KUBA Ka The God is now a member of Scientology

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by CommunicatorIC, Nov 28, 2016.

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  1. TrevAnon Member

    Thanks for the update. However, until this thread I had not even heard of this guy. :p

    Is that just me being continentally challenged, or is it something else?
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  3. Me thinks he's had some work done.
  4. GibbousWaxing Member

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  5. Quentinanon Member

    Bye, bye, sci.

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  6. Incredulicide Member

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  7. I suspect many ex-Scientologists can relate to what Kuba Ka explains on Instagram:

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    kubaka_official @janiecat84 Thank you so much, it is the hardest and most traumatic situation in my Life... I was with all my Heart for Scientology, I found Home away from Home at Scientology Celebrity Centre. I had to decide to leave tough, I had different Idea of it, and I miss my Idea of it...

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  8. BREAKING: Kuba Ka's Charity Birthday Ball is still on, but is being moved from the Scientology Celebrity Centre to a new location.

    Assuming this is for a legitimate charity, which I believe it is, I hope Kuba Ka hosts hundreds of people and raises thousands of dollars. In other words, I want this to be a Big Win.

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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    DREAM LAWSUIT: ‘God of Pop’ Kuba Ka vs the Church of Scientology. THANK XENU, IT’S ON!

    By Tony Ortega, March 24, 2017


    Later today, we will be Skyping with God.

    Well, that’s the plan, anyway. We’ve been having a devil of a time making progress since Tuesday, when the “God of Pop,” Kuba Ka, announced on Twitter that he was “officially leaving the Church of Scientology,” and we first heard from Kuba’s cousin and office manager, Patrick Stepniak, who emailed us and indicated an interest in the Underground Bunker telling the story of what was going on. We had a few short calls with Kuba’s business partner, actress Vikki Lizzi, before we finally got a chance to have a lengthy talk with her late last night. She tells us that they are planning to file a lawsuit against Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre for how shabbily the God of Pop has been treated.

    After all these fits and starts, later today we’re finally supposed to Skype with the man himself (and his mother), which we’re very much looking forward to. But there’s so much background material to go through to understand what’s going on, we thought we’d write an initial story for today about just who is Kuba Ka for those of you who may not have heard of this entertainment superstar who was poised, he says, to become the next “messiah” and celebrity face of the Church of Scientology until it all went wrong.

    Continued at
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  10. BLiP Member

    Brought to you by David Brent productions?

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  11. Quentinanon Member

    Not surprised Kuba was mistreated. Scientologists have long normalized verbal and emotional abuse going back to the 1950's. The reality bubble they think in is vast enough to prevent them from seeing the world as a "WOG" where civility, tolerance and empathy facilitate social interactions. They believe in affinity, reality and communication, but their affinity lacks empathy, their reality lacks tolerance and their communication lacks civility. So, they commonly create disgust and confusion in those they try to relate to.
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  12. The story about singer @Kuba_Ka and Scientology will be on @TonyOrtega94's blog at 7 am EST on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Tony Ortega Mod • 3 hours ago

    Two hour discussion with the whole gang. Really a lot of fun. And Kuba said some things I can't wait for you all to hear.

    Will be burning the midnight oil again to make it readable for the morning.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘God of Pop’ Kuba Ka on meeting Scientology’s David Miscavige: ‘Like an emperor or the Pope’

    By Tony Ortega, March 25, 2017


    Yesterday’s story got a huge reaction, and one of the most common things we heard was, who’s Kuba Ka? But that was one of the things that made the situation so interesting. Why was Scientology spending time grooming an unknown Polish singer for what appeared to be a fairly significant role of some kind? And what did Kuba think he was getting into, and was he really planning to sue, as his partner Vikki Lizzi insisted?
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  14. Kuba Ka with Joy Villa:

  15. Kuba Ka with Joy Villa:

  16. Missfit Member

    Scientology truly has the WORST foresight on up and coming "celebrities". No offense but they thought this guy was gonna hit it big? come.the.fuck.on.

    However, I do appreciate this dude for his charity work.
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  17. When an incompetent buffoon like Trump gets to be POTUS, I can't see why an uber-tacky, orange-faced, lacking-in-any-discernible-talent-whatsoever Kuba can't be the God of Pop.
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Yesterday these two updates were posted on his Facebook page:

    I lost all my Friends from Scientology Celebrity Centre, we were Family, I will miss them forever... I know that the Management of the Church is not allowing me to be contacted, so sad...

