Kyle Brennan vs Scientology: Oral arguments in Jacksonville September 14

Discussion in 'Kyle Brennan' started by Anonymous, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Further reading of officer Yuen depo first on scene Primary
    Did Kyle's father tell you of a laptop computer that was Kyles, no, would that have helped, yes.
    Nothing Close to a suicide note was found on scene; NO

    This Rookie street cop with 2yrs of service was the Primary on scene although a Sergeant and a Corporal were with him. In his deposition he states, "I cannot recall" about 75% of the time why in God's name was he the primary?

    He did not properly interview Thomas Brennan it was a willy nilly style of interview, they moved here they moved there, Thomas walked off by himself, TERRIBLE.

    The rookie did not properly secure the scene nor look for evidence, he did write notes on his notepad however he had destroyed it prior to the deposition. The SO (Sheriff's office) team arrived at oo:40 they noted the 357 was under Kyle's right arm. The Rookie officer testified in the depo the 357 was found 1 foot away from the body??

    No body temperature was taken however lividity was present per the SO on arrival.

    No disrespect but the Clearwater PD sound like a bunch of Keystone cops they are really a joke this was handled badly from the start.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    An autopsy would show whether the drugs were in his bloodstream and approx. how long ago he took them if it was present, I'd think, right?
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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    re: suicide note...
    moarxenu, hadn't you said that there was a suicide note, except that it was a strange one that didn't seem like Kyle would have written it? Like, it was four pages handwritten and in handwriting that didn't resemble his? And that he pretty much never wrote stuff by hand -- he was very much a computer guy?
    (if I am wrong, clearly, it's not because you would have said something untrue, but that my memory failed me.)
  4. Anonymous Member

    It get's even murkier after reading another deposition his father arrived at his "Chaplian's" home at 11pm and left just a few minutes afterword. When the father called Jerry at home it took him all of 10 minutes to get to the Brennan residence.

    Yet the father did not arrive until midnight to find the body? YOU have got to be kidding me this whole thing STINKS to high heaven and I which to clarify that not only in my opinion is Judge Merryday an idiot he is a Disgrace to the legal profession.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Did Tom Brennan even mourn his son?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Grief is low on the tone scale and Brennan would know that he would have to pay dearly for auditing to get that shit out.
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  7. YouSeeNothing Member

    In the Yuen depo, he said he (Yuen) found the bag. It was empty, no ammo.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    He does refer to it however it was never admitted as evidence nothing was really of importance of him nor was properly questioning the so-called father who found the body. One depo Tom(father) doesn't know where the ammo was later on he does. Inconsistent testimony in depo's from various parties, suspicious responses by various parties on scene and at depos, the more you read the worse it gets.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    AMA diggin the new do girl!
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  10. tigeratbay Member

    I love your tie Eudae, very classy :cool:.
    What a terrific group picture, NICE!
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  11. RightOn Member

    hey! I have been gone a couple of days.... and being a lazy shit
    can anyone offer a quicky recap?
  12. Anonymous Member

    There was a hearing on the appeal. We won't know the outcome until November. Meanwhile, we explore the dox and debate the ins and out of the case.
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  13. RightOn Member

    thanks, thought I missed something over the weekend.
  14. moarxenu Member

    Important point: There was NO suicide note. There were three notes found at the crime scene. One was a letter addressed to the FBI found in a folder on his bed (recall that he was killed in his father's bedroom). The text of this note has never been published.

    Two others were stuffed into Kyle's pockets. One simply said, "11:00". The other was three paragraphs expressing unhappiness about law enforcement and people in his high school. Bohling quotes it verbatim in his report. There is not the slightest hint of suicide in it.

    Bohling did not have these analyzed by a handwriting expert to verify if they were written by Kyle.

    It was Medical Examiner Marti Scholl's job to officially state the cause of Kyle's death. She explained that she determined it to be suicide because the police had told her there was a suicide note. She did not bother to ask to see the alleged suicide note and confirm for herself.

    There is fourth document also purported to be written by Kyle - a 38-age hand written screed (also mentioned in Bohling's report). Brennan returned Kyle's belongings to his family ten days after his death. About three weeks later he met with Bohling and showed him the 38-page screed which he claimed Kyle had brought with him from California.

    Bohling did not retain the originals to have them analyzed for Kyle's handwriting. Instead, he took the screed and photocopied it and returned the original to Brennan the following day.

    When Victoria, Rick, and Sean were deposed each of them was shown the screed. Not one of them recognized the handwriting as Kyle's.

