Las Vegas Ideal Org 6/29/11

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by LastOneStanding, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Here's a quick peek at the LV Ideal Org on Emerson Ave.

    Sorry for the fail cam but it was kinda hard not to look blatantly obvious, especially since they are located at the very end of a dead end street (lol irony) so there was no foot traffic for me to blend into.
    Apparently they're located right smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood and a nice one at that.
    These are the surroundings to that abomination of a building.
    My best guess is that they bough the land they needed to build the org, booted everyone who had a house there out, demolished everything and proceeded to build it.

    I guess life is not with out a sence of irony cuz just down the block from the org there's an i believe catholic chruch with signs of all kinds of things they do to help the community.
    I especially like the on where they advertise they're giving no tuition grades 1-5 clases for their parishioners children lol

    There's the sign of the church and the time they hold services.
    And the sign for the free public charter school.

    Silly cult is silly! Keep the foot bullets comming!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What on earth are the neighbors saying about not only a cult, but an ugly cult down the street?

    That starburst in the front looks like a 1950's wallclock design. Figures


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  3. hah yeah i though about asking them that that day
    but i dont wanna start giving myself away untill i have other anons with me
    for all i know that whole neighborhood could be full of clams.
  4. Herro Member

    Where are the pics of you babe? That's the only reason I peeked in this thread.
  5. we go over this every other fuking week
    not in the inner circle, no pics!
  6. Herro Member

    Oh baby you know I don't want to be in your inner circle. I just want to be first in your heart.
  7. you aint got the guts or stomach to be 1st in my heart sweetie.
  8. Herro Member

    Don't be afraid of your feelings for me.
  9. Herro. Member

    I want to be in your outer circle.
  10. tzczerno Member has a little bit of info and a couple fotos from an OG in 2005 when Co$ first bought the place (previously a synagogue).
  11. Anonymous Member

    1:45 seconds of my life I wish I still had.
  12. acepi86 Member

    This was taken this sunday down on fremont street....
  13. Orson Member

    LOS, there's a good thread you can search for on the LV Ideal Org which has some history to it. It was a Jewish Synagogue they bought if I remember correctly. Use the search function for more.
  14. Sir,YES SIR!!!!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Can I have the sweet creamy circle in the middle?

  16. AnonyVix Member

    Yeah but you know Hubbard would tell you they had them in Xenu's day too, along with the DC10 rocket ships. :D It's all in the implants you see... ^^
  17. no carrots ?
    only whip
  18. Yay! Found you guise! LV Anon reporting for duty...again.
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