Know any teenage Iranians?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by farsizaban, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. farsizaban Member

    Doostane Farsi Zabane Man, which translates from Persian (Farsi) to "My Persian-Speaking Friends," is an Iranian-American pen pal program that aims to foster friendships and cultural understanding. We have a lot of American students looking for Iranian pen pals--mostly of them are 16-18, but there is one twelve year old. Please respond if you or someone know know may be interested or want to know more info.
  2. iraniam Member

    Greeting.....If you go to site and put your request there, you will get many respond. I go there a few times a day and it is very informative and many Iranian-American visiting this site everyday.
  3. farsizaban Member

    I had gone to before, but I can't find a forum or anywhere where I can post.
  4. iraniam Member

    You don't need a forum to post. Just become a member and you can post any request you wish. Lots of people would read them.

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