LA Recon as told by ATH

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  1. Dianetics Member

    LA Recon as told by ATH

    Video to be included soon.

    -ath/#socal- Epic tales of scouting lulz
    <ath> I arrived at Starbucks and stood around for about 10 minutes, watching people come in an dout
    <ath> I saw a suspicious looking fellow with his black hoodie up, and sunglasses, and he looked really antsy
    <ath> He says "yes"
    <ath> I said "Anonymous?"
    <ath> He says yep.
    <ath> Thus the first meeting was concluded.
    <ath> We stood around looking very suspicious.
    <ath> A short time later, a fellow in a USC sweater approaches and says "Would you happen to know where the church of scientology is
    <ath> And we say, why we sure do
    <ath> Thus the third fellow approached. Cutting the story shorter, a few more people showed up
    <ath> including an ex-sci who i know you all know her name
    <ath> We had the pleasure of hanging out with Tory
    <ath> Short story on that
    <ath> She got to talk about a lot of stuff, explained bits of CoS lingo, what each building was etc
    <ath> we walked down to L Ron Hubbard Way
    <ath> So, big ass parking lot, their shit basically covers a whole city block, plus across the street on either side
    <ath> and then their own parking garage
    <ath> (in addition to the lot)
    <ath> and then they had the Sea Org center where their eternal slaves live and grow up
    <ath> trashy looking place.
    <ath> Anyway, we scoped out the spot we will be picketing
    <ath> There is a subway restaurant that we may patronize quite a bit
    <ath> we forewarned them of our arrival
    <ath> Also there is a subway station (Vermont and Sunset) on the Red Line a block up, as people have said
    <ath> so that will be many folks' mode of transportation
    <ath> Furthermore: A video was done
    <ath> For identity's sake, many faces will be blurred, and I have not identified the IRC names of the people who came as that will be
    up to them
    <ath> So remember we had those pics posted a couple days ago..
    <ath> and the guy got approached by a guard
    <Dianetics> How is traffic ATH?
    <ath> Traffic is BRILLIANT
    <ath> tons
    <ath> anyway
    <ath> So the guy got approached by two security guards.
    <ath> Tory was telling us that every time she steps foot on that street, a guard or two will approach her and harass her
    <ath> also she said that normally when people approach, they send people outside to make the street look active
    <ath> When we were there, the place was batshit fucking dead
    <ath> NO ONE
    <ath> security did not approach us
    <ath> first time she said, ever.
    <ath> meaning they were scared shitless
    <ath> we were followed while on site
    <ath> some skinny looking older guy was a bad follower
    <ath> we stopped. he passed us and looked back at me
    <ath> and i smiled all big
    <ath> then another dude.. and i loudly said "HEY GUYS SLOW DOWN SO THAT GUY CAN PASS US"
    <ath> so he passes us, goes in the parking lot... we make it half way up the block and i start noticing that every 3rd car has a
    scifag in it taking notes and talking as we pass by
    <ath> including that guy.
    <ath> was awesome
  2. donotstalk Member

    ...Taking notes?
    Man, they are scared. I expected much more.
  3. anon13 Member

    That's cool that they got to take notes from Tory. She's become quite a big celebrity in this movement and she seems to know what she's doing.
  4. LE Member

    I live really close to Burbank. I should go say "HI!" to Tory sometime.

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