Landing an Idea I got from Thinking about the Concepts Involved

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Baron Philip Rabisky, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Figure this out:


    The item of note here is that the control of magnetic and electric phenomena on the part of the presiding agent, if you will, is what obtains for that agent interaction with target objects. There are higher versions of light bulb juice that agents use to interact at the levels herein depicted.

    One point of note that the chart brings to light is that the psyche is not psy, which is where Hubbard advanced the field. That's the main point of this chart. It's not then psych-ology, but rather psy-ology that people are really talking about when thinking that they are talking about less corporeal phenomena, for when you are talking about truly non-existing items, there is no material component of any kind, so the thetan really does not exist, so how are you going to do anything with it? You aren't going to do anything with it, its un-self, but rather its products and that's what L. Ron Hubbard's work is about--how to help the thetan, the agent in charge there, that un-self, deal with that agent's products, so they do what the agent, the thetan, the psyche, which too is untouchable, uneffectable, wants them to do. That's what clearing is about--getting rid of the no-longer functioning products to liberate the agent from their creations, like helping Dr. Frankenstein slay his monster.
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