L. Ron Hubbard's PAB's

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    First, if this is in the wrong forum, please move this thread.

    Anyway, I just found some of L. Ron's PAB's I have Book II and Book 4 in my hands. I have no idea what to do with them. I'll post pictures of them tonight in this thread. They are both Copyright date 1956.
  2. Passenger Air Bag?
    Punk Ass Bitch?
    Performing Arts Building?
    Peek A Boo?

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    Pile 'a Bollocks!
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    Pussy, Ass, Boobs?
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    Professional Auditor Bulletins. I think I have a set. It would be nice to see these online somewhere. They contain, for instance, the famous "there was no Christ" quote.
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    Hum, that would mean I would have to read these fo find the "Christ" quote.
  7. CarterUSP Member

    Sounds interesting. I'll check them out.
  8. That would be a powerful LRH quote in writng to have, Scientologists always deny.....

    They take being in denial to intergalactic levels........
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    Crap. Now I'm going to have to read this shit to see if it's there.
  10. I used the audio of that in my first anti-scientogy video I created years ago:

    Of course there is another sound byte in which Hubbard is talking about inventing god that I used in "L Ron Hubbard fixin God" video I created later.
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    You sure? That quote is in the Assists lecture, and I'm really skeptical that Flubbard would have included it in something like a PAB.
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    PAB 13: On Human Behavior pdf_button.png printButton.png emailButton.png

    SPDL Note: In PAB 13 below, written by Hubbard in 1953, and still published by Scientology today as "scripture," he identifies the "truly aberrative personalities" or the "merchants of fear" as a class of degraded and worthless human beings, "vampire personalties, " "repulsive" and "extremely dangerous," who are not only beyond help from his psychotherapy, or "auditing," but the reason for trouble in other people undergoing auditing. Twelve years later, Hubbard identifies this class — the merchant of fear — which here he viciously defames and recommends for roundup and removal from society, as the "Suppressive Person:"
    The suppressive person (whom we've called a Merchant of Fear or Chaos Merchant and which we can now technically call the suppressive person) can't stand the idea of Scientology.
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    HCOPL 5 Apr 1965 Handling The Suppressive Person The Basis of Insanity

    PAB 13

    Via Hubbard Communication Office
    163 Holland Park Avenue, London W11

    1953, ca. mid-November


    Kraeplin in Germany a long time ago made a long and varied psychotic classification. This has been refined and made, if anything, even more unwieldy in modern times. It is valueless since it does not lead to the immediate remedy of the situation. Further, we are not very interested in types. There is really no such thing as a special type of psychosis or neurosis, beyond those types which are quite aberrative around the preclear.


    Probably the truly aberrative personalities in our society do not number more than five or ten percent. They have very special traits. Where you find in the preclear's bank a person with one or more of these characteristics, you will have the person who most thoroughly tried the preclear's sanity.

    What we will call the aberrative personality does the following things:

    1. Everything bad that happened to the preclear was (a) ridiculous, (b) unimportant, (c) deserved.

    2. Everything the preclear and others did to the aberrative person was (a) very important, (b) very bad, (c) irremediable.

    3. Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value, (b) were done better by the aberrative personality or by others.

    4. Sexual restraint or perversion.

    5. Inhibition of eating.

    Such people would be better understood if I called them the "merchants of fear." The most degraded control operation of which the GE is capable is utilized by these people for their sole method of getting on in the world. They have lost all ability themselves to create, they cannot work themselves, they must either amass money which is never to be spent or must prevent others from amassing money. They produce nothing, they must steal one way or another, and then devaluate whatever they obtain. They speak very sternly of honesty or ethics and put on a formidable front of complete legality. They are impartial, which is to say they are incapable of decision but ride continually a maybe. They close terminals easily with courts, for courts are, sad to say, more or less of this disposition themselves. They feel called upon at no pretext to become adjudicative on subjects where their opinion has not been invited.

    Probably a society could be cleared and allowed to bloom if these people were simply rounded up and removed from contagion with the remaining populace, for they are not numerous. Yet they are in sufficient number that it is doubtful if your preclears who are more seriously badly off have not had at least one in their past. It is particularly true of the occluded case that he has been victimized by one of these "merchants of fear."


    The "merchants of fear" specialize in being offended themselves and, even though the overt acts [crimes] against them are slight, these have become magnified in the preclear's bank until such people, on the overt act phenomenon alone, occupy a major role in the preclear's thinking.


    If one traces out these people, as I have done occasionally after processing a preclear, he will discover that the aberrative personality is very close to the brink of a crackup, has a very low survival level, and quite commonly goes insane.

    It should be understood that anyone going down Tone Scale in moments of anger is apt to use the above-numbered steps one way or another. But this is a momentary thing; the above steps belong, of course, on the Tone Scale and are significant of a level on the Tone Scale. Thus, one going down Tone Scale into anger or into apathy is inclined to use these operations momentarily. This is quite different from the aberrative personality. The aberrative personality is at work with this operation twenty-four hours a day. Ceaselessly, relentlessly, calculatingly, with full knowingness, the aberrative personality continues this onslaught against those around him.

    The entire computation of this aberrative personality is that he is worthless; he himself knows himself to be completely worthless. One might feel a little pity if the harm were not so great, for there is nothing more terrible than this knowledge. The aberrative personality feels he cannot succeed unless he drives others away from him with fear, preferably with terror. He assumes aspects of ugliness in matters of clothing; he is quite prone to ugliness. Very often this personality does not bathe, his breath is very often foul, his feet become odorous, the endocrine system has failed one way or another, the person has considerable bowel trouble. Other people than the aberrative personality occasionally manifest these difficulties; unfortunately, it all stems from the same idea—to drive other people away.