    One of the most appalling things about Judge Merryday is that he freely references the screed as evidence of Kyle's alleged mental deterioration as if was an authentic document.

    Kyle was a prolific writer, and like most Millennial Generation anons he did not write much by hand except for short notes, and did everything on his laptop. When his laptop was returned every single document had been deleted.

    The laptop was accessed two hours after Kyle was discovered dead, twice the next day, and three or four times the following week. Gee, I wonder who could have done that.
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  15. YouSeeNothing Member

    Don't forget that "LOOK INSIDE" was written on his abdomen!
    Yuen Depo, page 22, line 12: "There was writing on there that I believe said "look inside."

    Edit: From forensics report:
    n his stomach I observed the words "look inside","
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  16. anon walker Moderator

    Bohling needs to be unemployed real bad, for the good of CW and for great justice.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I would go with the entire CW PD that allows a 2yr rookie to process a crime scene of a suicide/murder. It's really unknown as the initial cop did such a horrible unprofessional job as his sergeant and corporal sat by and watched. Not justifying bohling but he didn't get the case until 15hrs after the fact, Clearwater PD=Keystone Cops:confused:
  18. anonymous612 Member

    I think that by far, the number one question I'd like to see someone make Tom Brennan answer is "If Kyle gave you the pills willingly, why did you need to lock them in the trunk?"

    I would love to figure out a way to make that happen, if you have practical suggestions.

    I assume you're already aware of this, but the main evidence presented in Jacksonville was that he had filled his prescription again, been "hoarding" his pills before his trip, kept telling people how great his meds were, and seemed to be experiencing the side effects of the meds. Plus how many pills were missing/taken.

    Hey. I ignored it the first time you ran your mouth. And the second. But watch yourself with the random bullshit claims. You can't possibly claim to know everything that went on. Hell, I live here and I can't claim that. One fucking incompetent cop does not condemn a full department.
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  19. moarxenu Member

    Never. Not a single word. The last time he spoke to Victoria was the day before Kyle's death when he told her he had rented Kyle's bedroom out and Kyle had to move out. Victoria was outraged, and he backed down.

    Brennan most likely did this because he was under orders from his ethics officer and OSA as per the ethics officer's "Sec Check KR Handling" dated that day (when stats were due at 2:00 pm):

    "Get your son moved out and set up somewhere so that he can get handled."

    He backed down and told Victoria Kyle could stay. This is one of the many mysteries surrounding Kyle's death. Why was Kyle not "moved out" despite a written ethics order? (Note that the above sentence is the only item of seven that has not been redacted despite the fact that ethics dox and OSA reports are NOT covered by religious privilege.)

    That was Brennan's last conversation with Victoria. He has never expressed to her any sorrow for Kyle's death. He did not attend Kyle's funeral or send flowers. Nor did his two sisters whom Kyle had visited in CA.

    He did not call her after he discovered Kyle dead. Instead he had Jerry Gentile call her purportedly because he is so grief stricken (after having been in the same room with Kyle's dead body for anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.)

    Imagine Victoria being awakened by the voice of a stranger who does not identify himself and says, "Is this Victoria? I am calling to tell you that your son Kyle is dead." (See Victoria's Chronology p. 16)

    After Gentile calls, Brennan immediately calls his wife scilon Wendy Jill Borden in NY, and his two sisters in CA. See Gentile's KR dated Feb 17, the day after Kyle's death and note that it is addressed to OSA Int in LA (!!!111) - page 4.

    On the afternoon of the 17th Kyle's oldest brother Scott, who was 31 at the time, called Brennan. (His account forms the last two pages of Victoria's Chronology p. 24-25).

    "He ended the call by telling me that it was over and told me that it was over and we all needed to move on."

    Also of interest is that during this five-minute conversation Brennan twice mentioned Scientology. Scott writes, "While I found many aspects of the conversation disturbing, the way he kept bringing up Scientology was strange, there was nothing in that conversation that prompted it on my end."

    All of this information is in publicly available documents, all you need to do is study them. So simple a fifth-grader can do it but apparently not federal judges.
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  20. Quentinanon Member

    Looks to me like gross and willful negligence on the parts of the Clearwater Police Department and the Pinellas County Medical Examiner. No document authentication in a homicide. No fingerprint examination. No handwriting comparison. No statement analysis. Echoes of the Jon-Benet Ramsey murder. The perpetrator was a parent living in the same residence and the police department screwed up on many points.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Totally agree. If I didn't want to take pills any more I would flush them or otherwise toss them... Why would Kyle have given them willingly to Brennan? Smells stinky like a lie. The whole thing smells stinky.
  22. Quentinanon Member

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  23. anonymous612 Member

    Tom/Quentin, that whole "Don't fucking condemn an entire police department for the actions of one idiot" thing goes for you, too.
  24. Anonymous Member

    ^ No they are not all bad it's just after having read about 100 pages of documents it's really troubling. A 2yr rookie, Sergeant, Corporal and at least 1-2 other uniforms were on scene so that's 4 or 5 then add in bohling. The rookie (the Primary) tooks notes on his notepad but had thrown it away, he said, "I can't recall" so many times it was sickening.

