Kumare - the true story of a false prophet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Kumare (or Kümäré): Best Sunday Best Kumare.mp4 (only available there for 24 hours)

    To record the documentary, American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi transformed himself into Sri Kumaré, an enlightened guru from a fictional village in India, by adopting a fake Indian accent and growing out his hair and beard. In the film, Kumaré travels to Arizona to spread his made-up philosophy and gain sincere followers.

    Here he his in character when everyone thought he was real:

    Not many of his followers walked out on him at the end reveal, most applauded.
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    ...and we care because?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Nobody should, that's why it's off topic.
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    I thought of Kumar going to White Castle tho
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    I think it would be an interesting doc to watch. It will prove how easily people get fooled into joining cults and may be helpful to warn people to research before they hand over their wallets and their brains.
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    This one is better:
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    oh crap, i know that guy in the first picture. not the indian dude.
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    for the record, the guy high-fiving him is a nice guy with a funny sense of humor. also teaches yoga.
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    here is an example of "six degrees of separation" ok? one of my brothers is married to the guy in this video's step sister.
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  20. I agree. I don't think this is irrelevant at all. While everyone, or nearly everyone, here is pretty well vaccinated, it never hurts to get a refresher or gain a better understanding on how cults form and operate. Besides, it reminded me of Mad TV, which was far better than SNL has been since the "Golden Age" with Radner.

  21. RightOn Member

    Alanis- cringe!!!! hate her
    Mo Collins on Mad TV -loved her!!!
  22. Have you heard about the revival of In Living Color? If it's as groundbreaking as the original, it will be amazing. About the only one who hasn't become a complete star is David Allen Grier, and he's not exactly been hurting for work for the last 20 years.
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    Damn I missed this post. .. doc sounds really interesting and I really want to see it but of course the link here is a goner and I can't find it ANYWHERE. Could some kind soul share again for me? Would really appreciate it!
    Big thanks in advance to anyone who comes through!
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    Oops didn't mean to post anon ... the above was from me, just incase someone wants to pm.
  25. Anonymous Member

    This one appears to work:

    60 second wait followed by a captcha box. Very slow download, but it works.
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