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  1. anonymousity Member


    Lawsuits could potentially be the death nail in the CoS if they try to attack anon.

    After seeing the Ron Paul moneybombs, 10-100$ donations from anon into a big legal defense fund could actually pay for quite a few lawsuits.

    In court, if the scilons lie and it is determined later that they lied in court, they can be arrested for perjury.

    It sounds like a great place to expose parts of lots of secret dox too.

    Also, massive media attention could be gained. Just think what a PR nightmare it would be for the CoS to be suing a twenty year old college student for a hundred thousand dollars in "damages". It would paint them as real enemies of everyone, and worse than even the RIAA in court.

    Class action lawsuits by Exscn's and anyone fairgamed would also be epic. I dont think the CoS has nearly as much money as they say, they are supposed to own all of their orgs, yet 2/10 got the santa cruz org evicted and many orgs look broken down and backwater. Malicious prosecution counterclaims could again be another great tool against the scienos, there is plenty of historical evidence to back that up.

    Obviously no one wants to be sued, but if the OSA goons are stupid enough to bring it to that, it could end up being the final death nail.
  2. Anonymous9999 Member

    Re: Lawsuits

    If anyone ends up getting frivlously sued by CoS (as in, over something dumb as hell), they need to get details of why and when and all that online, along with basic evidence, etc - we would need to know it's legit.

    And, along with that, a friendly legal defense fund "click to donate", and we're set.
  3. a-non-lawyer Member

    Re: Lawsuits

    Rather than anticipate a hypothetical lawsuit against a hypothetical person on hypothetical allegations, the better angle to take with the lawsuit issue, and fruitful one indeed, would be developing a short message from anonymous to Voiceless, replying to one of their videos with it, and exhorting them to coordinate amongst ex-scientologists to file a class action. Nice, short, tightly written message with some encouragement and advice on how to proceed, a collection of resources; primarily related to the Wollersheim case, and hope that it takes.

    Now is the time for the victims to take the sword of the courts that the Church of Scientology has so viciously misappropriated, and turn it back on the belly of the beast. Only the aggrieved can do that. The financial and public information ramifications of hoisting them on their own petard is more likely than anything else to bring an end to the "Church's" destructive war on families. Only then will those who have lost loved ones at the hands of the Church of Scientology and their legal minions finally be able to beat the sword of the courts into a plowshare and begin sowing the seeds of reconciliation.

    Hmm, I like that second bit. Anyone want to help write up the rest of a message, put together the materials, and pass it along to one of the big Chanology Youtube outlets (e.g., PROJECTCHANOLOGY)?
  4. MollyBloom Member

    Re: Lawsuits


    I was just reading this thread over on OCMB and I am flipping pissed off...

    Why the fook are people not investigating this?

    If Ex-Scienos:
    They why are they holding onto that evidence and not reporting these crimes?

    Why are there no law suits being brought on behalf of anyone who was forced into this at 10, 11, 12 years or so of age?

    *I am so angry, I have to step away, take a break, get some tea, read a book or something.

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