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    This thread is to post legal resources for activists. So when "they" say something is not a crime, we can point to the exact crime and charge.

    So, laws, the phrasing of charges, how to file a request for charges when bypassing the police, and related self empowerment info.

    To get started:
    For the USA, criminal laws, includes state laws:

    My understanding is that the law has to be matched with a charge, so places to look for the charges:

    -----Washington State, USA------
    This page:

    leads to:

    That's the Charging Manual for Washington State, USA. Old from 2004
    Sorry for the pdf. That's why I posted the referring link.

    Inspired by Atheismo 's thread
    and the many, many situations in which citizens can call for specific charges if they have the resources to know the possibilities.

    P.S.I might not be a lawyer. Just disclosing.
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    San Francisco church doused homeless people with water to deter sheltering

    Seems like this should be an assault charge. Fits the description:
    So the missing link is the exact wording of the charge and where to file the paperwork. I will work on building references. Empower people to file the paperwork and not wait for well connected people to allow the police or prosecutor to charge.

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