    There is no decision in such people; they do not know whether to go up the street or down the street. Put into a certain routine and forced into that routine, they will carry on, but they do not themselves produce anything; they are entirely parasitic. This parasitism is gained either by the inheritance or other accumulation of money or by a direct and forthright nullification of those around them into the status of slaves. For this person knows above all other things that he cannot produce an honest day's work.
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    Now, in case you err and try to apply this classification too widely, there is one definite characteristic you must not overlook. This characteristic makes the difference between the aberrative personality and run-of-the-mill human beings. The secrecy computation is the clue. The best index to a secrecy computation is a refusal to be audited. Because of this factor of the secrecy computation, and for no other factor, it chances to follow that the aberrative personality can be known by his refusal to have any auditing of any kind or, if he has any auditing, accepts it very covertly and will not permit it to have any effect upon him. He will not have a second session. He has all manner of excuses for this such as "altitude," but in any way, shape or form he escapes auditing. If your preclear's unwilling to be audited, he himself may fall into this classification.

    Because justice in this society prides itself upon impartiality, these impartial people—the aberrative personalities—are quite often listened to by those around them. The pose of being impartial is an effort to escape decision. People who get things done or who are worth anything to the society make decisions. The impartial people make no decisions if they can possibly avoid them and at the very best put off decisions as long as possible, as in the case of a court of law. These people, being well downscale, are very close to mest and have a very solid agreement with mest.


    There is hardly a man of art or letters who does not bear on him the scar of having associated with a "merchant of fear," for these are vampire personalities. They are themselves so starved of admiration and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form. Where a woman becomes a "merchant of fear," sexual starvation is continually attempting satiation and all the while the "merchant of fear" will protest and, to all visible signs, follow a life of complete celibacy.

    While it is not my purpose here to revile, I wish to impress upon the auditor that the “merchant of fear” is extremely dangerous, both to creative impulses and to sanity. One could say airily “Why don’t we just audit these people upscale, since they are so few," but these people will never present themselves for auditing and will discourage anyone else from having any auditing. A solution to the "merchant of fear" probably does not lie in the field of auditing.


    They are neither strong nor wise and before an even indifferently forceful attack quickly capitulate. They live their whole lives in terror of attack.

    One often finds these characteristics in company with paresis or hears the aberrative personality has actually contracted a dreadful disease to add to his repulsiveness.


    Now and then some violent man in one country or another has undertaken programs to rid a society of these points of contagion. Kings in olden times handled the problem by decapitating people who continually brought them bad news—this was a very wise measure. In more recent times it has been said that Gomez, late dictator of Venezuela, discovered that the contagion point of leprosy in the country was the beggar. He found that the beggars of Venezuela were using leprosy in order to beg. People would pay in order to have the ugly thing taken away from them (the basic philosophy of the beggar is to be paid to go away). Gomez had the beggars told that they were going to be taken to a very fruitful part of Venezuela and given a colony of their own; he had them collected on a river bank and loaded aboard two large river boats. The river boats proceeded into mid-stream, their crews left them in skiffs and the boats blew up with a resounding explosion. This was the end of leprosy in Venezuela. I am not telling you this to advocate the immediate slaughter of the "merchants of fear;" I am merely giving you an historical note. The extreme impatience of people trying to get something done in a society will eventually center upon those who will not work and, in the case of kings or tyrants, such people have very often been done away with. Thus the precedent is very old of a society cleansing itself by removing from its ranks the nonworkers.


    People in societies are extremely punitive about those who will not work and about those who depend on fear for their sustenance. But society going downscale can become more and more apathetic toward the " merchant of fear" until the "merchant of fear" predominates as a class.

    Just as the king or the society revolted against the "merchant of fear," so has your preclear tried to get the "merchant of fear" to work and to contribute something besides bad news. This effort, of course, was bent toward an organism which was already rotten at the core. Whether the "merchant of fear" used money or beauty to excuse his own lack of labor, only added to the maybe. The law forbade the preclear to use the measure of the tyrant or the Gomez, for the law is utterly infatuated with such people and defends them at every turn just as such people use almost exclusively the law. As your preclear was balked in his natural impulse to clear the way, he was brought into staring recognition of the fact that the necessary act—murder—was halted by the existence of police and courts.


    If your preclear is of the kind who produces or creates or who works and makes his way in the world in general, you can find the aberrative personality in his bank immediately by asking him—with an E-Meter, of course, because he probably won't tell you direct—if he wanted to kill anyone. The E-Meter will say that he did and on discovery of this identity the auditor will find the aberrative personality.


    The aberrative personality is so badly off that he can lead only a parasitic existence. You will understand, then, that people going down Tone Scale do not immediately and automatically become aberrative personalities, in our definition as here used. People become aberrative personalities out of a malevolence which insists on a high level of survival without the production of anything.

    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Professional Auditor's Bulletin 13 mid-November 1953 On Human Behavior
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    Ripe vintage is ripe! do want!! OP got scanner?
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    hey, that's my line...
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    What does the scanner say about his power level?
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    There are in the red volumes, which were probably the first complete set of scibooks leaked. Nothing new here.
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