    HRH KUBA Ka collapsed again and is being hospitalized due to his Emotional Pain in regards to Heartbreaking split from @Scientology. His all Career Plans will be updated soon. / Team KUBA Ka Empire Inc.



    Kuba Ka is kinda like Britney Spears but without the talent or the cameltoe. down America
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  19. GibbousWaxing Member

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  20. Missfit Member

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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    WARNING: The following post contains extreme faggotry. Reader discretion is advised.

    Bonus items from our tipsters

    By Tony Ortega, March 29, 2017


    Kuba Ka had his 26th birthday last night (or his 31st), and it was not a fun occasion: “Very sad Birthday this year, out of Hospital for tonight. It’s not about me – it’s about how much that Charity Ball at @scientology Celebrity Centre could do for Refugees… It was my Dream…”


    More at
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  22. GibbousWaxing Member

    I was just wondering:

    IF a person with very little talent and grand ambitions for success in the entertainment biz got into Scientology through its Celebrity Center in LA because they promised they could help him achieve his goals...

    ...and IF that person, after about six months of Scn stupidity decided that he wasn't getting where he wanted to be as quickly as he wanted to get there...

    ...and IF that person were exposed to many trusted friends all saying that Leah Remini came out against the organization for the HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY AND FAME that she's raking in by exploiting her status as an ex-SCN...

    ...and IF that person with very little talent believed his friends, well...

    ...what THEN might that person do?
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  23. The Internet Member

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  24. Malory Member


  25. Sockofleas Member

    Your just wondering is probably closer to the truth than KK might like to admit.

    Leah Remini has earned it whereas Kuba Ka has done the Hokey Kokey version of Scientology, in out and shake it all about in the hopes of finding fame.
    For her I have unlimited respect and admiration, him I'd never heard of until now.
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Kuba Ka, the God of Pop, has an announcement

    By Tony Ortega, May 12, 2017


    We had a lot of fun in March talking with Kuba Ka, “the God of Pop” — otherwise known as Polish entertainer Jakub Stepniak, who is either 31 or 26 years old and has so far eluded fame and fortune, despite the really over-the-top way he pursues it.


    ...we really enjoyed talking with Kuba, whom we found to be an intelligent and polite young man who maybe simply needed some better career advice. But then, shortly after that interview, Kuba made yet another monumental announcement on social media — he was “retiring.”

    We weren’t sure how a 26/31-year-old retires from a career that hadn’t actually, you know, got going, but it appeared that what Stepniak was retiring from was being Kuba Ka. We sent an email and heard back from his cousin, Patrick, who told us that the empire had suffered a major setback, and Vikki Lizzi was now turned against them. (Lizzi didn’t respond to our text asking if that was true.) And then yesterday, Patrick asked us if we’d post a statement from the former God of Pop about his retirement, and we told him we would of course be happy to do so. So here goes.

    At this Closure of KUBA Ka, I want to say: Scientology Celebrity Centre did WELCOME me and helped me to recover the huge Trauma. They did clean my Life from terrible People and Things. I left the Church, and referring to my Interview with very kind Tony Ortega. I want to confirm that I have no position regarding Scientology, I am just Neutral. I refused all other Interviews, and even big financial TV Appearance offer to talk about it. We all need to UNITE, there is enough of Segregation in the World. Also, if some of my own Ex Team Members would not fight over me at Scientology Celebrity Centre, I would still proceed with Plans I had for KUBA Ka, with Scientology. It was Grand Plan, but we all moved on. This way ALL of that is a completely closed Book.

    I wish Very Best to Church of Scientology, I wish the Very Best to Ex Members of Scientology like Leah Remini, and to Those who witness any Problems inside or outside of ANY Church. Please understand, I just want to remain a “Peacekeeping Soldier.”

    Peace & Love to All,

    Muhammad Amir/ known for his acting Character of KUBA Ka

    AMIR Corp

    (formerly known as KUBA Ka Empire Inc.)

    Muhammad/Kuba Ka/Jakub, thank you for thinking of us, and we wish you the best of luck. We can hardly wait to see where you go next.

    More at

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