Lamo- will hack for patriotism

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by User Name Change, Jun 5, 2011.

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  3. 00anon00 Member

    (Its all about me)

  4. slobeck Member

    OMG that faggot is such a freakshow. He gives Aspies a bad name.
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  5. Herro Member

  6. slobeck Member

    freakshow because he did something totally fucked up and is rather proud of how he did it. And, well, I'm very close with a few Aspies who are awesome and Lamo is most definitely not awesome.

    (Just my opinion, and like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink)

    I'm curious, why ask why?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Maybe he's not really an aspy, just a sociopath.
  8. slobeck Member

    Actually, he is. It was mentioned in an Al Jazeera news piece. I can't seem to find it now tho. I'll keep trying
  9. Anonymous Member

    I guess being one doesn't necessarily preclude being the other. There was a big NYTimes article about him awhile back, don't remember whether asperger's was mentioned.
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  11. Herro Member

    What did he do that was fucked up?
  12. Anonymous Member

    I know you think you're being clever with those questions, but actually you're just retarded.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Retarded but not Asperger!

    Lame-O is an Ass Burger
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Boris Korczak Member

    The most patriotic thing is to keep you country's politics clean. Assange is a hero and Adrian Lamo is a snitch.
    If you look with open eyes at American politics it is a long rope of lies, deceipts and BS. Wikileaks exposed those lies and America should be grateful for it and correct its wrong doings.
    We should withdraw our troops from every country,(150 of them), and put them on the southern border stopping illegal immigration. Anonymous support for Wkileaks is commandable.
    Stay safe.
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  17. Herro Member

    They both did what they thought was best.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Who pissed in your Wheaties this morning? What's the matter, boyfriend wouldn't slip you the sausage?

    I'm doing what I thought was best.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Patriotism... the last refuge of a Lamer, er, Lamo.
  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Yes they did, and one of them was wrong.
  23. Boris Korczak Member

    To answer to "why not" let me tell you something you certainly know without my help; War is a big business and we would not like to hurt those billioners who produce and sweat to produce more war machines. You and I pay for this and Wikileaks tried to stop the rich ones getting richer. We send young ones and pump them with crap like "you defend USA" in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.
    They defend the big business and die and kill the other poor people and get their legs and arms blown off and come home on the stretchers or in black plastic bags.
    I have seen it with my very eyes.
    Stay safe.
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  24. A friend of mine has fought in the PKK, war is not good for you it leaves you scarred.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    ynot? Anon here.

    Thanks for taking the time.

    Yes, not only is it the classic "War Pigs" scenario, but these same red-handed billionaires then don't pay any tax.

    Only the stupidest assholes would believe that they defend their country being 15,000 Km from it. Maybe we'll get lucky and the bottom 5% of the US race will remain permanently in those countries, so to speak.
  26. Heartzofmen Member

    That will never happen, with our bleeding heart leaders who want open borders, and all of the money generated by war.
  27. Anonymous Member

    The last "enemy" still standing will be China in the end.
  28. Boris Korczak Member

    I spent a number of years in China and do not believe that China is any military danger to US. I believe it is a hell of competitor in econmy, production of goods, etc. China in the last 30 years got out of XIX century straight into XXI century while we regress in everything. Our economy is worse than of Greece at this moment and if we put our money in making this country stronger, healthier and more productive, stop exporting jobs and tax a shit out of the big concerns, get our troops back home - we might even compete with China.
    Our saber rattling is an infantile behavior and the talk in Congress about changes in Medicare and Social Security, giving both into corporations hands is playing with fire. A healthy nation is a productive nation and in China healthcare is FREE.
    You should watch the movie "Sicko" by Michael Moore and find out that the rest of the world gives the health care for free including Cuba. Bullying the world and not taking care of its own people is a bad policy.
    Stay safe.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    So did Hitler & Saddam Hussein.
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. I did see that and most Anons I hope. Essentially nothing is really free but building in solidarity into the system goes a far way.

    Dutch Healthcare costs half the ammount per head and is cutting edge. In America the healthinsurance company actually hopes the patïent dies before they have to fork over money. Here even the homeless have acces to some welfare and by that health insureansce if they register at designated places and even if they are not registered they get help.
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  32. BSE Member

    Lamo, a black hat. His name is appropriate.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    fuck u
  34. PhAnonynom Member

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  35. Dragononymous Member

    Faggot ruins Anons work.
    Lulzsec = Anon how again? Lame press/news stations...
  36. Smurf Member

    I wish the U.S. implemented this policy...
  37. SwordofTruth Member

    He reminds me of the person known as "jester" he is all proud about how "patriotic" he is and keep us safe from all these people who want to blow us up, funny how hundreds could do it everyday anywhere yet don't ... and yet all he does is DDOS jihadist websites saying he stopped them recruiting young people, I would support his actions if he wasn't so biased or a pussy and did the same to any of the countries recruiting young people so they can kill more brown people in the middle east for our freedoms and for their own .

    I watched that uneditied interview recently that wikileaks posted on Vimeo, Assange explains how Lamo donated like $20 to Wikileaks and told people he was working with Wikileaks before the supposed Manning chat, I found it also interesting how the chat logs were selectively censored.
  38. LOL at my own country

    Pasta machine
    ‘We are tough and helpful at the same time,’ Bezema said. ‘We give them the message ‘you have to go back, but how can we help you?’. We try to be creative.’
    This can lead to unconventional solutions, the paper said. In one case a man going back to Nepal was given a pasta making machine so he could open a restaurant. And an Angolan woman was given a manicure set so she could start a beauty parlour.
    ‘These people often paid human traffickers a lot of money and want to go home with their head held high,’ Bezema said. ‘We help them with that.’
  39. Herro Member

    Adrian Lamo is a hero.

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