Laura Prepon leaving the cult?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I saw this comment on Village Voice that she left the cult but I cannot find the thread on ESMB that was referenced. Anyone here know?
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    this does not affect me because masterson is still a cult member so i can still no longer watch that 70's show.
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    I hope she's out
    she has a new show starting soon
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    For what it's worth, this article just went online:

    Is Scientology the reason Laura Prepon is leaving "Orange is the New Black"? | AfterEllen

    Actress Laura Prepon is a devout Scientologist, a religious group that is known for having varying ideas about homosexuality. Largely, though, it is a homophobic church, based on the teachings of one man, L. Ron Hubbard, who has written that lesbianism and homosexuality are “sexual perversions” and those that identify as such are ”dangerous to society.”

    So when Laura Prepon was cast as a lesbian character on Orange is the New Black, it seemed that perhaps she was able to reconcile this with herself and her church; that acting as a lesbian might not be as bad as being a lesbian. (Which is still a kind of terrible thought to have if you’re going to be representing a community on a large scale.) So when rumors arose today that she might not be back for the full second season of the Netflix hit series, fans began to wonder “Why!?” Orange was a smashing success and Laura’s character of Alex seems to be in prison for a long time. Could it be that her religion is making her think twice about continuing in the role that has her having a romantic and sexual relationship with a woman on screen?

    Continued with interesting comments at
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    I thought she left like a year ago?
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    Conflicting reports but it appears if she is out she hasn't said so publicly. Last reference I can find is to her identifying as a Scientologist in 2007
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    That reminds my of Auntie Social!
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    No relation... :cool:
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    Didn't see that tweet on her twitter feed :(
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    Empty comment section is Empty

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    Even as a clam, this is drawing attention to the cults homophobic leanings at a time when the cult can least afford it. I'll take that as a win.
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    Didn't say world wide?
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    oh yes I got it wrong, thanks bro
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    Looks like Laura Prepon is still a scientologist. :(

    This thread has her as a confirmed attendee of the 2013 Celebrity Center Gala, or whatever it's called.

    She must be making amends for something really good. After staying out of the cult spotlight for several years, all the sudden she quits Orange is the New Black and now she's actually allowing herself to be photographed at the gala. Maybe she's been questioning the cult and so is being forced to make amends by being a good little scientologist? (Wishful thinking.) I can see her having a no-bullshit personality like Leah. I hope so.
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    I was most disappointed to see her at the gala. If the young ones blow, there is only the aging Travolta and Anne Archer types to carry the banner.
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    If she quit a critically acclaimed show for some type of amends (or at the behest of the cult, which is the prevalent rumor) then her star will start to fade quickly. She will have difficulty getting hired for new work and will probably be forced to do small circuit theater or relying on an agent that can only beg for work.

    She'll go the route of Jenna Elfman, who has a tough time getting hired due to her histrionic "AIDS is psychosomatic" rant and her cult affiliation. Jenna pissed of the gay community and if Laura quit because her cult didn't like her playing a homosexual then she'll wind up pissing off the gays as well. I don't like either of them as actors, but at least Laura seemed to have a semblance of a brain.
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    COMMENTS OPEN DISQUS STYLE, Let's rip them a new one !!!

    Is Laura Prepon Leaving “OITNB” Because Scientology Hates The Gays?

    Amelia McDonell-Parry23 hours ago


    By now you’ve probably heard the news that Laura Prepon is leaving “Orange is the New Black” midway through season two of the Netflix hit. It’s an odd move for the actress, who hasn’t exactly had a lot of work since her career-making gig on “That ’70s Show” ended. Why would she want to leave such a successful and talked about new show, especially when her role as Piper’s drug-dealing ex has become increasingly more significant? Well, some speculate that her decision may have something to do with her being a Scientologist. Prepon has been a member of the Church of Scientology since she began dating Chris Masterson (brother of her “That ’70s Show” costar Danny Masterson), who was raised in the Church.
    The controversial “religion” (I prefer the term cult, but whatevs), while not anti-homosexuality in the same way as, say, the Westboro Baptist Church, still considers being gay a “sexual perversion,” as Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard put it. Back in 1951, Hubbard introduced the “tone scale,” which allowed him to rate human beings and their behavior on a chart from +40 (the most beneficial) to -40 (the least beneficial). Sexual perversion, which in Hubbard’s view included homosexuality, was given a rating of 1:1 and defined “the level of the pervert, the hypocrite, the turncoat [and] … the subversive.” In other words, in Hubbard’s and thus Scientology’s outlook on the world, gay people are pretty much the dregs of humanity. Now, the Church has tried to argue that they aren’t teaching an anti-gay agenda, but if you know anything about Scientology, you know Hubbard is considered the one and only “source” and his word is gospel. Like, you don’t question or edit a word that he says. Ever. That shit’s perfect! Plus, Scientology executives has long been rumored to have influence over the career choices of their celebrity members — remember when Katie Holmes decided not to reprise her role in “The Dark Knight” in favor of doing that awful movie with Queen Latifah? Yeah. It’s not entirely crazy to think maybe the Church frowned upon Prepon playing a big ol’ lesbian.
    Personally, I could give a hoot about Prepon’s character Alex, though I do find her eyebrows absolutely mesmerizing, and would be perfectly happy if every celebrity Scientologist had less work and thus less money to donate to the Church. If this theory is true, the Church’s shitty career advice is to their own detriment. Oh wellz. [New Now Next]
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    COMMENTS OPEN DISQUS STYLE, Let's rip them another one !!!

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    This isn't the dome. No NSFW material. Kthxbai

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