Lazy Activism

Discussion in 'Projects' started by elron cupboard, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Lazy Activism

    i just came across this video on youtube, it's an old tactic but a good one

    write on money.

    ITT we come up with more activism that doesn't even require you to get out your seat. now think!
  2. AB Member

    IIRC writeing on money is illegal, technicality.
  3. Atomosk Member

    I don't think so, i've seen a lot of graffiti money. As long as you keep it on the borders, it shouldn't interfere with authentication systems.
  4. doesn't matter if it's illegal or not. i mean as far as i know it's one of those laws that has never actually been enacted. also, just spend it at a busy time and it's no longer your problem
  5. Atomosk Member

    That means nothing to Scientologists. A law is a law is a weapon. Though I do see your point about spending it. After it leaves your hands, they can't trace it back to you.
  6. JinTian Member

    In the US at least, writing on money is "Defacing currency" or something similar, and technically taboo.

    But once you spend it, it ain't traceable.
  7. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    I think the official word is "do not write on money."
  8. de facto rule is that it doesn't matter, people write numbers on them all the time. the worst that can possibly happen is a shopkeeper doesn't accept it
  9. I'll do it, seems easy enough.
  10. If you really want to do it but don't want to break the law, write on clear tape and stick it to the money. Something like that.
  11. it's a no-brainer.
    how can you be caught at this?
    I get money with stuff written on it all the time.
    Just penned up a handful of $20's I got from the atm today. haha. :twisted:
  12. something i've done to avoid an awkward situation is write in the queens hair. it probably wont be spotted by any cashiers
  13. or use a pencil, it'll eventually get rubbed out, but the person that did that obviously saw the message

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