Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report on Shelly Miscavige

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by rickybobby, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. You look like BurryTheNuts on Ortega's Blog and I am crawling out of the wouldwork noa, not my personal army, but we are legion
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    And "shatter."
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  4. Anonymous Member

    but David is so tiny alreaddy
  5. Anonymous Member

    TMZ commenters seem to think she (Shelly) is dead. This is just page one of the comments.

  6. Anonymous Member

    Maybe this is the OSA tactic to handle this? Several other comments have cautioned her to be careful or she may be next.

  7. amaX Member

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  9. anoninoob Member

    big old scary OSA and $cientology in general are literally at the lowest point of their power and influence to date. They're tactics are so well documented now that if they take ANY retaliatory actions the media will go frigg'n NUCLEAR on their asses. The media use to be scared of them, not any more.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Checking the other articles it appears to be comments made by regular commenters not an OSA tactic. Just well meaning people.

    I hope you're right about the media. I think it would be cult suicide for them to publicly try to attack Remini, but they live in their own plastic clam juice coated bubble. They don't understand that their power has diminished so greatly. They still think they are above the law.
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  11. Briljant dear watson briljant LOLLLLLLLLL
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the story has gone viral. How is Staturday working out for you Miscavige?
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. evol ulla eb Member

    Actually, given the history of the LAPD and the LA Sheriffs with Scientology, they don't even need a police officer to 'see' Shelly. Just the comment by an officer "I saw Shelly,she is fine" will put the 'so called' investigation to bed. Whitewash with a capital W. David will high five the LAPD chief and the next scientology defection or foot bullet will follow in the next week or so.

    Not just a few individuals have claimed the LAPD is in the pocket of Miscaviage. As well as the LA Sheriffs office. They shower law enforcement with love bombs (in multiple forms).
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  16. BlackRob Member

    Leah, i don't want to be rude... But i will definitely not throw you out of my bed if you eat crackers next to me.
    That's all. Keep up the good work!
  17. Similar Avatar than, cuse i just got proposed so you couldn't be her
  18. Oh yes that kind of crap can happen for sure. Stupid LAPD
  19. Anonymous Member

    LOL, better duck Tony, Mike and Marty they're calling you unemployed again. The internet has fringe?



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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leah Remini's War on Scientology Rages On: Files Missing Person's Report Regarding David Miscavige's Wife! | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report for David Miscavige's Wife | People,,20724344,00.html

    Leah Remini Files Missing Person's Report For Shelly Miscavige | Business Insider

    Leah Remini files missing person report for Scientology leader's wife Shelly Miscavige | Celebrity Cafe
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  21. anoninoob Member

    I noticed immediately that when she left, the cult was quoted saying (paraphrased) "we don't comment on individual parishioners" or sum such. Quite a reversal from their normal "disgruntled something something, all lies something something". Big departure. I think it's a combination of them realizing their past footbullets AND the popularity of this girl blowing.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    From the San Jose Mercury. They brought the lulz
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leah Remini report that Scientology boss David Miscavige's wife is missing ruled unfounded: source - New York Daily News

    By Nancy Dillon

    Los Angeles Police have ruled as "unfounded" a missing person's report made by actress Leah Remini regarding the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, a police source told the Daily News.

    "Mrs. Miscavige is not missing. Investigators have made some type of contact with her," an LAPD source told the News Thursday. "The investigation is completed and classified as unfounded."

    More at
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  24. Anonymous Member

    We saw that coming. Luckily it is the Post. I'll wait for a credible source before I throw my popcorn out into the yard for the birds.
  25. BlackRob Member

    Fuck! That was fast :/
  26. anonsoldier Member

    Posting in epic thread. My pants have been completely ruined.
  27. anonsoldier Member

    That's not going to last. I think Ms. Remini is serious about this, she's going to be badgering them for details.
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  28. They listened to a prerecorded tape ?
  29. So the Cult fucks her over and LA finest fucked her over, NO MOAR, David Miscavige you fucking pathetic coward you know where I live why don't you come to my country nipplehead
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. anonsoldier Member

    This may be completely off base, and I'd love to be told why I'm probably wrong, but what if Shelley blew and is in hiding? What if she's in a type of battered women's shelter or some other? CoS won't ever admit to that, for obvious reasons, and she's probably terrified of Davey (hence the hiding)? Maybe LR can try to have the LAPD pass a note or something to her?

    How we continue to spin and manipulate the situation is imperative. LAPD says she exists, we need to push for details. How do they know? Did someone see her? Who saw her? Where? When? Was it "a woman" through a cracked door who answered some questions like "What is your name, when is your birthday"? Stuff that can easily be faked, mind you. Not the first time Scientology would have impersonated someone's voice (Operation Freakout) and a lookalike isn't beyond the realm of impossible.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    "Hello" (man trying to sound like a woman, overly high pitched voice)
    "Hello, the is the LAPD. Is Shelly home?" LAPD Guy
    "This is Shelly" (man trying to sound like a woman, overly high pitched voice)
    *Click* LAPD Hangs up the phone
    "Hey guys, just talked to her, she's home" LAPD Guy
    "Hey, call her back and ask her if her refriderator is running" Other LAPD
    Squad room breaks down in giggles.
  33. RightOn Member

    LOL! if this is true, they could have at least waited a little bit longer to make it look realistic.
    not surprised one iota
    With Baca on board and what was the other guys name who is actually "in" the cult" Was his last name Ring?
    The guy who posed in the in his uniform for pics?
    Snowballs chance in hell of getting a real report from anyone

    It's time to bring out the pics and show Baca at the org openings, the Christmas parade and also the pic of Ring.
    See if the media will pick up how cozy Baca and others have been with the cult
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  34. Leah Remini if you are lurking or any family or friends WATCH THIS !!!! Listen, learn and get angry ! Thats not a misemotion by the way in this situation .

  35. Anonymous Member

    Hey LAPD you have a corupt leader
  36. Anonymous Member

    I haven't seen this speculative idea expressed before but I think it has merit.

    What if Shelly got fed up with living with that repulsive creepy dwarf and arranged to disengage/divorce, perhaps via some blackmail?

    Then get herself set up somewhere private - different country maybe - with enough cash to last a lifetime. I don't know enough about her in terms of whether or not she's hard-core scientologist, but if she isn't, this kind of hypothesis works for me.

    Also, less cringe-worthy than all the speculation about her demise and dead body buried out in the desert somewhere.

    Based on the photos that I have seen of her, she seems to be a rather attractive woman, and may have realized the mistake of the marriage to the dwarf, quite early on, and found a way the fuck out of it.
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  37. That would be a nice story to throw leah and anonymous of base and dead agent this "FLAP"

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