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    Actually, Dianetics and Scientology can help you to lose weight.

    But only if you normally carry a lot of loose change.
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    not that new, was already like this more than a month ago
  5. Dylar Member


    I thought she tried this once already. After she left Jenny Craig and turned into an enormous hambeast.
  6. anonBright Member


    Which reminds me....I have an acquaintance who has a friend who's a house painter and was/is a scientologist. I remember him telling me in lurid detail about re decorating a room in Kirsty Alley's house as a quasi-dungeon. ie., a room where she did her kinky sex thing with her then new boyfriend. The house painter guy was commissioned to paint the room up and all that stuff that painters have to do but the colors were bright red and pink.

    There was a huge four poster bed and lots of mirrors among other things....apparently. Any probable a small refridgerator and cupboards for all the donuts.
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    Let me guess, you bounce on a trampoline while not eating for a few weeks then dye your hair blonde?

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