    They never found any bullet fragments in the apartment when there was a clear exit wound. This would have help to determine the angle of the fatal wound and is crime scene investigation 101. It just goes on and on the ME followed the 2yr rookie's recommendation that it was a suicide so a more comprehensive autopsy was not performed, it's just one glaring mistake after another.
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  25. anonymous612 Member

    Dox on the rookie throwing his notepad away?

    Not doubting you, just need to see what you're basing that on. That is generally...not illegal, but...well, no, it may actually be illegal. Police notes taken at the scene are just as much evidence as the actual items gathered. That's why they tell future cops to develop neat notetaking skills, because the defense will literally get to read through your notebooks when you testify. Even if you copy it over for legibility you still have to keep the originals.
  26. YouSeeNothing Member

    My theory, no fragments in that room because he was shot in the other bed room. Bed was stripped and he was packed and ready. When the body was discovered, his head and arm were lying in a basket. I'll assume laundry basket, a basket that may have contained the clean clothes he recently packed. Were the bed linens ever found and were the clothes he had packed clean?
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  27. YouSeeNothing Member

    It's in the Yuen depo. Claimed he destroyed the pad before the deposition.

    Page 8, line 12. Claims he shreds notebooks when full.
  28. anonymous612 Member

    And he still has his fucking job?

    I know an ex-CPD officer or two that would be horrified.

    I would definitely add that onto the list of shit to go after, then. Right up there with "Why the fuck is Bohling still employed?" Because I can't even tell you how big of a DO NOT DO THAT that is. They don't make words that emphatic.
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  29. YouSeeNothing Member

    I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt all along. Rookie cop, horrendous crime scene, "upset" father, but the note pad and lack of memory is troubling.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    In the report the primary never felt the need to look along without bothering to look for any ballistic evidence from the exit wound at a crime scene again police academy 101 kind of stuff.

    Also again it was a contact entrance wound which is abnormal in a suicide it blew off a good bit of his right temple. In a suicide the person normally holds the weapon closer to the head where you would find a smaller entrance wound and Large exit wound.
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  31. anonymous612 Member

    Is the Yuen in this case a Jonathan Yuen? If so, holy shit, he IS new (EDIT: well, was then). I wouldn't have expected him to even be out of training in the field by the time this case happened.

    Unrelated but curious fact: Yuen was awarded a Medal of Valor in 2009. So it's possible he was just suffering from the fucking stupidity that comes of being ridiculously new. of Valor- Jenkins & Yuen.pdf
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  32. Quentinanon Member

    Destruction of evidence.
  33. anonymous612 Member

    Actually it'd be its own category, and probably an interior discipline issue inside the dept itself.
  34. YouSeeNothing Member

    Yep. And, just for the sake of argument, say he was covering up, he was too new and came onto the scene unaware that it was scientology related. Claims he only knew it concerned Scientology when Brennan told him he was selling the books. I need to look to see if his report and deposition change after the arrival of the sergeant--someone more experienced with the cult.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Yes it's him he was 2yrs in and they let him process the scene and he really did a bad bad job.
  36. Anonymous Member

    I've got about 20 or more documents the Primary was Yuen he wrote the first report processed the scene. Then the hand off to Bohling 15hrs later this just seems so weird. If they didn't have an experienced homicide/suicide detective the Pinellas County Sheriff would have offered one up if they had just asked or called out Bohling.
  37. anonymous612 Member

    That two years is actually even less, once you deduct the time he spent following along his field training officer. For CPD, that's absolute minimum three months.
  38. YouSeeNothing Member

    According to his depo, the other officers weren't there when he arrived, but 4 or 5 were there when he started questioning Brennan. I was just trying to see if there was any evidence that one of those officers told him how to proceed with the investigation.
  39. Anonymous Member

    If you are reading the Yuen depo he received no instruction whatsoever by the other uniforms on scene.
  40. YouSeeNothing Member

    He wasn't sure who was around for the interview, but was able to name every officer on the scene prior, including the supervising officer, sergeant McCauley.

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