Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Smurf, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..


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    Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..

    so is the show canceled already? Can't find confirmation on wiki or Imdb...
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    Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..

    No decision announced by Lifetime Networks yet.
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    Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..


    'Dancing with the Stars': Kirstie Alley? Hasselhoff? Who to expect for Season 11
    By Mikey O'Connell
    August 25, 2010 8:20 PM ET
    would be lutzy on so many levels.
    1) shows her diet isn't working
    2)She actually gets fatter as the competition continues
    3)we get to watch her huff and puff- and treat her dance partner like hes Conan O'Brien
    4)people notice she kinda fat..and think Hey! what about that diet thing??
    5) she takes tumbles and crushes the two male judges.
    6)she fawns over her dance partner he was Jamie Fox..
    7)her dance partner chews off his arm to escape her clutches on Live TV
    8)She has her own Scientology cheering section there when Xenu arrives
    9) they pair her up with a Fat Elvis impersonator
    10)She clicks her ruby slippers by accident and gets transported back to Kansas.
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  8. Smurf Member

    Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..

    E! Entertainment said that Kirstie Alley is getting ready for filming the 2nd season of "The Big Life" but I haven't read anything to confirm that.

    There's a new commercial with KA dressed up as an angel promoting the reruns.
  9. Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..

    There wont be room for anyone else to be on the stage with her at the same time on Dancing with the Stars!

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  10. Triumph Member

    Re: Kirstie's Twitter alert: "I'm back on the air"..

    Not so fast Chubby

    She has yet to prove shes lost weight..If she goes on the show and hasn't take the weight off first.. it will raise a red flag...people will immediately say "what happened to her diet?"

    that show is pretty tough on you if your out of shape. and hate exercise as Kirstie seems too.

    what if she drops the pounds while dancing. people would see it for what it was.
    Shes loosing weight because of the dancing-training not her crappy diet plan.

    for several years she has been tossing it out there that she wanted to do the show. She practically begged to do that show.

    Doing that show would probably go a hell of a long way- to Kirstie slimming her waist line,

    Shes turning it down- its not chicken thats preventing her- its Chicken Wings
  11. Demented LRH Member

    She is fat as a cow. Maxim Chemerkovsky could not carry her over the floor. She tried to make a POSTULATE that would make her grow thin but could not. Something must be wrong with Standard Tech
  12. Triumph Member

    She misses Jim...Because hes not really her Handy Man.. (all for TV cameras)just the husband of a fellow Scientologist ..who was overweight and fit the chubby buddy role

    Kirstie Faking Reality

    we get to see Kirstie tell Jim that suppressive Persons are the cause of Illness again
    and that it wasn't really Hubbard that invented the fake word "Nattering"...Kirstie pretends its hers..
    a Parade of Scientologist...A Scientology Birthday party...Scientology assistants..

    gay assistant Kyle who was fill a languishes back in Kansas

    Her fake Aussie Boy toy from the last really a Scientologist and a Bit Actor...
    a shot of the pink goop every episode ..for adverteasing

    a quick...last minute panic rush change of the artist singing the title song.... because the singer songwriter of perfect picture (Carlos B) was charged with Manslaughter charges 6 days before the show aired

    Kirstie Alley Faking Reality so you don't have to....
  13. RightOn Member

    fuck her and her snake oil
  14. Anonymous Member

    No U!
    And no I wouldn't even with using her snake oil as lube!
  15. Anonymous Member

    we have pictures that said you did

    what was the lemur doing?
  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    ...and here I thought the pictures in that ScnTO thread would make me lose my stomach content.
  17. Triumph Member

    stomach contents of Lemmur's is the actual active secret ingredient of Organic Liaison that help you loose your lunch
    melt away the excess weight
  18. Anonymous Member

    You don't want to know and I don't want to remember!

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