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    This is what I'm planning to i-report in a few minutes: Feel free to bitch, complain, flame, or offer constructive critism. Also feel free to use as basis for a new PR.
    Freewinds Finally Being Stripped of Blue Asbestos

    WILLEMSTAD – Will it be safe for Scientologists to sail the briny blue again? Apparently, it will no longer be potentially toxic.

    According to the website, a special team from the United States is working on removing asbestos from the MV Freewinds, the Scientology cruise ship that hosted Tom Cruise‘s last birthday party. The team is being supervised by an independent bureau from the Netherlands and Environmental Service.

    PR-director Karin Pouw of Scientology in Los Angeles has given a reaction to the sealing and drydocking to the website “The Freewinds on a regular basis checks the air quality on board of the ship and always meets the American standards. Inspections on April 15 and 28 confirm that the air quality is safe, in accordance with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and US Clean Air Act.” Ms. Pouw's remarks belie the fact that the ship is registered with the Dutch authorities, so Dutch standards would apply and US standards are not the applicable statutes.

    The ship is undergoing a total overhaul while in drydock. Ms. Pouw states this as the total reason for the dry-docking, with no mention of the seal and no mention of the asbestos removal. She states: “The true and accurate story is that the Freewinds is being restored to better than new. The restoration is on schedule.”

    This removal validates the claims of Lawrence Woodcraft, who has become a vocal critic of Scientology. In 1987, Mr. Woodcraft, a licensed architect, was assigned to prepare detailed plans for remodeling the interior cabins and other spaces on the Freewinds. In a sworn Declaration from 2001, he reported that shortly after arriving on the ship, he noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance under a layer of paint. Upon closer inspection, he recognized it to be "blue" asbestos, the most dangerous form of this carcinogen. This Declaration also noted his attempts to alert Sea Org officers (including David Miscavige's sister-in-law Bitty Miscavige) about the problem, and their refusal to remove it.

    For the past four months, critics such as Mr. Woodcraft have been joined by the internet activists known as Anonymous. World-wide protests have been held in over 20 cities each month, with over 5000 protestors attending in April. The next protest is scheduled for May 10 and will focus on Scientology’s policy of “Fair Game”.

    For the full update on the Freewinds situation, please visit
    For more information on Anonymous or to find a protest location near you, visit Scientology Activism and Organization.

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