L. Ron Hubbard, the lying old fool.

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by The Animaniac, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. subgenius Member

    They say there are no stupid questions, but you may have proved them wrong.
    Double negative unanswerable unknowable useless pointless.
    All those that don't disagree with me don't fail to not raise your hand.
    And, answer this: do you think Christianity wouldn't have been less unpopular if so many had not become followers?
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  2. subgenius Member

    Hubbard was definitely influenced by his genetic makeup and experiences.
  3. skeptic2girl Member

    I don't think it's a stupid question. Hub was way into recruiting celebrities and from what I understand it was for the promotion of Scientology, aka the promotion of himself.

    Actually, that's kind of an interesting question... is there any separating L. Ron Hubbard from Scientology? It almost seems like the indie Scilons are even MORE into Hubbard than the org borgs. Like, "Get me out of this org, so corrupted by david miscavige, so I can breathe the pure, uncorrupted air of L. Ron Hubbard's farts!"

    I used to think indies decided to chuck all the bullshit and take what they could from Scientology (which is to say, stuff that L. Ron stole from others and called his own), sort of cutting their losses and and saying, "Well, L. Ron Hubbard turned out to be a total fraud, but I learned some stuff from Scientology so I'm going to keep on with that."
  4. Herro Member

    I think his behavior is more consistent with thinking he was the smartest man alive and truly wanting to help people and make the world a better place. I think he invented the religious stuff to get away from the FDA but eventually ended up buying into it.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Narcissistic personality disorder coupled with a very broad, but shallow general education, coupled with an extraordinary talent for improvised storytelling.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Just like my poop is influenced by chickens.
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  7. anonamus Member

    Hubbard's your hero, Herro?
  8. Anonymous Member

    No,Herro's true hero is David. He wants to be a shouting slapping dwarf when he grows up,and direct a fail cult into buying more shit so he can have an olympic pool to swim with male-sluts and coke.
  9. Ironhead Member

    Fer sure.

    From what I understand, what makes a pathological liar so proficiant at lying, requires them to buy into their own bullshit. U can justify just about anything to yourself with enough mental gymnastics right? And ron was a world champion tumbler when it came to that.
  10. Anonymous Member

    It would have been easy for LRH to believe his own lies if he didn't have a conscience telling him he was lying.
  11. Ironhead Member

    He didn't need one. All he had to do was backflip to "the greatest number of good..." And it was all worked out for him.

    LRH=source=scientology=saqving humanity=whateverelse he does couldn't possibly be wrong
  12. Herro Member

    His negative experiences with mental health problems and psychiatry obviously also had a profound impact upon his worldview as well.
  13. Herro Member

    That drugged out nutjob? Hell nah.
  14. Yes it did!
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  15. Ironhead Member

    Which could range from being diddled by snake thompson, who also taught him a bit about freud, to the fact that he was butthurt about the APA turning down dianetics.

    Lrh=nothing but good÷challenging lrh on his "good works"=ZOMG u r evil and out to get me!!!!
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  16. skeptic2girl Member

    raise your hand if you've had "positive" experiences with mental health problems...
    and as regards psychiatry, honest people might actually appreciate (eventually) someone calling them on their bullshit.
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  17. Have you read Hubbard's Affirmations? Interesting stuff.
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  21. RightOn Member

    did it become a best seller on it's own?
    or did it get "help" like the in later years?
  22. adhocrat Member

    he didn't have dedicated followers when it came out. It was a legitimate best seller in 1950. In the 1980s...who knows.
  23. Ironhead Member

    Actually its one of the few legit ones. Couldn't namee any others though, ask a scilon
  24. Anonymous Member

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