Laura Prepon leaving the cult?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Jan 8, 2012.

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    ashy, child needs some moisturizer.
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    Laura Prepon dresses up as a battery at the Scientology Celebrity Centre's star-studded Christmas party | Mail Online

    She wears a prison jumpsuit during much of the TV show Orange Is The New Black.

    But Laura Prepon was obviously looking to switch things up on Saturday.

    The 33-year-old was seen wearing what looked like a battery as she performed onstage during the Scientology Celebrity Centre's Christmas party in Los Angeles.


    Interesting choice: Laura Prepon was seen wearing a box at the Scientology Celebrity Centre's Christmas party on Saturday in LA

    The actress appeared to be acting at the centre's 21st Christmas Stories event.

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    well isn't that special
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Strained: Weird photos from a Scientology X-mas |


    They just got to know this isn't going to work. Nevertheless, in an attempt to go mainstream, the Church of Scientology put on an all-star ... more or less ... Christmas gala replete with Santa Claus.


    Oh, and, apparently Tom Cruise was missing from the action. Happy Strange Holidays - check out the strained images above.
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    Ok, I just gotta ask: WTF is up with the Cinnabon on Erika Christensen's head?
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    that's a mink tail hat. looks vintage
    And as far as that "battery" goes that Laurie is wearing? You can still see where they missed with the black spray paint, the duck tape is all wrinkly and that Santa outfit that Masterson is wearing is looking mighty mangy. Bet it smells real good. That is the best they can do for an Implant Christmas special?
    Can everyone say Budget Implant Christmas Special?
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    I'm thinking Laura is not going to age well. She already looks older than Jenna.
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  11. Agreed. If she's not careful she'll look a lot like Crusty when she grows up.
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  12. Is that the Eternal battery that keeps Xenu in the vulcano ?


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    "Orange is the New Black" will be coming back to Netflix on June 6, when all the season two episodes will be available at the same time. However, there is an update on news concerning Laura Prepon's character Alex Vause, who was said to be leaving the show.

    Vause is rumored to be getting more air time this season than was previously thought after it was announced she was leaving due to her belief in Scientology. She was initially said to only be in four episodes after playing an integral part of season one.
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    Pardon me, would you have any gay Prepon?
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    Come on, she could never look that bad.
  21. Who knew Krusty would wind up looking so bad herself? Just a couple of decades ago she was majorly fappable, and there probably are still a few geeks with a Savak poster on the wall somewhere.;)

    LP has the same sharp features, and the same self-satisfied look. Who knows where she'll be after twenty years of letting scientology dictate her roles and career path? She's already dropped out of a major hit series, something that will not make her look good to producers or to casting folk.
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Laura Prepon lies like a rug on Fusion

    Laura Prepon appeared on the nascent Fusion network and engaged in some of the most blatant dishonesty we’ve seen from a celebrity in a long time.

    Prepon was dogged with questions when it was announced that she’d be largely absent from the second season of the wildly successful series Orange Is The New Black. Because she was portraying a lesbian on the show, the entertainment media wondered if Prepon was reducing her involvement because of Scientology’s well-known homophobia.

    In the interview, it’s made clear that Prepon’s reduced involvement in the show was caused by a scheduling conflict. OK, fair enough. But then Prepon goes on to utter this canard:

    “I’ve been a Scientologist since 1999 and I’ve never come across any piece of information that remotely is negative or derogatory in any way towards the LGBT community.”

    It’s a shame her interviewer didn’t know even the most basic information about Scientology, because then she might have asked…

    Ms. Prepon, how could you be a 15-year member of Scientology and not have read its most basic text — the Bible of Scientology, as it were — L. Ron Hubbard’s 1950 bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health? Here’s what Hubbard had to say about “perversion” in that book:

    The sexual pervert (and by this term dianetics, to be brief, includes any and all forms of deviation in Dynamic II such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc. and all down the catalogue of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically. Perversion as an illness has so many manifestations that it must be spread through the entire gamut of classes from (1) to (5) above. Overdevelopment of sexual organs, underdevelopment, seminal inhibition or magnification, etc. are found in one pervert, some in another. And the sum of it is that the pervert is always a very ill person in one way or another, whether he is conscious of it or not.

    Soon after publishing Dianetics, Hubbard then more fully developed something he called the “Tone Scale,” which measures the state of human emotions, with a score of 40 at the top (“Serenity of Beingness”) and -40 at the bottom (“Total Failure”).

    He assigned the score of 1.1 to “Covert Hostility,” which included “perversion.” Said Hubbard in his 1951 book Science of Survival, “A 1.1 is the most dangerously insane person in society, and is likely to cause the most damage.”

    To this day, Scientologists refer to people who are gay or lesbian as “1.1,” and they are considered to be damaged people who need to “handle” their homosexuality if they want to remain in the church.

    Continued at
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