shot, she is using the old trick of popping a hip and leg out towards the camera to make her hips appear less wide (and hiding her belly behind a sign). At a quick glance, her lower half looks smaller because her right leg is tucked behind her left, but you can tell it's just the angle of the shot. Nine out of ten models do the exact same pose, even though they are already built like pencils. In the February shot, she is being photographed with both her torso and feet pointed toward the camera (and Spanx). This does nothing to trick the eye. To be quite honest, I do not see any indications of noticeable weight loss (she MAY have lost a little weight around her face, which, if so, good for her for trying what normal people try: dieting and exercise / dancing), just a different stance. Also, she must have meant "size 16," though I would dispute that, too.

    Also, stupid magazine, we do not need to "click to see big." We can see big just fine.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Hey I know what will keep the weight off!!! smoke em if you got em Kirstie
  3. Smurf Member

  4. subgenius Member

    A horse face and simian hairline.
    That is all.
  5. RightOn Member

    she hasn't been a size 6 since she did Cheers!
    and smoking now too?
    Excellent Kirstie! Is that part of your Orgasmic Lemers program?
  6. hansanon Member

    no idea, got the wrong chromosomes to judge sizes,but to be fair, she did loose weight, check her arms.

    perhaps its the new hubbard diet called rpf

    that one is probably the most effective one yet
  7. RightOn Member

    Public scilons and celebrities would never be privy to the RPF.
    That is strictly for Sea orgers
  8. LocalSP Member

  9. Savi0r Member

    Who in God's sweet merciful name is that?
    And what in heck is wrong with their leg?!?!
  10. LocalSP Member

    Major weight loss at what I am sure was an unsafe rate. Ol Ethan was probably in the scino sweatbox twenty hours a day. Too bad his skin didn't shrink.
  11. Savi0r Member

    Ethan who?!?
  12. LocalSP Member

  13. Savi0r Member

    Damn, I liked him better when he was fat.
    I guess his pic was just put up for reference on what Krustie is missing if she allegedly lost all that weight/
  14. SwordofTruth Member

    Ethan I couldn't give a shit what goes on in my church Suplee.
  15. Yes..........
  16. Hicks Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    I disagree about giving a fuck
    only because she says that Scietnollgy saved her life. Besides the fact that OT's are suppossed to have cause over life.
    And COS uses her "stardom" (what's left of it) to push it's "greatness". *cough*.

    She proves time and time again that she does NOT have cause over life as an OT.
    This notion can of course can be dashed away by other COS members who will think it is her own fault for failure and she just pulled it in or she is not applying the tech correctly.
    But more importantly, all her failures and hollywood rags spreading that failure may stop people from joining COS in the first place.

    Let's not forget she gave way over 5 million to the cult. So yeah, I think people should give a fuck about how she presents her success fail to the public. A lot of it is very exploitable. It wouldn't be exploitable if COS didn't claim that Scientology could help people with everything wrong in peoples lives and that they will have OT powers and have cause over life. AND also for the fact that she is hawking a phony diet product that was never correctly tested for long term health effects.

    So yeah I think people should give a fuck about what she does. OR not! Your choice as always.
  18. Herro Member

    Lol 3 page thread about how much a celebrity weighs. Y'all are some bitches.
  19. Anonymous Member

    lol pages of pages of your troll posts
    whose a crazy bitch noa?
  20. Hicks Member

    I'll choose not

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