KU Football player arrested and suspended immediately after report of alleged sexual assault

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RavenEyes, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. RavenEyes Member

    Perhaps the message is getting across, finally, that people are getting sick of the cover-up of sports figures who've been accused of sexual assault. Not many details on this yet, as it just happened. This isn't one of those "it happened a year ago and was swept under the rug" type of things, so yay. It is also just alleged, so the young man is innocent until proven guilty.

    But, not only was he arrested, he's been suspended from the KU football team indefinitely and will only be reinstated if he's found to be innocent of the charges.
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  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    Yup, thats the way to do it. Well done for having some sensible decision makers at Kansas U.
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  3. White Tara Global Moderator

    Harvard shows university policy makers how not to do it. :(

    A HARVARD University student who says she was the victim of an on-campus sexual assault has penned an open letter to the prestigious Ivy League university, slamming its outdated sexual assault policy and criticising staff for their unwillingness to help victims.
    The anonymous letter, titled “Dear Harvard, You Win”, was published in Monday’sHarvard Crimson newspaper.
    The sexual assault survivor alleged that school administrators discouraged her from pressing charges against the perpetrator, meaning she had to continue living in close quarters to him.
    Since the incident nine months ago, the student has been diagnosed with depression and is suffering from an anxiety disorder.
    She is falling far behind in class, has dropped most of her extra-curricular activities and takes pills to fall asleep at night. She regularly has nightmares about being sexually assaulted in public.
    “I spend most of my time outside of class curled up in bed, crying, sleeping or staring at the ceiling, occasionally wondering if I just heard my assailant’s voice in the staircase,” she wrote.
    The student says she was discouraged from pressing charges against her attacker, because the incident didn’t fit the narrow language of Harvard’s student handbook:
    “Shortly after I reported my sexual assault to my House staff, I was told by a senior member of the College administration that the Administrative Board was very unlikely to “issue a charge” against my assailant and to launch a thorough investigative process because my assailant may not have technically violated the school’s policy in the student handbook.”
    More at link;
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  4. RavenEyes Member

    Anonymous should send these stories to Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. Or, find another KY. Too bad we don't know an outspoken Anon living in Boston...

    Harvard still is an extremely "old boys" network with a reputation that they will fight tooth and nail to protect. Disgusting.
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