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Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by the anti, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. the anti Member

    alright, might as well start ahead of time. I believe there will be an event every saturday during the month, lets discuss this.
  2. Anonymous Member

    PM Pooks. She usually has advanced info when these events are happening.
  3. RiseAndFight Member

    Alright, so me and my other newfag anons discovered at the Pasadena raid on the 17, We suck and need some help with training and such. I mean i understand that a raid is a raid simple as that, but sometimes it helps to get a little help and some advice. I represent five other anons besides myself and if attend an event, more than likely two or more will be joining me. So please, help a brother out. Pasadena was my first raid and although it went semi-crappy, it was litterally the best think I have ever done in my life, for both me and the good of other people. And I want to continue.
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  4. moarxenu Member

  5. RiseAndFight Member

    Thank you Very much. we didn't have a camera sadly, and we had all left our personal stuff in a safe spot except our fliers and Identification (in case the cops showed up). I didn't think about posting in the post game, because it didn't really feel like much of a game. And today i just found out out that one of my friends had their picture taken by one of the old men. What do i do to comfort him? he's freaked out for his family more than himself. And i feel the same because I have A Feeling they know my dad and where he works.
  6. Anonymous Member

    U didn't read the fine print?

    "Opponents who are "fair game" may be "deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

    No worries-if that old dog had any teeth left, we'd all be fucked.
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  7. RiseAndFight Member

    Thanks, I'll be sure to let him know and hope it doesn't discourage him from raiding. one think for sure, we're staying away from Pasadena for awhile. especially since i work out there sometimes XD
  8. AnonyVix Member

    The church of scientology has more than enough targets at the moment. People who simply protest should be under the radar, their picture will just be added to the pile that gives them a false sense of being in control. On the off chance something does happen wear it like a badge of honour. Please do share with your family and work colleagues what you have been up to but don't make out like it will be a big deal because it likely won't.

    You may get lucky and receive a "DVD Anonymous: Hate Crimes" or some such. You should frame this as presented by the church of scientology for outstanding services in enturbulation and keep it to show the grandchildren. I will say though these are few and far between these days which is why they are so coveted. :)
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  9. I wonder if that pile reaches the moon yet. There couldn't possibly be enough culties left to actually do anything with the vast majority of those pics.
  10. the anti Member

    are now anyways we are just waiting for some info on where events will be going on during the month
  11. AnonyVix Member

    Could be made in to a montage as a backdrop to Lil' David Miscavige's solo follow up to the We Stand Tall video, I'm sure someone can think of suitable title for it or he could do a cover of "So lonely" or some such.
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  12. Nah.... use the pics to make a collage of Gold Base, seen from a high vantage point, and then only DM remains in the middle of the place, all alone. Title it, "Checkmate"
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  13. EVery Saturday? How do you know that?
  14. the anti Member

    they do this every july, maiden voyage event
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  15. Cool cool! So is someone gonna post dates in this thread? I think there was another thread hanging around talking about upcoming raids
  16. the anti Member

  17. So this image says:

    Does that mean we can expect an evening time for our place? or do they do it differently?
  18. the anti Member

    i'm not to sure at the moment, it tends to be late afternoon/early evening
  19. REmind me to send this to Dallas Peeps especially this one:
  20. Anonymous Member

    Generally, they have the live event at one location and time, and they video it to show in other places. So if it's going to be live in London on those dates, not sure where the local events are going to take place yet. I'm guessing the event of the 1st will be on the 8th out here, the one on the 8th will be the 15th, and so on. So we still need confirmation on the dates.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Bring signs and some music, and just party in the street. Scifags don't generally have fun doing what they're doing. It's all "grim and purposeful" and "gotta get it done by 2pm Thursday," and crap like that. So just remind them how much fun life would be if only they weren't stuck inside that G**D*** cult. And inform the public with your signs. Lately, a good thing to inform the public about is that senior scientologist (Jan Eastgate, Head of CCHR) being arrested for "perverting the course of Justice" in Australia. I don't think the scn rank and file even know about that.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Excellent job. Maybe bring music next time, so you can party in the street and remind the scifags how much fun they're not having. Inside the cult, everything is all "grim and purposeful" and "gotta get it all done by 2pm Thursday or die" and crap like that. But yeah, this is great.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I just got a message on my voicemail that they want to confirm me for the Maiden Voyage events, which will be held in L.A. on the 2nd and the 9th. They didn't say where.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I heard that the Maiden Voyage events are going to be held at the Bonaventure Hotel downtown. Need confirmation. Anybody?
  25. Maybe call back and confirm that where the event is?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Here's confirmation from a reliable source:
    July 2 and 9 at the Bonaventure, but we should probably get there around 4:30 or 5:00, so we can enturbulate everybody who's setting up and coming early to get the free food.
  27. Anonymous Member

    OK. Excellent idea.
  28. Anticipate them to try to change from BonaVenture if they catch wind we are coming, or to bail on the july 9th.

    Then Again, maybe money has changed hands and they would lose their deposit.....

    In that case Carry on then.
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    From my observation, they don't seem to be agile enough any more to play the game of changing the venue to avoid us. Not that they're that good at "change" in general anyway. hehe Just sayin'. They're probably just going to be "resolute" and "defiant" and brazen it out at the Bonaventure. This is an event for their oh-tees, and they need an "upstat" location for that.
  31. RightOn Member

    CCHR's Jan Eastgate Arrested sign?
    Leader of COS Oslo Arrested sign?
    Ex COS Member Who Spoke Out List reaches 1500+ Names sign?
    just some ideas

    good luck to all who go!!
  32. hairlol Member

    Hey anti, call me and let's figure out a meetup spot.
  33. the anti Member

    alright. and anyone else joining? speak up so i know for sure it won't end up being 2 or 3 people again
  34. i'mglib Member

    I'm going to give it a shot.

    The ol' real life has been getting in the way lately.

    What about these new guys from Pasadena? Woot.

    Also, remember how on the enemies list they said they aren't doing mass emails anymore? I think that's to keep us enemies in the dark about time and place.
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  35. the anti Member

    most likely, but i know they have those posters all over LRH way that give clue to events coming up, along with board here

  36. i'mglib Member

    So, lemme think here....

    If they have to CALL every single person they want to invite to this thing, because they can't send emails due to our intercepting their emails and then enturbulating their event...

    Does that make them "at cause" or "at effect?"
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  37. Triumph Member

    I see what you did Thar
  38. RiseAndFight Member

    I wanna join but even though i keep reading this thread backwards and forwards, along with all external links, I still don't know what's going on with this voyage thing other than the dates. *derp*
  39. the anti Member

    they are holding events here in LA this saturday the 2nd and next on the 9th in downtown
  40. RiseAndFight Member

    so my hunch was amazingly right. and it's gonna be at the weird hotel at 7pm right? i think i might be only able to make it to the 9th. unless i can get a miracle by the end of this week.

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