Las Vegas Back in action Raid. Friday Sep 16th

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by LastOneStanding, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Calling all able bodied Vegas-anons. It's that time again.

    Where: Scientology Emerson Org. 2761 Emerson Ave Las Vegas, NV 89121 ( Google maps for specific location )
    When: Friday Sep. 16th, 6pm - 8pm
    Meetup: 5:30pm - 5:45pm @ KFC on Eastern and Desert Inn. At 6 we will move as a group to the org.
    What to Bring: Appropriate propaganda, fliers and picket signs. Wear concealing clothing, including a mask, if you'd wish to conceal your identity for protection.

    Remember: A lot of you have never been to the new org since they moved from the old one on Sahara. They stepped their game up and a lot of us haven't been out on the field in awhile. Remember to keep your wits about you. Remember the law and your rights and above all else, this is a peaceful display of protest. Practice free speech but in the limits of the law, which do not evoke verbal harassment. Remember to park your car far away from the KFC and walk the rest of the way there. They are known to follow us home and have done it before.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Thread necro for great justice. Wassup this September, and is Fremont street counterpamphlet doable?
  3. hey man
    this post is from 2011 but were still going strong.. kinda right now.
    I'm going to turn my messages back on.
    so message me and we can talk about it more.
    were planing something big for the next global raid in celebration of Katie Holmes finally leaving that POS tom cruise on July 21.

    hope to hear from you.

    anything is doable at this point. the clams presence is felt everywhere in this town.
  4. Budd Member

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